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John's Corner: Looking Ahead

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I have been busy lately. Fear not, though- I am just trying to add to my published material. There are so many things I am working on- including a new blog layout. This is a brief "John's Corner" where I discuss what I'm working on. My posts in this category are all about me talking with you. That's it in a nutshell. Welcome again to...

Johns Corner

New Blog Layout Consideration.

The first topic is on a new blog layout. My train of thought on blog layouts is that I want to first find a suitable blog template, then modify it as much as possible to be something I can use across various blogs to last for quite some time. I haven't yet succeeded at something of quality for my blogs, but I'm getting there. I am in no way any pro at blog templates. So therefore, it is about taking and refining quality work.

What I am considering is the first-ever responsive blog template I've worked on. That means my blogs and their content will supposedly look better across both desktop and mobile screens. Whatever I do come up with will be seen for sure across all of my blogs. We all have to evolve and adapt in some sort of way. I feel that is what I want to do in offering a different design to my blogging content.

The Game-Making Quest.

I have somewhat been trying to learn the Lua language and Löve2D to possibly build my first game. After so many weak attempt to try to learn how to build a 2D platformer, I recently took up a certain top down style of 2D gaming. Inspirations include the likes of Pac-Man games and Bomber Man games. I may look at making such games or even a possible action RPG the likes of "The Legend of Zelda." If you want to check out my creative work and what I may ultimately come up with, I invite you to visit my creative works blog, "John's Creative Space (JCS)."

One of my ultimate goals is to create a game that I hopefully can offer for fun while also perhaps profiting financially from my material. Of course, offering quality material always comes before anything else (including financial profit).

The Creative Burst.

I want to try to create as much creative material as possible. I've showcased some of my work on "John's Creative Space" for all to see. Such items of late include two cars I designed for the classic PC racing sim "NASCAR Racing 2003 Season." If I am able, I may also consider designing cars for "GTR2." The inspiration behind those games is from seeing videos of AI races posted online like from my friends on GTPlanet.

I created two cars for NR2003 as I mentioned earlier. One is a team car, and another is a car I designed for fun. You can read about my two creations so far by visiting these two JCS blog entries:

"Moonlight Motorsports" (John's Creative Space) « my fictional racing team.
"Pusheen the Cat Camry" (John's Creative Space) « a car I designed for fun featuring Pusheen the Cat.

Don't forget- I also try to make music. So be sure to check out my audio material as well!

First-Ever Site?

Once I create some decent material to share online, I'd like to showcase my work in a website. I know I could set up a site using Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace; but I may go with a Google Site to showcase my work professionally. It may even serve as a showcase of any games I may create for the Internet. I just want something other than a blog to showcase my creative work. I just want it to be a portfolio of my own work.

Stay tuned for any details should I succeed in offering such content on such a site.

These are basically some of the main talking points about what I have planned for the future.

Needless to say, I am positive and hopeful with a host of my future content. Whether you are learning of me for the first time ever or you've known me for quite some time, all I am trying to do is be bigger and better with my material. Only you can help further any such level of success I have in mind. So thank all of you for your continued success over the long time I've tried to improve my content. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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