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Allison Chu

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Once on Myspace, there was a Hawaiian singer I was introduced to named Allison Chu. She sings songs sweetly. She also has lovely looks to match her lovely singing. Allison is also a model and an actress. This blog post here is on this fine individual. Previously, I thought I made a post on her. Apparently not. So this will be my opportunity to mention the wonderful Allison Chu. Get ready, everyone!

Allison Chu

This lady is Allison Chu...

Allison Chu
^ from: (Twitter) - Allison Chu. Her finest talent is singing, but she has many more talents.

Long ago on Myspace, I heard Allison Chu sing with some of her different songs. Then a teenager, she had an angelic voice, almost like a Hawaiian Charlotte Church. Allison- now 22 years old (as of July 26, 2016) over time has matured and kept up her upbeat and positive psyche. She is a classy and fun individual who smiles often.

Allison Chu is a singer, but she has also shown her craft in modeling and in acting. Allison has gone from a cute teenage girl to a beautiful young woman since I first learned of her. As of the time of this original blog post (July 26, 2016), she recently won Miss Hawaii 2016.

Sample Songs and Videos.

This is your chance to hear the sounds of Allison as well as get to see her. So have a look at these videos:

This one features a younger Allison Chu, about a few years after I first learned of Allison Chu:

^ NightTime with Andy Bumatai Show NT-008-165 Part 4 of 4

This song here is one I remember hearing from her back on Myspace. It sounds every bit as beautiful from this lady now as she was when a younger Allison first sung this song:

^ Akaka Falls

Allison Chu can play a mean guitar or a ukulele. Here, she combines guitar play with singing:

^ Blackbird

Here is an original song from Allison Chu. This is "Ride This Wave" from Allison Chu. Hawaiian pop coming your way:

^ Ride this Wave (original song)

This is Allison singing the National Anthem. She also sings the Hawaii Pono'i in this video after the Star Spangled Banner:

^ The National Anthem, Hawaii Pono'i , Rainbow Warriors Men's Basketball vs UNO, Allison Chu

This not a song, but it is a public service announcement regarding sun safety:

^ Safe in the Sun PSA

There you have your video insight on Allison Chu.

Allison Chu: Thoughts

This is where I share some thoughts and such after profiling certain individuals.

What I Would Tell Allison Chu (if she read this)...

I have long appreciated and admired your talent. You have an amazing singing voice and equally lovely looks. I truly respect you and all you have accomplished. I can only wish you much greater success in future endeavors. Had it not been for hearing your music back in 2006 or 2007 on Myspace, I probably would have never heard of you or be able to admire your immense singing talent. So I am very pleased to have admired you and your music for quite some time from your teenage years to know.

Would I Want to Meet Allison Chu (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! I think it would be an incredible honor to meet this lady.

For More Information...

You can learn more about Allison Chu by visiting www.allisonchu.com/.

I hope you were able to enjoy this fine blog post of Allison Chu. This concludes another blog post of mine. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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