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Double Dragon Trilogy

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The Double Dragon series can be relived in arcade form with Double Dragon Trilogy from DotEmu. Anyone wanting to know what classic Double Dragon gameplay is like need only play this collection. This game contains the three arcade version Double Dragon games ready for you to play on PC, mobile devices, and the OUYA. Are you wanting to know what I think about this collection? If so, allow me to share my thoughts on "Double Dragon Trilogy." Welcome to "John's Blog Space!"

This game will be reviewed based on my experience playing it on the OUYA.


MAY 25 2015 - BILLY Lee, not Bruce Lee! My apologies!

--- Double Dragon Trilogy ---

Double Dragon Trilogy. Get to know it (picture is fairly random):

Double Dragon Trilogy
^ from: - Relive Double Dragon in its classic glory with these three arcade titles.

^ "Double Dragon Trilogy Trailer"

Here is a title that features the main Double Dragon storyline across three titles. Double Dragon is about one thing and one thing done very well- delivering beat downs. You will be matched up against a handful of thugs and other obstacles in your quest to save Marion, the girl who constantly is in the line of fire of evil. Billy and Jimmy Lee are ready to take down any opposition in their quest to save Marion from the clutches of evil. The Double Dragons need your help in doing so, however. So are you ready to knuckle up and take the fight to evil forces?

You have a number of options to try to tailor the game to your liking. Options for adjusting sound, video, and language are all available. You can even choose between original music and remixed music (I prefer the original music personally). Each game can be played in Arcade Mode (full game) or in Story Mode (pick one mission). If you have someone who wants to join you in your battle, local multiplayer is also available. Difficulty levels include Mobile, Original, and Expert.

The vintage beat-em-up action is spread across three titles. Here is a brief look at each of the three games you will be bashing baddies in:

Double Dragon (1987).

The game that started it all was Double Dragon in 1987. This is where Marion gets attacked and carried away by thugs. It is up to you to go through four levels of torture to try to win back Marion. You have to try to attack quickly and efficiently to avoid getting hammered by enemies. A lot of the enemies will take a beating, so get ready to put forth as much punishment as possible to take care of the enemies.

Double Dragon 2: The Revenge (1988).

Marion this time has been attacked and killed in this 1988 sequel. It is now up to Billy and Jimmy Lee to avenge the fallen Marion. From my experience, this game is actually much easier than the first Double Dragon. In fact, it may be the easiest of the three games in this package. Just because it is the easiest doesn't mean it can easily be beaten, though. Four levels will test your skills in this game.

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (1990).

Once again, Marion has been kidnapped. She will not be released until you find three Stones of Power. You will travel the world taking down enemies and trying to recover these stones in this 1990 game. This game has the most number of levels of any of the Double Dragon games- five. This game is actually fairly simple despite the fact it seems so slow-paced and laggy.

And there you have it- all three games in this one-game package. Now for a review.

--- Double Dragon Trilogy: My Review ---

The Double Dragon series is profiled nicely with these games. The controls and gameplay are all fairly solid in experiencing (or reliving) each of these games. Anyone who just wants a good fight and relive a classic franchise will find something to love about Double Dragon Trilogy. While this is a good title to pick up, I would like to see more in case someone wants extra material about the Double Dragon series. Maybe some people want to see classic artwork or listen to some of the songs of Double Dragon games. Mind you, this is not a definitive collection of Double Dragon. I still probably wouldn't mind extras and maybe more forgiving gameplay. This is otherwise not bad to get to your game collection. If this was about giving a game a certain score out of 5, I'd give Double Dragon Trilogy a solid 3.5 score out of 5.

Want to Play?

Do you want this game? Here are a number of sources to help you get this game to your system of choice:

Double Dragon Trilogy on Steam
Double Dragon Trilogy on
Double Dragon Trilogy on Google Play
Double Dragon Trilogy on iTunes
Double Dragon Trilogy on OUYA

Enjoy! You're welcome. :)

This concludes another review of mine. Remember that my blog here is about anything and everything- including game reviews. Have yourself a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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