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South Pacific Beauties

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(UPDATED: July 11, 2014)

South Pacific girls are as beautiful as the islands they are from. Recent blog traffic from the South Pacific has influenced me to expand upon my recent fascination with the South Pacific. This blog entry is a look at some of the lovely island girls representing the South Pacific. It will mostly be a picture-based blog entry featuring pictures of a lot of lovely ladies from the South Pacific. It will shed a little light on the ladies that are as beautiful as the islands they come from. It is a further salute to my South Pacific blog readers.

I don't know my expressions, but to all of my South Pacific visitors, I say "talofa!" for Samoan folk, "hafa adai!" for Chamorro folk, "kia orana!" to you Cook Islands folk, or whatever "hello!" in your native speak is.

Hey, people! If you want to read a new blog post in regards to Miss South Pacific 2010, I invite you to click on this blog post: Miss South Pacific 2010!


JUL 11 2014 - multiple edits

--- [Some Of] the South Pacific's Beauties ---

This blog entry is all about the many ladies of various South Pacific nations. These are some of the many beautiful island girls of the South Pacific. They range from various Polynesian, Micronesian, and various other lovely ladies from the South Pacific. These will likely be ladies you've heard of for the first time ever. I'll try to talk about each lady here in this blog entry. Let's begin!

(EDITED: March 8, 2011 - click on the headings to visit any official websites or fan pages (if offered)!)

Here are the represented nations in this edit:
(THIS REGION: Fiji, Tokelau, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Micronesia, Samoa, American Samoa, Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Nauru, Marshall Islands, French Polynesia, Norfolk Island, Pitcairn Islands, Easter Island, Wallis and Futuna, and Tonga)

I mention all of these nations, but it doesn't mean I will mention one from each nation.

--- South Pacific Beauties: Cook Islands ---

"Kia orana" to all of my Cook Islands readers! There's something about the Cook Islands to me. I tend to love the Cook Islands the most among the South Pacific nations. The majority of this section involves the ladies from the 2009 Miss Cook Islands pageant. These islands do have some beautiful women. Here are some of the many lovelies from the Cook Islands:

Engara Gosselin (Cook Islands).

Engara Gosselin
^ from:, by way of - Engara Gosselin of the Cook Islands.

Miss Cook Islands 2009 winner, Engara Melanie Amanda Gosselin, was someone I came across on YouTube by seeing two videos of her. She is beautiful, both as a singer and a model. The (born: ???. ??, 1984)-year old from Rarotonga Island in the Cook Islands is a real goddess. Of all the contestants, Engara was the oldest in the 2009 Miss Cook Islands pageant, being 24 years old at the time. The beautiful young lady hails from Avarua, Cook Islands; and she's a graduate of the University of the South Pacific. Two songs I've heard on YouTube from her are "My Rarotonga" and "Ararau Enua." Both songs are sung beautifully by this Cook Islands beauty. I love both of those songs. If you want to see the YouTube videos I've seen for Engara Gosselin, read my blog entry "Oceania and the South Pacific."

Joyana Meyer (Cook Islands).

Joyana Meyer
^ from: - Joyana Meyer. Her long dress was beautiful; this thumbnail picture doesn't do it justice.

Joyana Mennie Meyer is a beautiful young lady from the Cook Islands. She ended up Maine Taipairu (first runner-up) to Engara Gosselin in Miss Cook Islands 2009. I saw a video of the Miss Cook Islands 2009 competition. She wore a beautiful violet dress with lavander accents on the sleeves and down the center of the dress. A beautiful lavender flower accompanies the hair of this young beauty. She has a sweet smile and a nice voice. She did a little rap song dedicated to her late grandmother during the 2009 competition.

Uirangi Bishop (Cook Islands).

Uirangi Bishop
^ from: - Uirangi Bishop.

