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A Salute to GTPlanet

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This Gran Turismo-themed blog post has NOTHING to do with GT. Instead, it is a blogging salute to GTPlanet. I joined GTPlanet back on December 5, 2003. I joined to keep up with Gran Turismo 4. Not only was I humbled by a number of people, I've been more than proud to be respected like family around a number of peers. GTPlanet is still a place that I consider as home (as far as message boards are concerned).

So I want to take the time to offer my thanks to GTPlanet over the years and through my many comments and threads. If you arrived to my blog from GTPlanet, let me welcome you to my blog. I learned just how anticipated Gran Turismo 5 is as well as who all visits GTPlanet simply by following notes on who all has visited my blog from my blog entry offering first impressions of the GT5 kiosk demo (you can read that blog post here: Gran Turismo 5 Demo - First Impressions).

As I checked out all the people who viewed my blog entry on my first impressions of the Gran Turismo 5 kiosk demo, some single-day records were set. It's the most number of views I've gotten for my blog in quite some time. My work actually feels relevant for once. I am appreciative of everyone who viewed my blog as well as all the people who viewed my blog and posted it to other message boards.

As a side note, it shows just how massive GTPlanet is and how well it's respected when so many people visit from all over the world. I've picked up blog hits from many countries and many people who visited my blog entry right from GTPlanet. I literally felt like my work was actually appreciated for once. My work has never been so widely-viewed and consistently viewed than when people read my blog entry and posted links to it on other sites.

The rest of this blog entry mostly includes personal notes.

--- What I Feel I Have Accomplished ---
I don't post a blog entry on anything if I don't think it will ever be shared, searched for, discussed, or most importantly- be visited again and again. My goal as a blogger is to get you to appreciate my work. As a blogger, I need to make quality material that will be linked to and enjoyed by an international audience. I sometimes even challenge myself to get blog hits from international viewers on topics primarily regarding one specific international region (for example, a topic viewed internationally regarding something American). Part of the reasoning for this is that I want to see if I can get the same amount of attention and respect from people internationally as I do within my own country and international region.

The words from my GT5 kiosk demo first impressions are completely truthful. I never resort to using unrelated terms just to get people to read. I do blog entries with total honesty and a passion to keep my audience attentive of my work. What you read in this blog entry (and in my others) are totally truthful, and I never release a blog entry until I'm completely happy with what I post. And if I post a blog entry that I'm happy with but want to edit to make it better, I will delete the old blog entry and make an updated blog entry to keep my audience interested. You have my word that what you read is totally truthful and is as accessible to all audiences, or as many audiences as possible. I always look for more international readers and viewers.

--- If Any GTPlanet Members are Reading This... ---
I want to thank all of you for reading this. I honestly never thought my work would ever be so widely-viewed and appreciated from people around the world. I even updated that blog post to include more of my stock car racing experiences in the GT5 kiosk demo. I have you all to thank for your continued support and kindness.

If you are from GTPlanet and regularly read and admire my content on GTPlanet and in my blog, I'd like to salute you too. It would be too much to name every single person whom I respect on GTPlanet. So without taking too many shortcuts, thank all of you for reading my blog and admiring my content... you know who you are!

The most important person I'd like to thank from GTPlanet is GTPlanet's Webmaster and Administrator, Jordan. For without him, GTPlanet wouldn't have been possible. I also appreciate his tireless efforts to make and establish a truly stellar home page. This has been a message board where I have been glad to call my online home away from Myspace and Facebook. It's been the message board I have regularly visited since December 5, 2003. In addition to Jordan, I also have the utmost respect for all the Moderators and such who help to keep GTPlanet a great message board to visit. It is us forum members that bring a forum to life, but it takes the work of Moderators and other personnel to make GTPlanet a world-class message board. So I send my deepest gratitude to the key people who keep GTPlanet running strong.

--- If Any Non-GTPlanet Members are Reading This... (Honorable Mention!) ---
The focus of this blog entry was on However, I want to take some time to honor some of the non-GTPlanet sites that have linked to my blog entry on my first impressions of GT5. I don't know all of them, but let me take some time to honor a few of the sites that have linked to my blog entry. I'm noting these sites based on reported arrivals from other websites through FEEDJIT:

* (any other site that has posted a link to my blog entry on the GT5 kiosk demo)

If you would like to become part of GTPlanet and meet the many people that make GTPlanet what it is, I invite you to log on to and join the GTPlanet community! You may also get social with GTPlanet by Becoming a Fan of GTPlanet on Facebook and by following GTPlanet on Twitter.

So thanks to all of you for your support! I also admire the great efforts of the GTPlanet staff and GTPlanet members whom I've been able to come across in my years on GTPlanet. Whether you love me or loathe me, I'm at least thankful to meet many of you on some kind of level. I am appreciative of everything ranging from random chatter to extended debates.

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