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Raiden Legacy

John Marine | 5/25/2015 01:31:00 AM |
One of the finest vertical scrolling shooter franchises in gaming history is the Raiden series. A collection commemorating this series is Raiden Legacy. It includes four games- Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet. All four games are brought from their arcade-perfect form as part of a complete package. I have this game for the OUYA, which will be the basis of my review of this game. It is also offered for PC and mobile devices. This blog post offers up thoughts on the entire Raiden Legacy.

--- Raiden Legacy ---

How about we take a look at Raiden Legacy?

Raiden Legacy
^ from: - Suit up, take flight, and let enemy forces who rules the skies and the ground with the Raiden series.

^ "Raiden Legacy per iPhone e iPad trailer []"

Raiden Legacy is a package consisting of four games from the Raiden franchise. The Raiden series is a vertical scrolling shooter game series that has been one of the best scrolling shooter franchises of all time. Raiden Legacy allows gamers a chance to either experience or re-live four games in the series. Everything from sneaky aircraft and ground targets to the infamous "bullet hell" from boss machines are all part of the allure that makes the Raiden games so difficult. Adjustable difficulty levels and auto-fire options are available for gamers in experiencing this game series. You can even play these games in one of different languages. Do you have what it takes to handle the various challenges that await you?

A few things to remember about the Raiden games is that you have a series of different powerups to upgrade your ship. Your basic machine gun can be changed to a laser weapon. You may even have secondary weapons in some of the games to inflict more damage to enemy craft in the form of missiles. The first Raiden has you being able to use basic missiles or homing missiles. The other three Raiden games simply upgrade all of your firepower to feature various missile and laser attacks. If you find yourself in a pinch, be sure to use your bombs. As you're blowing stuff up, be sure to collect the medals for extra bonus points. You can even choose an Auto-Fire mode so you'll be shooting automatically. All you'd need to do is maneuver around in the air. I don't really recommend Auto-Fire since the auto-fire is rather slow. My suggestion- keep mashing that Fire button!

All four games have Arcade, Mission, and Training Modes. The main mode for unlocking levels is in Arcade Mode. Unlocked levels in Arcade can be played again in Mission and Training modes. You have only a set number of continues to help get through each of the games. If you are looking to complete any or all of the games, you will need to continually try not to die often.

So now that you have some insight, it is time to be introduced to each of the games.


The original Raiden is offered as one of the four games in this collection. The first Raiden dates back to 1990. Simple mechanics and powerups were offered along with a very challenging gaming experience. Prepare to find yourself getting shot out of the sky (or in space) quite often in this eight-level game unless you're very good.

Raiden Fighters.

There weren't too many scrolling shooters that allowed you to select your own craft to take on enemy forces. Raiden Fighters allowed you to select between a number of different machines to dole out aerial justice. Each ship had its own abilities along with varying levels of firepower. When powered up, no two ships seem the same. You may need to choose between different ships to find one that suits you best and offers the most bang for your buck (so to speak). Smooth graphics and powerful weapons await you in taking down enemy craft in this game. Adjust and adapt to complete this game.

Raiden Fighters 2.

So five ships aren't enough for you? Prepare to enter Operation Hell Dive in "Raiden Fighters 2" and its eight ships. Enhanced graphics and even more intense gameplay will help set the tone for this exciting and engaging vertical scrolling shooter. Maybe you'll find a ship that suits you the most and is the most powerful and capable.

Raiden Fighters Jet.

Of all the four games in the Raiden Legacy package, the only Raiden I actually have played before was Raiden Fighters Jet. Raiden Fighters Jet features over 14 ships to choose from and some of the best graphics of all the Raiden games. You have so many ships to choose from. You may be playing this game for a while simply to find the best ship to take down enemies with based on your abilities. Depending on how well you play, you could be playing tougher levels earlier. I can personally tell you that this game is actually quite fun. So you might find "Raiden Fighters Jet" to be your favorite if you enjoy the action this game provides.

Now you know about the four games in this package. Allow me to offer some final thoughts now.

--- Raiden Legacy: My Review ---

If you have never played any Raiden game, you are in for a treat with this collection. This game package delivers the intensity and appeal that has made the classic Raiden games so popular and well-loved among scrolling shooter fans. It is a vintage collection sure to leave you wanting more. This is not an easy collection of games, however- even if you set the difficulty to Easy. It is challenging while not being frustrating. You will learn first hand why the Raiden games are so revered when you play any or all four of the games in this collection.

Want to Play?

Go get this game on whatever console or system you are most interested in:

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Enjoy some Raiden, folks!

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