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Unusual City Names

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(UPDATED: April 18, 2019)

Know any funny or interesting city names? This blog post is a bit different from my others as I try to be funny by mentioning some cities with interesting or funny names. These are real cities you can actually visit- nothing made up. So if you want to know of some interesting places, you arrived on a very interesting blog post in a very interesting blog. So let's do this.


APR 18 2019 - added extra resources, edited extra material

Interesting City Names

There are many more spread about the great U.S. of A., but here are some of the more interesting city names to come to mind for me. Click on the headings to visit any official home page for the named cities. First is one of the most popular ones:

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Tell the truth, or face some consequences. Most people know of New Mexico for Albuquerque. Truth or Consequences is in southwestern New Mexico. It is a spa city that isn't too far away from El Paso, TX. It has a population of about 6K people.

Why, Arizona, USA.

Why Why? Why not Phoenix, or Tuscon, or Flagstaff? Why Why? Why is a city in southern Arizona rather close to the US/Mexico border. According to Wikipedia, the 2000 census indicated that Why has a population of about 116. According to one website, Why is named the way it is because of the Y-shaped junction of Highway 85 and Highway 86 there.

Boring, Oregon, USA.

The most exciting city in the United States is... Boring. Why go to glamourous cities like Los Angeles or New York when you can go to America's most boring city? Boring could be quite exciting! This city was established in 1903. It has a population of about 8K people from 2000. It is a city close to the Oregon-Washington state line and is a suburb of Portland, OR. A slogan for Boring is "An Exciting Place to Call Home."

It may sound funny to name a city "Boring," but it was actually named after a Union veteran named William H. Boring. Does that mean William was boring enough to carry the surname of Boring? Boring actually looks pretty nice from pictures I've seen. Very serene and lovely setting Boring is.

(ADDED: January 23, 2019) A loyal reader reached out to me and wanted to provide some information about Boring, Oregon, USA. Take a look at this link to learn more about what to do in Boring, OR: 10 Great Things to Do in Boring, Oregon. Thanks for reaching out to me!

(ADDED: April 18, 2019) Here is another resource for those of you planning on going to Oregon, thanks to another loyal reader of "John's Blog Space". Take a look: Oregon Vacation Rentals.

Welfare, Texas, USA.

SAD BUT TRUE: I have NEVER been outside the state of Texas in my entire life, and Welfare is a city I've actually visited or encountered. Welfare is a city in south central Texas. There's no info on population there because I learned Welfare is a ghost town.

Hookersville, West Virginia, USA.

For a good time, visit Hookersville, WV. You need not visit the Red Light District of your town. Just go to Hookersville. It is a town in about west central West Virginia.

Boogertown, North Carolina, USA.

I'm sure you wouldn't want to pick your nose in a city called Boogertown. Probably isn't recommended you get a runny nose in this city. According to Wikipedia, the town was named because of a fear moonshiners warned people the boogeyman would lurk in the forest to drive away visitors. I am unsure of the link of the boogeyman and Boogertown, but... it is what it is.

Hell, Michigan, USA.

Snowballs DO have a chance in Hell... as long as it's Hell, Michigan. Hell, or at least Hell, Michigan; is 15 miles to the northwest of Ann Arbor. You college and college sports fans know Ann Arbor as Michigan Wolverines territory. So two things can be assured with this city- snowballs stand a chance in Hell, and it's possible for Hell to freeze over. This is Hell that people may actually want to visit. In fact, you could say you can have a hell of a good time in Hell [Michigan]. Okay... I'm having too much fun here.

(NOTE: I came off with saying a snowball has a chance in Hell before I ultimately saw an Internet meme saying the same thing researching this topic.)

Now time to go international! ...kind of.

Dull, Scotland, UK.

I'm sure this city isn't dull even though it's named Dull. I didn't know of this city until I did my research on this topic after looking up details on Boring, OR, USA. You know the funny thing about all of this? Both Boring and Dull are Sister Cities! See? Why try to be one of the cool kids when being boring rules? It's great to be boring! :)

Hell, Norway.

You can go to Hell- whether in Michigan or in Norway. Snowballs DEFINITELY stand a chance in this Hell. The first time I was introduced to this Hell was when I looked at the schedule for FIA World Rallycross. I read that this Hell is named for the Old Norse word "hellir," meaning "overhang" or "cliff cave." So I can't really playfully mention Hell, Norway as I did with Hell, MI in this respect.

Those are only as many different actual city names as I could provide.

More Interesting City Names

So, did you enjoy this blog post? Well check out these links for even more weird/unusual city names!

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Help yourself to this bit of insanity with the material here. :)

Even though these cities may have laughable names or are easy to pick on, I love all of my readers and visitors... even if you come from a funny-sounding place.

Can you think of any other funny or interesting city names? Are there any funny-sounding city names in your country (if so, name some of them)?

That's all for this blog post. Hope you had fun here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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