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Personal Happiness

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You may be happy right now, but are you PERSONALLY happy? Some people are happy and content right now; but deep inside, they want more or hope for bigger and better. We all do hope for bigger and better. We all want to look, feel, and live at our finest regardless of our health and financial status. Both are factors towards personal happiness, but actually being personally happy and achieving personal happiness are two different things. This blog post is about being personally happy.

--- Personal Happiness: Basic Musings ---

Here are some thoughts for you to ponder upon about being personally happy:

• Or do you think something in your life needs to change for long-term happiness?

• Are you happy where you are now, or do you think you can be in a much better position and in a much happier place?

• Do you feel like you have everything, or do you think you need something that you don't have right now?

• Even if you an insomniac, can you sleep happily each night or do you cry in your sleep fearful the next day won't give you newfound hope and promise?

These are among many different things to help you realize what it will take for you to be personally happy.

Pondering Too Much on Being Personally Happy.

I will admit something about myself- I tend to think too much about things. Part of life is about letting life run its course while we try to adapt to changes in real time. Being personally happy involves knowing what makes you smile and what you really need to remain happy. How one actually gets around to this level of security and satisfaction depends on many different factors. Financial status is one factor on being personally happy. However, being personally happy can also involve relationships. Maybe you don't feel personally happy because there isn't someone in your life who loves you or who you would love to be with.

Effects of NOT Being Personally Happy.

If you don't feel personally happy, all sorts of things happen to you. You doubt yourself. You maybe have certain health problems. You feel like every day is closer to death rather than have a chance to live. You lose hope and focus. So in other words- if you aren't personally happy, you are heading into a trap or traps you may never be able to get out of.

When thinking about what would make you personally happy takes over your train of thought, this is where you may need to chat with an understanding individual to help you feel better.

--- Personal Happiness: Individual Issues ---

What would make you personally happy? Let's go through a few individual issues. These topics are not listed in any particular order.

Personal Happiness: Basic Living.

I came across one blogger's "About Me" page, and he noted blogging as an escape for his anxiety. Some people choose to do certain hobbies and activities they love to try to make a living with. Bloggers, vloggers, musicians, and countless other people do things to try to make a living or make revenue on the side. A lot of people feel times could be better especially if current situations aren't as prosperous. Those personally unhappy with themselves wish they can do better or be in better circumstances.

Personal Happiness: Dealing With Peers.

Can you imagine constantly feeling like no matter what you do, you never feel personally happy when in the company of others? Imagine a single male unable to win the heart of females around him. Think of someone trying to be friendly and can't make any friends.

Personal Happiness: Financial Status.

Do you feel you financially happy? Do you think you are making enough money to support you and others? Or do you feel you want to do something to better profit from your work? For some who feel they want to profit from what they do, some say they make enough. Some others... not so much. Your personal financial happiness all depends on you and how much you value your work.

Even as a blogger, I feel I may want to profit more from my work. The one thing I fear is being so involved with any financial matters to where I tend to care more about making money than providing quality material for the Internet. That is why I don't instantly fall for any offers sent to me online. The ones who tend to be most loyal in terms of contacting me are various SEO and money-making folks. They'll basically just pick one of my blogs at random and decide to send me an E-Mail wanting me to take part in some sort of shady deal to boost my appeal online.

I do want to profit financially from my work. However, I want to do so without getting into anything shady or taking part in some kind of scam.

Personal Happiness: Love and Relationships.

Are you better single or taken? Being personally happy can also entail relationships. Some people aren't as happy with themselves because they don't have someone in their lives who they can love and care for. Or maybe one person loves someone or has abounding interest in someone, but never dated or shared any loving moments with that person. One's personal happiness in regards to relationships can take a toll on some individuals who would feel the need to have companionship with another individual.

What if being personally happy involves breaking things off with your mate? What if you are having a rocky relationship and want to move towards divorce (if married)?

Relationships also involve families. Would you be better off being away from your parents or your relatives if you living with them or near them? It is something else to consider in regards to being personally happy.

It may also be possible that you want to start a family. Would you feel happier having children or even adopting a children? Please remember that being a parent is a huge responsibility. The life of a child is not any kind of quick fix- it is a lifetime responsibility of love and care for someone. So if being personally happy to you involves being a parent, be ready to take on loads more responsibilities in being a proud parent.

