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Elliot Quest

John Marine | 5/25/2015 02:18:00 AM |
"Elliot Quest" from @ansimuz is an indie adventure RPG greatly inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Link." It is a 2D side-scrolling game set in a vast island. It is okay to get lost in the action this game provides. Actually, you'll be lost a lot trying to find yourself in this game.

This review of "Elliot Quest" is based on my playing of this game on the OUYA. This game is also available for PC, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and the Nintendo Wii U.

--- Elliot Quest ---

Elliot Quest
^ from: - Prepare for an engaging and unique gaming experience in the indie adventure RPG "Elliot Quest."

Elliot Quest from Ansimuz Games tells the story of a fellow named Elliot, who is trying to save his wife Cara. Elliot, though, is cursed. The curse on Elliot will turn Elliot into a demon if he can't reverse the curse. It is up to Elliot to search Urele Island to find a cure for his curse. The game supposedly has three endings depending on the decisions you make in this game.

This game was coded using ImpactJS (a paid interface) and packaged using Ludei.

Basics of "Elliot Quest."

Elliot wields a mean bow and arrow. You will be using these to try to take down the various enemies and bosses in your quest. Traverse the land to find all kinds of places ranging from towns to caves to the various dungeons and temples. Some places have maps for you to find to help you find your way around some places. Try to find these maps and make your way safely around each level. Be ready to do lots of backtracking in "Elliot Quest." This island was meant to be explored, and you will be doing a LOT of exploring. The exploration aspects aren't repetitive or frustrating, though. The game will surprise you sometimes in what you try to do.

Defeating enemies along the way will help you earn experience. When you level up, you can assign points to one perk. These perks will help Elliot become totally lethal in his quest. The different attributes can up upgraded up to five levels. Each upgrade adds a different ability or enhances certain aspects of Elliot. Keep battling monsters and earning experience to make Elliot borderline unstoppable.

Just about everything else is up to you. Explore Urele Island and have a fantastic quest.

My review is next. Get ready.

--- Elliot Quest: My Review ---

Elliot Quest has received rave reviews from a variety of reviewers, and for good reason. This game delivers a deep and engaging experience. This is the kind of game that is a positive waste of minutes and hours. It is the kind of game where you want to play just a little more just when you want to play something else or want to do something else. Even a vastly retro pixelated game like this one looks just as beautiful as any modern game. This game plays beautifully and offers intense action. If 2D graphics and its retro pixelated look offend you, you really are missing and neglecting just how amazing the game play is. Any fan of action RPGs will find something to love about this game. Trust me.

In my own opinion, the biggest fault to this game is that this game lacks any real sort of tutorial or anything to help you better understand certain elements of the game. You almost sort of pick up items and such with no idea on what they do until you find out too late how to use them. Not knowing what certain items do after you pick them up leads to some frustration. For example, when you pick up a major item, you don't get any indication of what the item is or how it works. You just hold it up with the fanfare playing in the background. A lot of people may not see this as a fault, but it is just something I see as a fault as it relates to most modern gamers.

Only other would-be fault is that a few times on my OUYA, the game would crash and send me back to some of the OUYA menus. Other than that, this game is worth the price and worth the positive reviews it has garnered.

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