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Coping With Death

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Coping with death is one of the most troublesome and trying situations one can endure. Depending upon whom in your life has passed away or been killed, losing someone can feel like either missing a friend or having your heart ripped out of your chest. It is never an easy transition to live without whomever has passed away for some reason. The thought of death alone is terrible in itself. When you lose someone in your life, you will undergo a vast array of emotions. Even people whom have pets that have died or been killed feels about as bad as losing one of your parents. Death is something eventual. We can't run away from it. How one is able to cope with death, though, is especially troubling. This blog post is one I hope can help people feel better through a tough time.

This blog post will NOT be easy to read considering the subject matter. So please read at your own discretion.

Coping With Death of Friends, Lovers, and Spouses.

If a friend was killed, you want justice against whomever killed your friend. One of my High School alums was killed back in 2006. He was a great friend of mine back in High School. You obviously want justice over whomever slain your loved ones. The feeling is exaggerated when he/she is serving in active military duty. It will obviously be a terrible moment if the individual is killed in the line of duty.

Coping With Death of Famous People.

If a celebrity or an athlete dies, it is a chance to remember that famous person for what all he/she has done. I sometimes believe in the statement that "death comes in threes." Because of this, it was VERY horrible when we lost Michael Jackson, the beautiful (Texas own) Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon all in the same day. I am a fan of motor racing. As a fan, I know how dangerous motorsports can be. That's why I STILL cannot believe we've lost some great racing personalities whom have contributed to motorsport in some way. Here are examples of motorsports figures I still miss to this day:

--- [Some] Motorsports Figures I Miss to This Day ---
• Dale Earnhardt Sr.
• Colin McRae (his talent made me care about the World Rally Championship)
• Peter Brock (wouldn't have cared about Australian V8 Supercars without him)
• Aryton Senna
• Greg Moore (sure love to see how much further in his racing career he'd go)
• Tom Walkinshaw (I'd love to know more about him)
• Bob Wollek (I'd love to know more about him as well)

I sometimes feel like I got into motorsports a bit too late to know what most racing personalities were like in their day and what they brought to racing.

Coping With Suicide.

Worse than dying or being killed is taking your own life. This is where people feel like life is going nowhere for them, so they feel their only option in life is to kill themselves. Almost as if such people give up on life to where they feel they have no better choice than to kill themselves than live another day with whatever pain they are enduring. The most brutal thing about dealing with someone who committed suicide is that there is usually no warning given. Someone may overdose, stab himself/herself, shoot himself/herself, intentionally crash his/her car at unsafe speeds in unsafe locations, drown... this can be extremely uncomfortable to even consider happening. The impact of someone who commits suicide is VERY disturbing. Almost as if loved ones couldn't be there in someone's most hurtful time.

Coping With Death of Children.

There is nothing I hate more than when a child or some youth dies or is killed. The feeling is unfortunate if the child dies from a certain condition or whatever. The feeling is of anger and a call for justice when a child is killed thanks to some heartless person or from the negligence of a disrespectful parent. To me, nothing is more disheartening than having a child robbed of his/her chances to grow up to be someone very special.

Family members passing away or being killed is equally troubling. Trying to move on without a certain member of the family is especially tough. How big of a loss it is depends on whom has died and how much that person means to the family. You can move on without certain family members, but as I've mentioned, it is extremely tough.

Coping With Death Financially.

When it comes to having a proper burial for a lost one, the impact of losing someone even goes into finances. I remember one time my mom and I were driving home after going to a restaurant. Some teen girl was holding up a sign looking for donations to pay for funeral expenses. It was a moment that really made me feel terribly sorry for her. Having to pay for funeral expenses can be just as painful as losing someone to begin with.

A Quick Section About Funerals.

A thing we don't usually think about is that funerals are times where we celebrate and honor one's life. Often times, we think of funerals as absolutely sad occasions because someone passes away or is killed. Think of when famous people die. We usually look back at legendary careers and remember them for what they brought to our lives. I remember when the great Marvin Zindler died from pancreatic cancer, I thought back to all he's done for the city of Houston and in helping many people with many things. The thought of losing someone is heartbreaking, but remembering what all a person has done to contribute to the world is something that needs not go unnoticed. Obviously after a funeral, then begins the tough process of moving on with your life without that loved individual. But still... it is always best to look back in the life of a loved one. This feeling alone can be enough to temporarily suppress the horror of losing someone special in your life.

In conclusion, you never know what you have until it's gone. If you are reading this blog post and have recently endured or experienced losing a loved one, I want to send you my deepest condolences. I want to offer my deepest thoughts and prayers to you, the family, the friends, and all whom have known and loved the deceased person. Coping with death is not easy, but it has to be done. Part of life is in about meeting wonderful people while also (hopefully) meeting other great people who matter in your life. The hole left behind by one person's passing will be tough to fill, but that's life.

I hope all of you are well and safe. I appreciate you reading this blog post. My best wishes are with all of you if you are experiencing one of these troubling times. I hate to provide such a discomforting topic, but I hope I can make you (or someone else) feel better with my words and insight. I may do another blog post regarding one element of this topic in the future, so stay tuned to John's Blog Space for that. It wasn't easy reading this, but you made it. Thank you for reading.

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