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@iHasQupquake or "TiffyQuake" is a very popular gaming personality online. Besides gaming, she is also kind of a fashion blogger. I figured I make this blog post about this amazing lady. So get ready to delve into the realm of iHasCupquake. It is a realm that is pink and purple and pretty [awesome]. Here is my blog post on this fine personality. Welcome to "John's Blog Space!"


Here is one Tiffany Michelle Garcia, better known as "iHasCupquake":

iHasCupquake or Tiffyquake
^ from: (Twitter) - One Tiffany Garcia is "iHasCupquake."

I first learned of iHasCupquake when I was looking up videos on the independent/indie game "VVVVVV." The first thing I respected about "TiffyQuake" was her beautiful voice. And of course... her unique personality is what I then became fond of. From Minecraft to The Sims series to more, iHasCupquake is surely one of the hottest YouTube personalities to date, let alone one of the hottest gaming personalities. Her sassy and playful tone to her videos make them fun to watch. I haven't seen a majority of her videos, but the ones I have seen are anything but disappointing.

One of the main reasons I've grown to love iHasCupquake besides her videos is her look on life. How she generally has grown to love everyone has really made me appreciate Tiffany as a person. I learned of this part of her persona watching a "Draw My Life" video about iHasCupquake.

Video Samples.

Get to know iHasCupquake a bit. Check these videos out:

WERK IT - My Idol App... (Embedding was disabled)

^ Draw My Life - Ihascupquake

What I Would Tell iHasCupquake (if she were to read this)...

I enjoy your videos. You do an amazing job with your material. Never a dull moment. More than just your gaming videos, I enjoy your personality and your outlook on life. You are all around awesome. I think your voice is wonderful, as is your personality and energy you give in your videos.

Would I Like to Meet iHasCupquake (if given the chance)?

Sure! Wouldn't you want to meet someone whom you think is totally awesome?

For More Information...

Love you some iHasCupquake? Well get more of her material from these links:

iHasCupquake on YouTube
Tiffyquake, iHasCupquake's blog
iHasCupquake on Facebook
Follow iHasCupquake on Twitter!
iHasCupquake on Instagram

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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