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May-December Relationships

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A May-December relationship a young partner is in love with someone much older than he/she. For this blog post, I will define a May-December relationship as any relationship with a double-digit age difference between the two partners. So for example, a 23-year old female mated to a 46-year old male is an example of a May-December relationship. A lot of people favor people date within their own age range rather than someone much older or much younger than the person in question. Some would say being with an older partner offers security in regards to knowledge, financial status, and things like that. Here is a rather casual and brief post regarding May-December relationships.

WARNING: The following topic and its content may not be suitable or comfortable for all audiences.

--- May-December Relationships ---

Before continuing, here is a picture just to identify this post and set the mood:

May-December relationship
^ from: - Romantic relationships where there is a significant age difference between two partners defines a May-December relationship.

Now that I made brief introducing to May-December relationships, it is time I introduce a few individual talking points on this topic.

The Cougar Influence.

Of a lot of May-December relationships, one of the most popular usually involves cougars. No- not my beloved University of Houston Cougars- I am talking about single, sexy, mature mothers 35 or older actively pursuing much younger men. One opposed to cougars would say that such women should focus more on meeting men their age rather than mess around with men much younger than they. Another part of the cougar influence is in the comedy sitcom "Cougar Town," which I've sadly seen only the first episode of and not really watching any other since I kind of liked that show.

The biggest influence in regards to cougars in the whole May-December vein is that cougars are very romantically involved in trying to mate with much younger men. Younger men somehow have something that pleases cougars so much that men their age or older can't match or better.

Do May-December Relationships Work?

Whomever makes you happy, regardless of age difference, is all that matters. That even includes if there is a significant age difference between a loving couple. I am NO relationship expert. So don't ask if it is right to date, love, or marry someone much older/younger than you. Whether or not a May-December relationship works depends on if you can make love work between you and your much older/younger partner.

What about cases of infidelity in May-December love? It is possible some older (or even younger) persons simply are with that person to try to get with someone within another person's family or relatives. Other scenarios are also possible. So such relationships may be loaded like you won't believe.

The one thing to take away is that whether being with someone much younger or older is not any right or wrong answer, or even anything moral or immoral. All that matters is love, compassion, and comfort. It is best to find someone who makes you happy and complete- even if the individual is well past your junior or your senior. After all... isn't love in the end about loving a total stranger who makes you happy and complete? Isn't it about (no pun intended) growing old with someone you love with all of your heart? I am not recommending or condoning one to love someone much younger or much older; all I am saying is to just find a lover who makes you happy and completes you.

Best wishes to all people in all loving relationships, including May-December couples.

That's it for this blog post. Share your thoughts if you wish. Here are some questions you're free to answer if this topic interests you...

What are your thoughts concerning May-December relationships? Are you perhaps in one yourself? What would you suggest to someone who may consider being with someone much younger or much older?

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