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Signs of the Zodiac

(UPDATED: April 17, 2014)

You know the signs, but what about the constellations? This blog entry features the constellations and the stars that comprise all 12 zodiac signs. I must regret to inform you that this is an old blog entry supposed to be about how certain zodiac signs look in space. Because of copyright concerns, I have now just made this a blog post about famous people based on their zodiac symbol. Rather than post pictures of stars in space (which was the primary intent), I will instead link you to Wikipedia so you can learn more about each zodiac sign and each constellation. I am deeply sorry to all of you.

Click on each Wikipedia link to learn more about each sign of the zodiac and of all the stars that comprise each constellation in space.

• Wikipedia


APR 17 2014 - sorted personalities by date

--- Zodiac Signs and Famous People ---

zodiac signs
^ from: - The 12 signs of the zodiac. Which one is yours, and do you know the characteristics of each sign?

This blog was supposed to a digest of constellations. However, you can see the star formations from Wikipedia links I will post in this blog entry. Birthday data taken from Then, I just added in a few extra names just to make this post fun. All famous folks in this blog post are listed in alphabetical order based on their last name. Click on the Wikipedia links to learn more about each zodiac sign and the constellations they represent.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19).

Capricorn on Wikipedia -

Capricorn is the seagoat. Capricorns are usually cool, calm, and collected about various issues facing them. They know how to see themselves through various situations. Many people look at Capricorn as always taking the negative side of things, but that's to help them find a way to get through tough times. Most Capricorns don't think they are doing their absolute best, usually arguing with success. They always know they can do one better in all they do.

I am a Capricorn myself, so I'm pleased to offer this one first. And all the stuff I posted about Capricorns is certainly true about myself often times. The actual name of the constellation is Capricornus. Capricorn is Latin for either "horned male goat" or "goat horn."

• Tracey Ullman (Dec. 30)
• Tiger Woods (Dec. 30)
• Denzel Washington (Dec. 28)
• Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Jan 15)
• Aaliyah (Jan. 16)
• Muhammad Ali (Jan. 17)
• Mary J. Blige (Jan. 11)
• Nicolas Cage (Jan. 7)
• Al Capone (Jan. 17)
• Jim Carrey (Jan. 17)
• Zooey Deschanel (Jan. 17)
• Maurice "Maury" Povich (Jan.17)
• Paula Deen (Jan. 19)

• John Marine (Jan. 15) ;-)

More Famous Capricorns (

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18).

Aquarius on Wikipedia - Aquarius is the water-bearer (or cup-bearer).

Aquarians trace their own path and are independent. They always want to try something new and go on a path opposite of most other people and ideas. They are, therefore, trail blazers. They are free to be themselves no matter how anyone perceives them.

• Buzz Aldrin (Jan. 20)
• John Belushi (Jan. 24)
• Mischa Barton (Jan. 24)
• Ellen DeGeneres (Jan. 26)
• Wayne Gretzky (Jan. 26)
• Farrah Fawcett (Feb. 2)
• Oscar de la Hoya (Feb. 4)
• Hank Aaron (Feb. 5)
• Garth Brooks (Feb. 7)
• Sheryl Crow (Feb. 11)
• Thomas Edison (Feb. 11)
• Charles Darwin (Feb. 12)
• Galileo (Feb. 15)
• LeVar Burton (Feb. 16)
• Dr. Dre (Feb. 18)

More Famous Aquarians (

Pisces (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20).

Pisces on Wikipedia - Pisces is the Latin plural for "fish." -

Seen as the most senstive of the zodiac signs, Pisces live in the real world and in a spiritual world. They stand for what they believe in and have no lack of character or determination.

• Amy Tan (Feb. 19)
• Charles Barkley (Feb. 20)
• Robyn Rihanna Fenty (Feb. 20)
• George Washington (Feb. 22)
• Julius Erving (Feb. 22)
• Drew Barrymore (Feb. 22)
• Dakota Fanning (Feb. 23)
• Tex Avery (Feb. 26)
• Levi Strauss (Feb. 26)
• Ke$ha (Mar. 1)
• Landon Donovan (Mar. 4)
• Shaquille O' Neal (Mar. 6)
• Barbie (Mar. 9)
• Carrie Underwood (Mar. 10)
• Quincy Jones (Mar. 14)
• Takeru Kobayashi (Mar. 15)

More Famous Pisces (

Aries (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19).

