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Reduced to Lowest Terms

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In mathematics, fractions can be reduced to their lowest terms. In society, some people and things are treated like fractions- reduced to their lowest terms by others, and usually not good terms. Being reduced to such terms by some people make people and things feel worthless and meaningless. It means certain people and certain things are cheapened to some people. Here to discuss another topic regarding people being cheapened, welcome to John's Blog Space!

--- Reduced to Lowest Terms ---

When people feel worthless for whatever reason, they don't get to love themselves as much as they could. Being treated as someone so worthless will have you feeling terrible being around some people. To be reduced to such low terms by people means that you are a person who is worth much more to this world and to society than what most people think of you as. Being treated as something much less just has you feeling terrible.

For example, imagine a young woman regarded as a one-night-stand by some male who was romantically or sexually involved with her. In a case like this, the young woman was merely a sexual thrill. Never mind that she is a human being. Never mind she can think and act for herself, and that she has responsibilities. Instead- being reduced to such low terms just lowers this young woman to being regarded as something she clearly is not. And what do you think it says about certain women to be disregarded by certain males? One gives the impression that certain females are only good for love and sex rather than friendship and proper long-term relationships. It is just a disparaging way to reduce certain females to such low terms. On the other hand, one can also say the lady in question has such a personality and took the bait (so to speak) to allow herself to be regarded so poorly. Regardless, the feeling of being lowered to something much less of what a person really is just disparaging.

A person who is overweight or obese (like from my "Love and Weight" blog post) may mostly be reduced to being considered a blob of fat by someone. Never mind him or her being a human being- someone will just see fat, which just breaks down this person and cheapen his/her worth as a person. Basically, an overweight or obese person reduced to being called or referred to by their weight or size just means all the person is to the world is living and breathing fat. Not a human being, not any person capable of anything special- just somebody reduced to being fat and lazy.

Now for something opposite of the previous paragraph. Imagine someone who is very skinny. Someone who reduces a skinny or slender person may call him/her a stick figure or anything like that. What slim or skinny person wants to be reduced to being considered a stick figure or anything like that? Okay- that is bad; now imagine being thought of as anorexic or whatever. That will make one REALLY dislike himself/herself.

Some examples of lowest terms can be mostly comical- but still thought of as being something less than what something or someone really is. One example of this lowest terms would be someone thinking of Kim Kardashian only for her big butt as opposed to being a celebrity or as any sort of fashion star. Same would go for people who would see Pamela Anderson only for her copious breasts. Another example would be to think of some recording artist or group as a clone or some sort of manufactured talent rather than someone really distinctive.

How do you think someone feels when you reduce them to terms not befitting of someone as a whole? What ends up happening is someone just feeling cheap to other people. Who wants to be around loved ones or peers who will constantly cheapen you to such low terms?

Do Some People Realize How Much We Are Hurt?

I think some people may be mindful of how much we are hurt by being cheapened to such degrees, but I also think they don't care. As long as we are thought of in a negative and demeaning way in a time of weakness, that is all that matters. It is supposedly a call to action to get people to change so we could regain love and respect from others that we feel is missing. These actions sometimes aren't even tough love- mostly just get on someone's backside and rip into one's soul and spirit like parasites.

--- Reduced to Lowest Terms: Final Thoughts ---

The next time you decide to lessen someone to lower terms, think about how much you are hurting or may be hurting that person. Some people may not be worthy of so much disrespect, but face facts- we don't realize some people are being hurt the way we reduce them down to certain things. The people we hurt may really be much better than what most of us take them for. Lowering people to being substandard can make some people feel terrible. And again- this goes back to people feeling like they matter much less than what they really are. In serious cases, a person may hate himself/herself so much because of what others think about them to where they injure or kill themselves. A person who feels so cheap and is treated so cheaply ultimately believes he/she is cheap. Because of this, their worth in today's society means very little, if anything. Encourage others to do better and be better, but don't treat or regard them as if they live rather than exist. No one person or group of people are so much a disgrace to where they have to be reduced to low terms and be heckled constantly. Honest-to-goodness people are not as worthless or as pathetic as most others make them out to be. People shouldn't have to feel alone and without support. For as long as we feel cheapened and lessened- even in our weakest and unproductive moments, everyone will be cheapened by a person or people to some degree. How we can convince others otherwise (granted it's possible) will just be a tougher task knowing just how much we are cheapened by others. It is like trying to win a battle you know you're going to lose, yet we try anyways even if failure is inevitable.

I hope any of you who may be hurting or need some encouragement found some with this blog post. As much as I'll blog about almost anything, I do need to provide useful material for the Internet aside from the usual tomfoolery posted online. I enjoy posting about topics like this one as much as I do any other. Have a great day... or at least try to. Thank you for making my day, and also, thank you for reading!

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