Personal Happiness: Location.

Location doesn't exactly mean being in a certain city, but it can also mean living in a certain part of town. Would you feel happier living in a different part of town to be closer to jobs or certain people? Or would you want to live in a certain part of town so you can prove your establishment? Or really... is it possible you can feel better and live happier in another city or even another country? Some people may actually feel happier not being in a certain city or a certain country. For example, an American fashion design student would feel happier living in Paris to further his/her studies in fashion design.

Personal Happiness: Education and Skills.

Some people would feel personally happier if they had better skills. That is why some who have had school and college experience often times try to go back to school to enhance their skills to land better, higher-paying jobs. Those who have taken the SAT and ACT tests maybe re-take them to try to get better scores. These are skills meant to enhance lives as well as our intelligence. Those who maybe don't have as much intelligence and as many skills don't feel happy with themselves.

Personal Happiness: Material Goods.

A new automobile. A certain video game or computer game. A certain electronic device. A new computer. Some handbag from a world-renowned designer. Sometimes, our own personal happiness can be fueled by wanting some sort of material item or items. It isn't good practice to base personal happiness on wanting something that could be purchased with money, but some people feel happiest when having something materialistic.

Personal Happiness: Experiences.

Imagine someone who always wanted to visit New York City but never got to. Think of someone who has never been to a basketball game and would be very happy to finally go watch a game in person. Some peoples' happiness can involve certain experiences that would really make one happy and joyous.

Personal Happiness: Health and Well-Being.

Ah, here is a classic case of happiness- someone would feel happier if he/she could lose weight. Someone with a certain illness or disability wish they could be personally happy by not having such ailments. Living healthier is surely something to be personally happy about.

Sometimes, being personally happy in regards to health and well-being can involve more serious and potentially risky medical procedures. One example would involve wanting cosmetic surgery to change one's looks to something to be happy about. Maybe someone wants a fuller chest or some implants to look a certain way. Maybe being personally happy involves having certain tattoos or piercings. Not to sound masochistic, but sometimes being personally happy involves taking pain.

Personal Happiness: LGBT Matters.

Initially, I decided to post a certain topic in the "Health and Well-Being" portion you just read. However, since LGBT issues are so varied, I posted LBGT issues in its own section. Personal happiness here can range from being involved in LGBT love affairs to even wanting to become any denomination of transgender. If you want an example of personal happiness, think of the likes of YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous or (more recently) Bruce Jenner transitioning to a woman. There are also a handful of people who find comfort in crossdressing and feel like a different, perhaps happier person when crossdressing. Especially those who felt born in the wrong body would feel happier having all the work done to properly transition to another gender.

Most LGBT issues are NOT quick fixes in being personally happy. Making such choices can be damaging to various love and relationship items. So be cautious taking on some issues regarding LGBT matters.

As you can see, so many things will make so many people happy. More thoughts to come. Go to the next section.

--- Personal Happiness: Final Thoughts ---

Personal happiness depends on what exactly you think makes you happy. Peoples' happiness is all about what exactly a person needs to try to feel happy and secure. One of the more complicated matters is how some people don't really know what would make some people happy. There are people who don't really know what would make them personally happy. Imagine feeling so not satisfied because you don't really know what would make you personally happy; or you have idea(s) of what would make you happy, but not anything specific that would make you personally happy. Some people tend to think personal happiness only as short-term concepts rather than consider long-term concepts. Peoples' needs and wants are different. People even do things to try to boost their own level of happiness, sometimes even questionable or possibly risky behaviors. Whatever it takes, everyone deserves to be happy and feel happy with certain decisions and features to try to become personally happy.

Think about realistic things when trying to determine what would make you personally happy. Don't just think so much about what will make you smile right away. Instead, think long term. Do you want to feel happy right now but end up being disappointed later? Well, neither does anyone else who wants to feel happy and secure for a long time. So strongly consider what would make you happy and work towards making things happen to become as happy and as secure as you want to be. It is okay to not feel personally happy right away. Not everyone is at their happiest in short order. But if you're talking long-term, seriously think about what it will take for you to become happier.

This post is over.

What would make YOU personally happy?

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