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How well do you know your birthstones? Many beautiful crystals and gems serve as birthstones for all of us.
Do you know your birthstone? This blog post focuses in on various birthstones. I must tell you that I learned a few new things outside of just birthstones by month. In fact, did you know there are birthstones fo for zodiac signs and on the specific day of the week you were born? This won't be an all-in-one piece on birthstones, but I will make an effort to introduce various stones to you all. So welcome to another post to my "anything and everything" blog- John's Blog Space!

NOTE: Most information provided by this Wikipedia entry (click to visit). This blog post is actually a very old post I had worked on a long time ago but never completed it or worked on it much until now.

--- Birthstones ---

Here are the birthstones in three different classifications, starting with the one I am most familiar with: by month. Different birthstones actually vary by culture. Prepare for a lot of misconstrued information for some of these entries in these sections.

Here are two videos providing video insight on birthstones:

^ "Birthstones"

^ "What is your birthstone"

With that out of the way, here are my own contributions to the topic of birthstones...

Birthstones: By Month.

Here are the birthstones by month:

• January: Garnet
• February: Amethyst
• March: Bloodstone/Jasper
• April: Diamond, Sapphire
• May: Emerald, Agate
• June: Alexandrite, Emerald
• July: Ruby, Onyx
• August: Sardonyx, Garnelian
• September: Sapphire, Peridot
• October: Tourmaline, Aquamarine
• November: Citrine, Topaz
• December: Zircon, Ruby

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING... Here is a website you can visit to briefly learn about the meaning of each month's birthstone: "Birthstones and Their Meanings" (

Birthstones: by Zodiac.

If you know your sign on the Zodiac, here are your birthstones for each sign of the Zodiac. (NOTE: There were too many misleading and confusing bits of information online on this topic. So instead, I went with what I read on Wikipedia):

Capricorn: ruby
Aquarius: garnet
Pisces: amethyst
Aries: bloodstone
Taurus: sapphire
Gemini: agate
Cancer: emerald
Leo: onyx
Virgo: carnelian
Libra: crysolite
Scorpio: beryl
Sagittarius: topaz

If you know me, I was born on January 15th (meaning I am a Capricorn). So my birthstone by zodiac would be ruby. To learn more about zodiac birthstones and the healing attributes of certain stones, check out this link: Zodiac Birthstones For All Twelve Astrology Signs on Birthstone Chart.

Birthstones: by Day.

I didn't know this prior to putting together this blog post, but there are also birthday stones devoted to the day of the week when someone was born. Here is a look at stones for birthdays in case you're interested.

Sunday: Ruby
Monday: Pearl
Tuesday: Garnet
Wednesday: Cymophane
Thursday: Emerald
Friday: Topaz
Saturday: Sapphire

I was born on a Saturday, so my birthday stone by day would be sapphire.

I only knew of birthstones by month. It wasn't until I further researched this topic that I learned of other birthstones associated with other aspects of our birth. Isn't a great feeling when you actually research certain topics before posting whatever you want on a topic?

--- Birthstones Themselves ---

This blog piece just offers thoughts on individual birthstones. I will go by the stones for each month. Here is a small look at all birthstones:


If you are a fan/alum of the University of South Carolina or Florida State University, you know that Garnet is one of the colors for both schools. The garnet stone itself boasts a dark and rich color. The red color is almost like a crimson red.


I actually have a sample of an Amethyst crystal in my room. Amethyst has a beautiful bluish-purple color. I recently named official color names for "John's Race Space." I named the purple color as Amethyst Purple.


The Aquamarine birthstone boasts a beautiful muted blue color. It boasts a cyan color, almost like the beautiful waters of the South Pacific (hello to any of my South Pacific audience that may reading this blog post!).


Diamonds are forever. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. They are also the birthstone for people born in April. Nothing captivates quite like the silvery white color of a diamond.


With its gorgeous green color, Emerald is a lovely stone. While I am not really into green, this is a fabulous green color for anyone who does love green can enjoy.


Those born in June have Alexandrite as their birthstone. It's tough to gauge the real color of Alexandrite- it's green under daylight, but looks like a red color under artificial light. It is very absorbent of light.


The fiery and beautiful red color of Ruby makes up the July birthstone. One of the colors of my former "John's Shop Space" blog and my current "John's Creative Space" blog is Ruby Red.


I know nothing of peridot, but the color is sort of a pale green or a lime green. Perhaps even a chartreuse color, but chartreuse is more of a yellowish green. Peridot is the August stone.


Sapphire is one of the blue colors that make up "John's Blog Space." My high school class ring even has a sapphire gem as part of it. Sapphire is also the September stone. As you would imagine for a fan of blue, I love the deep blue hue provided by a sapphire stone. The most beautiful sapphire on any piece of jewelry is the beautiful Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond has a big piece of sapphire outlined with diamonds on the outside.


Of all birthstones, opal is the most colorful and rich. The only place in the world where opal jewelry is still popular and mined are in New Zealand. So this is a birthstone you South Pacific types can appreciate.


The November birthstone is represented by the fiery orange topaz birthstone. It is commonly called the "Stone of Strength" due to its hardness. Surely those whose birthstone is topaz can appreciate being regarded as strong.


Turquoise is a cyan color that is very vibrant. A lot of people could probably equate turquoise in color much like the waters of certain South Pacific nations like Fiji or somewhere within French Polynesia.

There are other birthstones associated with different things, but these are some of the main ones I wanted to hint on. This is otherwise the end of this post and most of the information I wanted to push to you all.

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading.

Here is about the only related post since I mentioned zodiac:

"Signs of the Zodiac" (John's Blog Space)
^ Find out what sign of the zodiac certain famous personalities are with this blog post! Remember- I'm a Capricorn (January 15)...

There is no more I can share here.

Thanks a lot for visiting "John's Blog Space!"

What is/are YOUR birthstones? Do you agree with what some of the stones signify and mean?

As of August 22, 2015; this is my first blog post since I updated my blog layout a few days ago to this responsive blog layout. It is supposed to be better friendly to various devices ranging from desktops to mobile devices. Hope you like it. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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