Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Make Me Better.

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No matter how good we are (or think we are), we are only as good as what we think we are. Some people actually push us to be better than we already are. Everyone can be better in some sort of way. People who help us to be better in life or in any industry are those whom are saluted in this blog post. Maybe some peoples' tactics may be unusual. Maybe some people may annoy or anger you. But if it is in the effort to make us better in the long run, then it's worth it. So...

Who makes YOU better?

For myself, I have been thankful to receive support and encouragement from many people in my life. But if there was someone whom really helped me to become a better person, I have to say my brother has made be a better person. He's taught me things like doing something nice for someone to offer a little happiness to others. My brother even taught me on not having such a defeatist attitude about things. Maybe some things were said in ways where I didn't like what I was told, but at least it was in an effort to make myself that much a better person. Part of being who I am is just being myself. Another part is in taking others' advice and using that advice to make myself a better person. These concepts together equal myself being a better person when I already know I am only as good as I say I am.

Who makes YOU a better person? These can be friends, family, lovers, or your spouse. It is absolutely a great feeling if you're in a relationship, and your lover encourages you to be a better person. It is always great having friends who believe in you and care about you and even make you a better person. Be thankful if you have family who care about you with great sincerity to help you to be a better person. Sometimes, people you may not know personally may end up making you a better person. This is especially true when there are people online you know that you've never personally met. You may NEVER meet someone in person, but just knowing you've meant something to them means all the difference in the world. I was reminded of this when I E-Mailed two of my blogging friends. I got the feeling from many of my fellow bloggers that my insight and inspiration have helped them to become better people and to instill confidence in them for when they are down. So I am very glad my work means something.

I salute everyone who makes others better with this blog post. You are awesome. Keep up the great work.

So who makes you better? Who drives you to become a better person? Am I someone who makes you better maybe? I hope this blog post touches your heart and makes you appreciate the good people in our lives who help make us better. Thank you for reading!

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