Aries on Wikipedia - Aries, the ram constellation.

The Aries sign is the oldest of the zodiac signs. Aries folk can be seen as very self-oriented. They can be quite adventurous and want to be the center of attention as great leaders.

• Steve McQueen (Mar. 24)
• Tommy Hilfiger (Mar. 24)
• Star Jones (Mar. 24)
• Peyton Manning (Mar. 24)
• Danica Patrick (Mar. 25)
• Mariah Carey (Mar. 27)
• Reba McEntire (Mar. 28)
• Kate Gosselin (Mar. 28)
• Jon Gosselin (Apr. 1)
• Rodney King (Apr. 2)
• Marlon Brando (Apr. 3)
• Amanda Bynes (Apr. 3)
• Leighton Meester (Apr. 9)
• John Madden (Apr. 10)
• Tom Clancy (Apr. 12)
• Abigail Breslin (Apr. 14)
• Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Apr. 15)
• Victoria Beckham (Apr. 17)
• Maggie Flecknoe (Apr. 17)
• Kourtney Kardashian (Apr. 18)

More Famous Aries (

Taurus (Apr. 20 - May 20).

Taurus on Wikipedia - You screw with a Taurus, you get the horns. The bull of Taurus.

Taurus represents those who are endurant and persistent. However, they can also be seen as stubborn, which, according to, isn't exactly negative. They prefer being more along the lines of traditional ideas and concepts rather than deviating to more unconventional ideas and concepts. They are easy-going and down-to-earth. They are also often seen as the biggest procrastinators.

• Adolf Hitler (Apr. 20)
• Carmen Electra (Apr. 20)
• Charlotte Bronte (Apr. 21)
• George Lopez (Apr. 23)
• Kelly Clarkson (Apr. 24) « Texas native!
• Cedric the Entertainer (Apr. 24)
• Ella Fitzgerald (Apr. 25)
• Carol Burnett (Apr. 26)
• Jessica Alba (Apr. 28)
• Dale Earnhardt, Sr. (Apr. 29)
• Kirsten Dunst (Apr. 30)
• Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) (May 2)
• Erin Andrews (May 4)
• Chris Brown (May 5)
• George Carlin (May 12)
• Tony Hawk (May 12)
• Miranda Cosgrove (May 14)
• George Lucas (May 14)
• Janet Jackson (May 16)
• Enya (May 17)
• Chow Yun Fat (May 18)
• Cher (May 20)

More Famous Taureans (

Gemini (May 21 - June 20).

Gemini on Wikipedia - The twins constellation of Gemini.

Like a diamond, or any fine gem, Geminis are multi-faceted mentally and physically. They are adept and intelligent to every situation. They are very curious and are not content with letting the world around them pass by. They are seen as the most communicative of all zodiac people. They would rather keep their positive energy rather than have any sad-but-true truths come their way.

• Naomi Campbell (May 22)
• Drew Carey (May 23)
• Bob Dylan (May 24)
• Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25)
• Miles Davis (May 26)
• Ian Flemming (May 28)
• Rudy Giovanni (May 28)
• Clint Eastwood (May 31)
• Morgan Freeman (June 1)
• Freddy Adu (June 2)
• Angelina Jolie (June 4)
• Joan Rivers (June 8)
• Kim Clijsters (June 8)
• T.D. Jakes (June 9)
• Johnny Depp (June 9)
• Michael J. Fox (June 9)
• Ice Cube (June 15)
• Tupac Shakur (June 16)
• Paula Abdul (June 19)

More Famous Gemini (

Cancer (June 21 - July 22).

Cancer on Wikipedia - The crab constellation of Cancer.

Cancer folk are tough to figure out- Cancers are usually seen as having a certain quality, but then have contradictions with those qualities. Perhaps their best qualities is their protective ability. They are also seen as perfect mothers as well as long-lasting friends. They are, for the most part, impervious to most things that hamper them.

