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Car Style - The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

John Marine | 10/05/2010 04:46:00 PM |
Volkswagen wanted to downsize the Jetta to the $16K USD range. Does the Jetta still captivates and charms like any other car from Volkswagen? This blog entry primarily concerns on this car's styling and styling cues. It's a look at how I think this car is styled, rather than anything on performance.

--- Car Style: The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta ---
This car below is the Volkswagen Jetta (mouse over for some extra info):
2011 Volkswagen Jetta
^ from: jambitz.com - the 2011 $16K USD Volkswagen Jetta.

The Volkswagen Jetta comes in three different trim levels- S, SE, and SEL. Base prices start at about $15,995 USD for the S model, $18,195 USD starting price for the SE model, and a starting price of $21,395 USD for the SEL model.


The front of the car usually says the most about a car's style. Having said this, the front is absolutely bland. Here is something that I KNOW will upset some people- even the latest Toyota Camry and latest Toyota Prius have better-looking front styles than this car. The Jetta's front design isn't ugly; it's just bland. Almost as if to say that since the car was being downsized, you have to downsize the style too. The front disappoints severely to me and lacks the style of the CC or the Golf models. I think the headlights could have been designed much bolder and more beautiful. The front grill could have been designed better as well. Finishing off the disappointment is the front bumper and its adornments. If the front end was designed more like the Golf or the Passat, it would look MUCH better and much more inviting. Otherwise, it is extremely bland up front.

The sides of this sedan are much less disappointing. The 2011 Jetta features some clean style from front to rear. Its side profile has some classy detail while not being overly elegant. The side mirrors could look a little more elegant, but they're alright to me. Elements from the front bumper wrap around to the side. The fenders are designed with some aggression while not being overaggressive. This makes for a very easy balance of style. A sunroof is available, but I haven't seen any pictures of the new Jetta with a sunroof, so I won't comment.

The rear of the 2011 Jetta tends to tap into the resources of Audi style. Of course, it isn't called the VW-Audi Group for nothing. The tail lights are designed very nicely with a hint of Audi design. Not as Audi beautiful, though. A single muffler with dual exhaust tips adds some sporty style to the Jetta. And especially if you're a fan of the Jetta TDI Cup, the Jetta is a very sporty car.


For such a downsized car, the Jetta does have a very nie interior. This is a car that has great style on the inside to mask the disappointing style elements outside. The whole dashboard is designed very nicely with a great deal of elegance. Perhaps not wood trim or anything like that, but it is plenty lovely inside. A very modest instrument cluster features a 8000 rpm tachometer with a redline of 6000 rpm. Its speedometer suggests this car could do 160 mph. The center console features a lovely navigation system and a host of instruments to adjust air conditioning and such. There are some lovely seats both front and rear to compliment all who sit in this sedan. The experience is very inviting inside.

The latest Jetta is designed very bland for the most part. I would have preferred something more elegant or intriguing on the outside than the blandness that consumes most of the design elements of this car. Its interior, however, make you forget all about the bland looks (especially up front). While the interior isn't brilliant, at least it's better in design than almost any other design element of this car.

To learn more about the new Jetta, visit the VW of America page for the Jetta.

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