Young Uirangi Bishop is a beautiful lady who is as beautiful dancing as she is in looks. She's a princess who rules with great dancing and beautiful looks. The Cook Islands native captivates in so many ways. In the Miss Cook Islands 2009 competition, she finished Maine Purotu (second runner-up).

Poutau Anthony (Cook Islands).

Poutau Anthony
^ from:, by way of - Poutau Anthony.

Poutau ‘i Lazel Anthony is another Cook Islands beauty. The very young lady has a sweet smile and charming character.

Belinda Nganu (or Apakuranganu?) (Cook Islands).

Belinda Nganu
^ from: - Belinda Nganu.

The reason why I used "Belinda Apakuranganu" was because that was the name I read when I saw a video on YouTube. But when I seen it elsewhere online, I used "Belinda Nganu." Regardless of the name, she's beautiful with a nice voice.

Titifa Kae (Cook Islands).

Titifa Kae
^ from: - Titifa Kae.

Represented as Miss Paka's Pearls in the 2009 Miss Cook Islands pageant, Titifa Tina Memory Kae is a beautiful lady with an even more beautiful smile.

Josephine Turepu (Cook Islands).

Josephine Turepu
^ (original credit: - Miss Cook Islands 2009 contestant Josephine Turepu.

Josephine Turepu is a pure island princess who has immense beauty and charm. She seems very sweet and respectful.

Pepe Mei George (Cook Islands).

Pepe Mai George
^ from: - Pepe Mei George.

Pepe Mei George is another delicious diva from the Cook Islands. She boasts a lovely smile and lovely locks of long hair.

To look at more of the contestants of Miss Cook Islands 2009, check this YouTube video out:

Krystina Kauvai (Cook Islands).

Krystina Kauvai
from: - Krystina Kauvai of the Cook Islands won Miss South Pacific in 2006 and 2007.

What's up with the Cook Islands? They have so many beautiful ladies! Here is yet another Cook Islands beauty- Miss South Pacific 2006 and 2007, Krystina Kauvai.

Noovai Tylor (Cook Islands).

Noovai Tylor
^ from: - Noovai Tylor, winner of Miss Cook Islands 2004 and 2005.

The holder of Miss Cook Islands for 2004 and 2005 is the sporty Noovai Tylor. I know not much more about her (except that she's a lovely lady).

I'm not done yet! Here are some more beautiful ladies from the South Pacific...

--- South Pacific Beauties: Northern Mariana Islands ---

Hello to all of my readers from the Northern Mariana Islands!

Chrishia Leon Guerrero and Christal Leon Guerrero (Northern Mariana Islands).

Chrishia and Christal are two young Chamorrita beauties from the Northern Mariana Islands. Chrishia was only 14 when she came along with a song called "So Over You" back in 2007. I would say that she's a pop-style singer who jams with her ukulele while singing with such a beautiful singing voice. Chrishia's older sister is Christal, and Christal is interested in modeling. Both of the Leon Guerrero sisters hail from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands... and both are beautiful ladies.

Get to know these beautiful Chamorrita sisters from the Northern Mariana Islands by checking out this video:

Amber Mendiola (Northern Mariana Islands).

Amber Mendiola has an angelic voice and immense beauty for such a young singer. Like Chrishia Leon Guerrero, the young Chamorrita jams to her own ukulele. Her debut song was "Set Me Free." She captivates with her amazing voice.

Because I can't find a picture of her online, this video will do. It's her song "Set Me Free" below. Enjoy!

--- South Pacific Beauties: Hawaii ---

Aloha, Hawaii! It is time I make mention to some of Hawaii's lovely ladies. I previously did not mention Hawaii in my very first post to "South Pacific Beauties." Now, I will try to offer some Hawaiian beauties to please my audience- both in the South Pacific and internationally. So here are some of Hawaii's lovely ladies...

Pomaikai Klein (or Pomaika'i Klein) (Hawaii).