• Taylor Momsen (June 26)
• Khloe Kardashian (June 27)
• Dan Aykroyd (July 1)
• Lindsay Lohan (July 2)
• Thurgood Marshall (July 2)
• Tom Cruise (July 3)
• Olivia Munn (July 3)
• Geraldo Rivera (July 4)
• George W. Bush (July 6)
• Merv Griffin (July 6)
• Courtney Love (July 9)
• John Quincy Adams (July 11)
• Vin Diesel (July 18)
• Nelson Mandela (July 18)
• Selena Gomez (July 22)

More Famous Cancers (

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22).

on Wikipedia - King of the zodiac jungle, the lion constellation of Leo.

Leos have no problem with self-esteem and being leaders of their own respective kingdoms. They have no shortge of personality and/or charm. They react with action rather than just lay back. Public perception is key for a Leo.

• Amelia Earhart (July 24)
• Barry Bonds (July 24)
• Gisele Bundchen (July 26)
• Sandra Bullock (July 26)
• Stanley Kubrick (July 26)
• Arnold Schwarzenegger (July 30)
• Mark Cuban (July 31)
• Tom Brady (Aug. 3)
• Roger Clemens (Aug. 4)
• Neil Armstrong (Aug. 5)
• M. Night Shyamalan (Aug. 6)
• Lucille Ball (Aug. 6)
• David Duchovny (Aug. 7)
• Betty Boop (Aug. 8)
• Whitney Houston (Aug. 9)
• Katishia Cosley (Aug. 10)
• Hulk Hogan (Aug. 11)
• Ben Affleck (Aug. 12)
• Halle Berry (Aug. 14)
• Mila Kunis (Aug. 14)
• Napoleon Bonaparte (Aug. 15)
• Madonna (Aug. 16)
• Davy Crockett (Aug. 17)
• Deep Throat (Aug. 17)
• Bill Clinton (Aug. 19)
• Coco Chanel (Aug. 19) « a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous
• Fred Durst (Aug. 20)
• Demi Lovato (Aug. 20)

More Famous Leos (

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22).

Virgo on Wikipedia - Virgo is the virgin constellation.

Calm on the outside, yet nervous and complex within, Virgos strive to make big strides to change the world around them.

• Kobe Bryant (Aug. 23)
• Dave Chappell (Aug. 24)
• Rachael Ray (Aug. 25)
• Michael Jackson (Aug. 29)
• Patsy Cline (Sep. 8)
• Bill O'Reilly (Sep. 10)
• Taraji P. Henson (Sep. 11)
• Jennifer Hudson (Sep. 12)
• Tyler Perry (Sep. 13)
• Agatha Christie (Sep. 15)
• Jimmie Johnson (Sep. 17)
• Lance Armstrong (Sep. 18)
• Faith Hill (Sep. 21)
• Ricki Lake (Sep. 21)

More Famous Virgos (

Libra (Sep. 23 - Oct. 22).

Libra on Wikipedia - Weighing scales represent the Libra constellation.

Libras are known for taking the form of another person to see the world from others' perspectives. They possess great taste and charm and love luxury.

• Mickey Rooney (Sep. 23)
• Heather Locklear (Sep. 25)
• Avril Lavigne (Sep. 27)
• Gwyneth Paltrow (Sep. 28)
• Johnnie Cochran (Oct. 2)
• Groucho Marx (Oct. 2)
• Rutherford B. Hayes (Oct. 4)
• Susan Sarandon (Oct. 4)
• Heidi Van Horne (Oct. 4)
• Simon Cowell (Oct. 7)
• Matt Damon (Oct. 8)
• Luciano Pavarotti (Oct. 12)
• Ashanti (Oct. 13)
• Jerry Rice (Oct. 13)
• Floyd Landis (Oct. 14)
• Jim Rome (Oct. 14)
• Mickey Mantle (Oct. 20)
• Kim Kardashian (Oct. 21)

More Famous Libras (

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22).

Scorpio on Wikipedia - The scorpion constellation of Scorpio.

