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Something Missing

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Sometimes in life, we think about things we wish we had or still have. Even us materialistic folk wish there were things we actually have. Having something missing can range from something for happiness and comfort all the way to things we feel would make our lives better. Casually, it can be getting a certain car, some clothes, a video/computer game, and things like that. Personally and emotionally, it can be things like love from friends and family, a happier quality of life, better health, a college degree... or even a loving companion. These missing items in our lives can be like adding batteries to an electronic device or a heart to a living organism. Without most of these things, we feel we can no longer function. Or at least, function to where we can be and remain happy.

WARNING: Some content expressed in this blog post may not be suitable or comfortable for all audiences.

--- Something Missing: Your Life ---
something missing
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Let's continue on with this topic with a few talking points...

When Does Something Missing Hurt Us?

When you feel like whatever is missing in your life is taking you over, you begin to question and work towards getting whatever it is that is missing in your life. One shouldn't have something missing really take over his/her life to where life can't be enjoyed any longer, though. Think about people who have things most other people wished they have. For example- a home, a computer, Internet access... all the things I basically need for blogging.

I try not to let certain things get to me for things I don't have. When I deal with certain haters on YouTube, I get comments about stuff like getting a girlfriend rather than play around with stuff. Yes- I've never dated any girl in my life. Companionship with a special someone is one thing missing from my life, but do you see me complaining or desperate to find love? Pressure is often a factor for wanting certain things that are missing from your life. You begin to feel like you REALLY need something to feel happy and avoid falling into disarray.

WHAT is Missing in Your Life?

Having something missing in your life means you either have had it or that it can be obtained. Maybe it is something you often see others have while you're trying to get that something for yourself. Something missing can't be a far-fetched concept, like a cure for AIDS or world peace for instance. Think about how far you've come in your life. Is there something that can make you feel better that you don't have? Is it something for comfort, or something that can really make your quality of life better? Think about these things, and then think about what it will take to make life better for you.

• If it is love with a special someone that is missing in your life, then be sure to open yourself up more to people. Perhaps someone will come along and make you feel complete. This applies to many of you seeking a certain relationship. If you fancy an opposite sex partner, then feel free to open yourself up more towards someone who you feel will make you happiest. Same goes if you prefer a same-sex relationship or a bisexual relationship.

• If something missing is something like love from your friends or family, then I can only suggest trying to better work with the one(s) you feel a weak link with. TRY to work things out especially if it involves a family member who you don't think you have a total bond with. After all, that's family. If you don't feel a good connection with family, then it may hurt you deeper into time.

• If something missing in your life is something like a degree, a car, a good-paying job, or anything like that; you'll have to work hard to get whatever it is you most desire. It may even require you to change certain habits if need be.

• If something missing in your life is the company of a friend or loved one who is dead or was killed, then it is certainly tough to try to live any longer without that person's company. I even sometimes wonder what friends and family of mine whom are no longer with us would think of me and how far I've come. I even imagine how much more different life would be if they were still around. All the tears and praying isn't going to bring certain people back to life, so all you can do is just move on in loving memory of fallen companions.

The pressure of having that certain something also depends on patience. I will admit- I can be very impatient on things often times. I am 28 years old as of this post. However, I sometimes feel like I'm not getting any younger though I still have a lot of my life ahead of me. Carefully weigh and recognize your needs and wants. Once you realize your needs and wants, then start thinking about what you feel is missing from your life and how to obtain whatever it is you desire most.

--- Something Missing: Someone Else's Life ---
Do you think there is something missing in someone else's life? For example, imagine two teenage girls. I will give them the hypothetical names of "Jenny" and "Kayla." Pretend they are best friends, but Jenny becomes increasingly concerned for Kayla. For as much as Jenny loves being friends with Kayla, Jenny thinks something that would make Kayla happier is if she gets her own house and a better car rather than be in an apartment driving a poor-quality used car.

These are times when you think about others and how you can make their lives better. On the other hand, there are people who are happy with what they have, and so if you try to do something better for them, they may or may not appreciate your concern or offerings. You kind of take a chance trying to find certain things for certain people. Why do you even bother though? Simple- there are people you care about. I care about all of my friends and everyone who has mattered even 0.01% for my own well being.

If you care as to so much to help others feel happy about their own lives, then try to work to give them what they feel is missing from their lives. It is best to think about what others could use to make their own lives better before expending your energy and time (and maybe even money) trying to help better someone else's life.

So what do you think is missing from your life? How much does that/those thing(s) eat away at you that you don't have? I hope these are things you had a chance to think about as you read this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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