I must apologize. When I initially created this blog post, I tried to find as many South Pacific ladies to feature. Unintentionally, I did NOT mention a single girl from Hawaii in my initial post. I am DEEPLY sorry for this. I will make it up to you because one Hawaiian beauty is Camile Velasco. I get blog hits from Hawaii, so I can not leave my Hawaiian fans hanging.

Pomaikai Klein (or Pomaika'i Klein) seems very sweet and beautiful. She competed in the Miss South Pacific 2010 pageant in Papua New Guinea. Her pictures are amazing.

These two beauties are from my "Music of the South Pacific" blog post:

Allison (Hawaii).

Allison Chu exudes a level of positive energy that is incredible. The singing star sings a variety of songs ranging from traditional Hawaiian songs to a variety of operatic pieces. Allison is very fun and very lovely.

Listen to her sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" below (you may need to turn down the volume):

Or, you can hear her perform a more traditional Hawaiian melody here, called "Akaka Falls":

I am a great fan of Allison. Been that way since hearing Allison's Myspace music page and seeing her YouTube videos.

Owana Salazar (Hawaii).

The queen of Hawaiian slack-key guitar jazz is one Owana Ka?ohelelani Mahaelani-rose Salazar (or just Owana Salazar). She is related to the royal family of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Her voice is wonderful, as is her guitar play. Listen to her sing from the heart and sweetly as a mellow guitar melody fills the air. Hear this beautiful (born: 1953)-year old woman in action:

Again- I am deeply sorry that I did not mention a single Hawaiian beauty in this entry's initial post. "Mahalo" to my Hawaiian readers for visiting "John's Blog Space!"

There are more beauties I must make mention to. To see the rest of this post (if you aren't already), please click on "Read More" to read the rest of this post!

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--- South Pacific Beauties: Samoa ---

Talofa, Samoa! Welcome to John's Blog Space!

Jacinta Bourne (Samoa).

Jacinta Bourne
^ from: - Samoan beauty Jacinta Bourne.

Of Samoan decent, Jacinta Bourne won Miss South Pacific in 2009 and is very conscientious about the environment. The young Samoan beauty from the village of Leauva'a won the Miss Samoa 2009 pageant.

I think I had intended to discuss both lovely ladies from Samoa and American Samoa. Maybe in a future edit, I'll include some from

--- South Pacific Beauties: Fiji ---

Let's meet some Fijian beauties.

Filomena Tuivanualevu (Fiji).

Filomena Tuivanualevu
^ from: - Filomena Tuivanualevu of Fiji.

The Fijian beauty Filomena Tuivanualevu strongly cares about being a strong role model for her native Fijian women as well as being an ambassador of Fuji. She has a wonderful smile and seems very passionate and respectful.

--- South Pacific Beauties: Niue ---

A very warm welcome to all of you from Niue and to all of my Niuean readers/visitors!

Vanessa Marsh (Niue).

Vanessa Marsh
^ from: - Vanessa Marsh, Miss Niue.

Vanessa Marsh is a beautiful young lady from Niue. She won Miss South Pacific in 2008. Vanessa felt like a real sense of giving back and contributing to her community when she worked as a fisheries officer in her native Niue. In addition to her modeling, the young Niuean is also quite sporty. She competes in a number of sports, including touch rugby football. Vanessa is beautiful both inside and within and does a great job representing her country and her people.

Maria Mitimeti (Niue).

Maria Mitimeti won Miss Niue Aotearoa 2010. The native of Alofi, Niue won Miss Niue Aotearoa as well as four other honors: Best Culture Wear, Best Swim Wear, and the website (as in vote. Maria is of three nationalities. She is Niuean, Tongan, and Fijian. She has a sweet face and a lovely sense of style. In the 2010 competition, Maria beat out three other Niue Aotearoa beauties for top honors- Amber Patutaue, Zeena Koloni Sisepi-Ali, and Florence Tauelima.

--- South Pacific Beauties: Tokelau ---

Hello to those of you from Tokelau!

Joanne Theresa O’Brien (Tokelau).