The premise of a Scorpio is noted to their signs of extremes and intensity. They have great power within them and are always curious. While Scorpios are known to be controlling, this control is only for them to feel safe and comfortable.

• Pelé (Oct. 23)
• Wayne Rooney (Oct. 24)
• Ciara (Oct. 25)
• Katy Perry (Oct. 25)
• Seth McFarlane (Oct. 26)
• Richard Dreyfuss (Oct. 29)
• John Adams (Oct. 30)
• Walter Cronkite (Nov. 4)
• Alexz Johnson (Nov. 4)
• Alexa Chung (Nov. 5)
• Jozy Altidore (Nov. 6)
• Milton Bradley (Nov. 8)
• Gordon Ramsay (Nov. 8)
• Leonardo di Caprio (Nov. 11)
• Condoleezza Rice (Nov 14)
• Troy Aikman (Nov. 21)
• Björk (Nov. 21)
• Scarlett Johannson (Nov. 22)

More Famous Scorpios (

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21).

Sagittarius on Wikipedia - This archer has a perfect aim- the archer constellation of Sagittarius.

Having a positive outlook on life and having good luck are key signs for a Sagittarius. Sagittarians always hope for the best even in the worst of times. They don't stay in the past; they move forward and keep moving forward. They are not drawn by emotions. On a negative note, some Sagittarians are known for getting into things too quickly without weighing positives and negatives of each action.

• Katherine Heigl (Nov. 24)
• Jimi Hendrix (Nov. 24)
• Charles Schulz (Nov. 26)
• Tina Turner (Nov. 26)
• Chamillionaire (Nov. 28)
• Dick Clark (Nov. 30)
• Shirley Chisholm (Nov. 30)
• Lucy Liu (Dec. 2)
• Monica Seles (Dec. 2)
• Brittney Spears (Dec. 2)
• Tyra Banks (Dec. 4)
• Jay-Z (Dec. 4)
• Walt Disney (Dec. 5)
• Bob Barker (Dec. 12)
• Taylor Swift (Dec. 13)
• Vanessa Hudgens (Dec. 14)
• DMX (Dec. 18)
• Katie Holmes (Dec. 18)
• Billy Idol (Dec. 18)
• Christina Aguilera (Dec. 18)
• Alyssa Milano (Dec. 19)
• JoJo (Dec. 20)
• Samuel L. Jackson (Dec. 21)

More Famous Sagittarians (

Ophiuchus (Honrable Mention!).

Ophiuchus on Wikipedia

Ophiuchus is not noted by any sign on the calendar. This is known as the "snake bearer" sign.

--- The NEW Zodiac? (added: January 14, 2011) ---

According to the fact that Earth's alignment has changed, so have the dates of the zodiac. Here are the new dates:

New Zodiac Dates...
Capricorn: Jan. 21 to Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 17 to Mar. 11
Pisces: Mar. 12 to April 18
Aries: Apr. 19 to May 13
Taurus: May 14 to June 21
Gemini: June 22 to July 20
Cancer: July 20 to Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 11 to Sep. 16
Virgo: Sep. 17 to Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 31 to Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 24 to Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 to Jan. 20

Ophiuchus: November 30 to December 17

I guess I'm a Sagittarian now. :( I had to change up the dates because you can't be two signs of the zodiac at the same time. I also had to look up the new date for the Ophiuchus sign. Some sites I read had certain end days as the start of a new one. In other words, the last day for Sagittarians is January 20... which is also the first day for the •new• Capricorn date with this new date alignment.

What do you make of all of this?

I'm still not going to adjust the names of famous zodiac people just because of this.

Now you know a few famous people born within those times of the zodiac. Again, I'm sorry that I couldn't post any pictures of each zodiac sign in space, which was the primary intent of this blog post. I still hope you enjoyed reading this as well as learning aobut the different characteristics and such of each zodiac sign. I personally don't believe in horoscopes. Crap happens each day.

Most of the information about the characteristics of each zodiac sign are based on stuff I have read on Zodiac Signs. If you haven't read earlier, I am trying to get rid of as many of my incomplete 2010 blog posts to get ready for 2011, and this is one of them. Hope you like this one!

Thank you for reading!

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