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DOOM Trilogy

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Doom clearly defined first-person shooters since 1992's Wolfenstein 3D. The classic franchise from id Software expanded heavily upon what Wolfenstein 3D brought to the first-person shooter realm. Many future first-person shooters would evolve and expand the genre for years to come. For the true first-person shooter fan, however, the evolution began with Doom. That's why you hear of "Doom clones" in regards to games that took what Doom started and expanded upon.

In this blog post, I will feature the Doom Collector's Edition, which features three classic Doom games in one package distrubted by Activision. At the time of this game, the package included preview content for Doom 3. This collector package was released in 2003 from Activision.

(NOTE: I will use "first-person shooter" rather than "FPS" to describe Doom, just to prevent people from thinking I am referring to "frames per second.")

WARNING: This game is rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB. It contains Animated Violence and Animated Blood and Gore. You are watching these videos at your own discretion.

--- DOOM Trilogy ---
DOOM Collector's Edition
^ from: - Doom took the first-person shooter to new heights with the first title in 1993.

Here is a look at the three Doom games.

The Ultimate Doom.

The job of a Space Marine is never complete. In the very first Doom, you are a Space Marine sent to Mars to unleash hell on a vicious group of aliens. Not only do you unleash hell, you basically GO to Hell. The hallways and rooms of various buildings and locations feature all sorts of scary sights. You see barely alive soldiers, slaughtered people, warped and deformed trees, and of course... many vicious creatures waiting to kill you at a moment's notice.

This game still offered many advancements in gaming design since Wolfenstein 3D. Elevations and more realistic-looking environments were brought into the realm of first-person shooters. It also brought about lovely lighting effects.

Doom II.

Doom 2 had you return to Earth to handle business on God's green earth. The monsters have invaded Earth and have threatened mankind. Grab your weapons and prepare to unleash plenty of punishment on the zombies and monsters. New powerups and many more intense challenges must be negotiated. Rather than choose between episodes, Doom II is purely a one-way straight shot through the game's storyline.

Apart from the first Doom, there are new monsters and weapons featured. This game is much tougher with some newer enemies. You have experienced nothing yet until you experienced some of the newer enemies, including one who will set you on fire!

Final Doom.

The Plutonia Experiment and TNT are the two extra stories to help conclude the trilogy of classic Doom titles. Both games run on the Doom II engine. Both games feature the same gory and intense combat you're used to in other Doom titles.

Since this pack was released in 2003, this package came while Doom 3 was still in the works. The game is still a great opportunity to experience what many have experienced back in the past.

--- What Doom Brought to the Table ---
If you have played even the demo of Wolfenstein 3D, you know what has been improved since Doom came along. Some of the things Doom brought along would only be enhanced and improved in future FPS games. That fancy pants next-gen first-person shooter probably wouldn't have been as awesome had it not been for the many innovations this game and series has brought along to the genre. Before being bettered by the likes of Duke Nukem 3D, the Quake series, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Crysis, and other future classic first-person shooter games and series; this is what Doom brought to the genre:


For one thing, Doom brought along areas of different elevation. This allowed you to use things like elevators to go up and down and even go into pits. You had to obviously be careful falling into pools of slime or lava. This was much different from Wolfenstein games

Diagonal Walls.

Wolfenstein 3D had lots of 90° walls. It didn't allow you to really make something spectacular and realistic.


You can enter dark rooms and different dark spaces. Some rooms even have light fading in and fading out. The result was a realistic lighting experience.

Animated Wall Textures and Sprites.

There were a lot of walls and sprites (excluding enemies) that were static. Seeing things like water (or slime) flowing from drains and some animated sprites (like dead soldiers still twitching) added some extra life to the environments featured in the game.

Helpful AI.

Sometimes, some of the enemies attack each other. Some of your own zombie soldiers sometimes cap on each other to make your quest a tad easier. It helps when the ones that you're going to kill anyways end up killing each other for you. :)

So even with today's fancy first-person shooters, the Doom series helped pave the way in the further evolution of the first-person shooter.

In this initial blog post, I did not intend on explaining every nuance of the game. You may visit this Wikia page on DOOM for more information on these DOOM titles and other titles. It will help you to gain insight and knowledge on the DOOM franchise. Depending on the traffic and interest I receive to this post, I may add more content to enhance this blog post.

Remember that this blog post concerns a Mature-rated game. After the Jump Break, you will see videos featuring all of the aforementioned titles. This blog post is made world-friendly to protect my audience.

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--- The Doom Trilogy in Videos ---
Here is a look at the games in videos. These videos are all provided for education and entertainment. So have a look. NOTE: Some of these videos may have been played using different launcher programs. Otherwise, these are all legitimate gameplay videos of these games.

Doom/Ultimate Doom.

Doom II (played using Skulltag).

Final Doom: Plutonia.

Final Doom: TNT/Evilution.

The battles may be intense, but it's a job that must be done to save humanity. So don't give up!

That concludes this blog post. I hope you have enjoyed my blog post here. I want you to be able to experience the classic Doom series. If you want to purchase this game collection, I would appreciate it if you buy this game from Amazon. Check it out here:

^ available as a Bundle or as a Collector's Edition; only available for Windows.

Thank you for your business! Also... thank you for reading!

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