Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sticking Up For Friends

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Imagine one of your friends is getting messed with. Do you try to let that person try to deal with that person (or those people) himself/herself? Or do you stick up for him/her by getting involved? Sometimes, we don't really consider the consequences or the aftermath of trying to stick up for a friend. Our efforts to get involved in other peoples' business only makes us enemies against someone causing all the trouble. Basically, it's like trying to break up a fight against people you don't even know. Try to be a hero, and you might end up being the aggressor's next target. That threat isn't there if someone doesn't try to help out his/her friend. Trying to get involved, however, will only make you an apparent target. But at the same time, the person you try to help may appreciate your efforts.

sticking up for friends
^ from: - If you see a friend in trouble, do you go stick up for your friend or let him/her handle his/her own business?

Sticking up for your friends can be a great way to show unity and respect. Sometimes, though, what if the person in question doesn't readily have a trusted friend by his/her side? Is there still some way to show your respect and involvement? It really all depends on the people involved and whomever is the aggressor. Whether it's someone just heckling someone (like haters on YouTube) or someone threatening someone else, it takes some guts to step up and defend someone who's getting picked on. Maybe the reason why people appreciate those who step up is because it shows that the one sticking up for a friend CHOSE to defend his/her friend, even if the person getting picked on doesn't need any help.

There are three kinds of people in this situation:
* someone steps up for a friend and appreciates the additional support.
* someone steps up for a friend, but feels like additional support is needed.
* someone steps up for a friend and doesn't want any additional support.

What kind of person you're dealing with depends. I appreciate the support of others unless I'm just in a bad mood and don't want help from anybody else dealing with my issues. But if you're someone who just wants to get involved to help people out, I salute you. You show some real courage in helping someone out.

So are you someone who tries to stick up for your friend(s)? How do you feel about people who step up to defend their friends? How do you feel about sticking up for others? Do you have regrets about getting involved in other peoples' business? Feel free to comment as well as share this blog entry. Thank you for reading!

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