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Ann Poonkasem

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Ann Poonkasem, also known as Ann P. is someone whose heart is as beautiful as her looks. This model and singer performs beautifully with concerts and in charitable functions. A TV show introduced me to her, and I've admired her since. So this blog post was created to chat about the beautiful lady named Ann Poonkasem, and what makes her beautiful not only in looks, but in personality and heart. Time to go to work on another blog post on "John's Blog Space."

Ann Poonkasem

Get to know this beautiful lady. Here's a picture:

Ann Poonkasem
^ from: (Twitter) - This is Ann Poonkasem, an individual beautiful not only in looks but also in heart and personality. Ann P. extends her appeal further in various charitable acts she takes part in.

I first learned of Ann Poonksaem from former Speed Channel show, "Hi-Rev Tuners." She was the hostess in the first season of the show, then a reporter in subsequent seasons of that show. I still admired her to the fullest as one of many lovely ladies in the world. Born in New York City and calling the Tampa Bay area home, Ann Poonkasem is one of the loveliest ladies out there. She often times gets involved in activities such as with the University of South Florida. She is beautiful not only in looks and personality, but also in being benevolent. As a pageant model, she has earned a number of honors such as Miss Tampa, Miss Gasparilla, and Miss National Patriot among other honors. I surely respect her for all she does.


How about seeing and hearing Ann Poonkasem? Well, here are your chances here.

I mentioned the former Speed Channel show "Hi-Rev Tuners." This show bears importance to me because this is where I first learned of Ann Poonkasem. Admiring her through seeing her in these episodes got me to further appreciate her. So without "Hi-Rev Tuners," I maybe would have never heard of her back around 2002 or so. Here is a sample of Ann on this show:

^ Ann Poonkasem AKA Ann P - TV Host for "Hi-Rev Tuners" on The Speed Channel

Want to hear Ann Poonkasem sing? Well, have a listen to this:

^ Behind the Scenes with Ann Poonkasem AKA Ann P & Jay Rosenberg - "No Air"

This is a look at Ann Poonkasem getting involved in charitable acts. It is also another series of singing samples from Ann. Have a look:

^ Ann Poonkasem AKA Ann P with Hannah's Homeless ~ Christmas in the Park 2014

Pretty cool, huh?

What I Would Tell Ann Poonkasem (if reading this)

Here is what I would say...

Ann Poonkasem, you are one of the loveliest ladies in the world. For as beautiful as you are in looks, you are even more beautiful in personality and in benevolence. Your helpful efforts mean a lot in today's insane world. You are sunshine to us all for what you do. All I can suggest is for you to continue providing your exceptional charm and personality in all that you do.

Would I Want to Meet Ann Poonkasem (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! Any time you can remember a certain personality from a failed TV show and still regard that person as someone special even years later, you absolutely would want to meet that person. So tab me for "absolute yes" here.

For More Information...

To learn more about Ann Poonkasem, I invite you to visit these sites:

Ann Poonkassem (official)
Ann Poonkasem on Facebook

That will conclude this blog post.

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