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Chunky Knits

John Marine | 12/01/2010 07:10:00 PM |
Find Warmth and Style in Lovely Chunky Knit Garments.

(UPDATED: October 19, 2011)

As temperatures get colder, it's time for you to layer up. A stylish way to look hot when it's cold is by wearing some chunky knits to beat the cold. Chunky knits make up one of the most recent trends for cold weather season 2010/2011. This blog entry is a little piece on chunky knit garments. And later in the blog entry, I will share with you some widgets in case you want to shop for some chunky knit garments on Amazon.


OCT 19 2011 - edited most of the entry to be cleaner-looking.

--- Chunky Knits at a Glance ---

Chunky knit garments are a great way to stay warm and look hot. This is worth looking into for cold days. What I think makes these chunky knits so fashionable is the details in the chunky knit garments themselves. You look at some of the various garments that make up such chunky knits. These aren't just sweaters, though. There are some chunky dresses and tunics that are as stylish as any sweater or any knit coats.

A certain look I have in mind is a chunky knit sweater tunic or sweater dress, some thick leggings or thick tights, and some cute knee-high boots. A sexy look would be a cropped belly-baring sweater

--- Chunky Knits in Pictures ---

You know I don't believe in fashion trends, but I do want to bring up a few examples to prove a few points. Some pictures may have some extra points to mention, so mouse over some of these images for more information (mostly picture credits).

Chunky Knit Sweaters.

chunky knit sweater
^ from: - a chunky knit sweater from Diane Von Furstenberg. Take note of the various cute details of this lovely sweater ranging from the sash front design and the various ribbed details.

The most basic staple of cold weather is the sweater. Chunky knit sweaters can be both cute and warm for cold days.

Chunky Knit Cardigans.

chunky knit cardigan
^ from:, by way of - a lovely and warm chunky knit cardigan from ASOS.

Cardigans are the lightweight cousin of sweaters. An average button-down cardigan is lightweight and airy. A chunky knit cardigan offers the same appeal of a normal cardigan while also providing extra warmth.

Chunky Knit Coats.

DVF chunky knit coat
^ from: a Diane Von Furstenberg chunky knit coat.

The coat is a true staple of cold weather. While trench coats can be very stylish, a simple chunky knit coat can be just as warm as any traditional coat.

Chunky Knit Dresses and Sweater Dresses.

chunky knit sweater dress
^ from: While it may be too cold to worry about off-shoulder looks, this bebe chunky knit sweater dress will certainly warm you up on cold days. Turn up the chic heat with sweater dresses!

Nothing can be more girly than a cute chunky knit dress. On a cold day, warm tights and some knee-high boots will keep you warm while looking very chic. I am not usually a fan of dresses with pants or jeans, but you can stay extra warm by either going with warm tights, or you can wear warm pants or jeans under a chunky knit dress or chunky knit sweater dress for extra warmth. These dresses are almost essentially very warm tunics. Bebe actually has quite a few sexy sweater dresses.

Chunky Knit Scarves.

chunky knit scarves
^ from: - Bring out the chunky knit scarves to keep your neck warm on cold days!

Even though I made my own blog entry on scarves, some of those scarves are all-year scarves to wear. Chunky knit scarves will do you no wrong in keeping your neck warm on cold days. These can be warm and stylish for males in addition to them being warm for females.

Chunky Knit Caps and Hats.

chunky knit beret
^ from: - a cute, chunky knit beret.

Isn't this beret cute on her? When trying to stay warm while also looking great, give a call to chunky knit caps and chunky knit hats. They are great to keep your head warm. There are many options you have here, including

Chunky Knit Tights and Leg Warmers.

chunky knit tights
^ from: - Le Redoute tights worn under a denim mini skirt and paired with ankle boots.

chunky knit leg warmers
^ from: = Cute pink leg warmers paired with gray and white oxford pumps.

When dealing with the cold, one way to stay warm is to go with warm tights. Going with warm tights will allow you to wear your favorite tunics, skirts, and dresses while still keeping your legs warm. When the leggings-under-skirt look became trendy in the mid-2000s, one of my first criticisms was that this look seemed too hot for warm weather. Going with these warm tights can be lovely as long as you have something other warm to wear along with these tights.

Leg warmers help keep your lower legs warm. As an alternative to tucking jeans into boots, some females wear leg warmers over their jeans and just wear some other kind of shoes or boots underneath. Probably not recommended to try this out unless you're wearing bootcut or flared pants or jeans. Wearing a skirt or dress with leg warmers is a nice way to keep your legs warm. This is a popular look among females in Japan (probably still is). Chunky knit leg warmers help keep your lower legs warm while looking lovely (or cute).

Now you have a little inspiration on chunky knits. These chunky knit garments are a great way to look hot even when it's cold.

I may feature certain chunky knit garments on John's Shop Space in the future. For now, though, find you some chunky knit garments using this Amazon widget below. This widget includes both items for men and women. You can change the search terms to some of the different chunky knit garments mentioned in this blog post to find what you are looking for on Amazon. Stay warm in the cold!

SPECIAL NOTE: This was a past blog post I didn't get a chance to work on or finish. I am just trying to release as many blog posts that I haven't finished or worked on as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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