Joanne Theresa O’Brien
^ from: - Joanne Theresa O’Brien... Miss Tokelau.

From the New Zealand territory of Tokelau, the young Tokelauan beauty Joanne Theresa O'Brien competed in Miss South Pacific 2008. She hopes to become an Environmental Lawyer in playing a part in helping our environment.

Meleka Mativa (Fiji).

Meleka Mativa
^ from: - Meleka Mativa of Tokelau is a beautiful and young model who partook in Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010.

From Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010 Papua New Guinea, I became fond of Meleka Mativa. She was one of the two contestants who was 18 years old at this year's Miss South Pacific Pageant (Miss Tonga's Mafi Tu'inukuafe was the other). Meleka is a very cute and lovely looking. The young beauty from Tokelau was unfortunately among the Top 5 in the final order for the Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010. However, I still think she's one of the most beautiful contestants in this year's pageant.

--- South Pacific Beauties: Kiribati ---

It's time now to salute the lovely Gilbertese folks from Kiribati.

Taumiri Tetuai (Kiribati).

Taumiri Tetuai
^ from: - Taumiri Tetuai of Kiribati.

Taumiri Tetuai was only 18 years old when she competed in the Miss South Pacific pageant last year, and she was the youngest of the contestants in the MSPP 2010 PNG pageant. The I-Kiribati was the youngest to contest for the honor of Miss South Pacific. Her greatest concern is on climate change for Kiribati.

--- South Pacific Beauties: Tonga ---

The Kingdom of Tonga is represented now.

Tessi Leila Toluta'u (Tonga).

Tessi Leila Toluta'u
^ from: - Tessi Lelia Toluta'u won Miss South Pacific 2007.

Tessi is the first lovely lady I'm featuring from the Kingdom of Tonga. The Tongan beauty won Miss South Pacific 2007.

--- South Pacific Beauties: French Polynesia ---

(ADDED: September 9, 2013)
In case you need a little insight on French Polynesia, it consists of many islands, among the most popular are Bora Bora and a little island called... Tahiti. So allow me to focus on one or more beauties from French Polynesia.

Hinarani de Longeaux (French Polynesia).

^ from: - Meet Hinarani de Longeaux of Papeete, Tahiti.

Hailing from Papeete, Tahiti; meet the Tahitian beauty Hinarani de Longeaux. This lovely lady participated in Miss France 2013. Unfortunately, the (born: June 12, 1990)-year old finished as runner-up for Miss France in 2013.

Maybe I'll find more in the future for this section.

--- My Message to Any of These Ladies (if they were to read my blog entry) ---

All of you ladies are beautiful! I extend my salute to all of you from up here in Houston, Texas, USA. Best of luck to all of you and with all the various endeavors you set your mind to. My best wishes go out to all of you. And if you do manage to read this blog entry and like what you've read, thank you! Feel free to get social with me by subscribing to my blog or even checking out my various other online material. Once again, my pleasure mentioning you as beautiful! :)

Don't be shy... let me know if my blog post made you smile if I mentioned any of you in this blog entry!

--- Miss South Pacific 2010 in Papua New Guinea (Bonus Section) ---

As of the date of this blog entry, the 2010 edition of the Miss South Pacific Pageant will be held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Here is a look at the participating nations representing MSPP 2010:

• American Samoa
• Australia
• Cook Islands
• Federated States of Micronesia
• Fiji
• Hawaii
• New Caledonia
• Niue
• Palau
• Papua New Guinea
• Samoa
• Solomon Islands
• Tahiti
• Tonga
• Tuvalu
• Vanuatu

Miss South Pacific 2010 runs between November 21 through November 27, emanating from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Good luck to all the ladies from all of these nations. For more information on the 2010 Miss South Pacific pageant, visit the MSPP 2010 official homepage. Or also, you can read this blog post where I talk about Miss South Pacific 2010: Miss South Pacific 2010.

Thank you for reading!

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