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Australian and New Zealand Beauties

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(UPDATED: October 29, 2014)

Australia and New Zealand are two big audiences I try to gather among my international readers. This Beauties-themed post is dedicated to my friends and readers in Australia and New Zealand. These are beauties of Australian or from Australia or New Zealand descent. This is kind of a way to say thanks to all of my Australian and New Zealand readers. Both of which, are common visitors to John's Blog Space. This is a way for me to treat my Australian and Kiwi readers.

SPECIAL REQUEST: I tried to find the best possible resources to showcase each featured personality. If there are pictures I am disallowed to use, PLEASE contact me, and I will try to find replacement material for my audience.


OCT 29 2014 - added another beauty; updated post

--- Australian Beauties ---

Australia will be first up for this post. These are ladies from Australia or of Australian descent. So let "Advance Australia Fair" play- some of Australia's many lovely ladies will be featured in this section of this post! Just because I don't post pictures doesn't mean you still are unable to learn more about them. If you see a hyperlinked header to each featured beauty, you can click on that link to visit either their official page or some sort of fan page. I try to find suitable images to share to help add some flavor to these posts, but I have learned that I don't really need to find images, especially of everyone I feature.

Enough nonsense... let's go to work!

The first one I'll feature is someone you may have heard of before...

Nicole Kidman.

I didn't know this, but Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. She's still very much an Aussie. This (born: June 20, 1967)-year old is a very famous actress who has taken on many roles. Among the many movies she has been in include (among MANY others) "Eyes Wide Shut," "[the 2001 version of] Moulin Rouge!", "Just Go With It," "Batman Forever," and "Days of Thunder." She has honestly been doing movies since the year I was born- 1983. Here is a video on YouTube with Nicole Kidman talking about the movie "Rabbit Hole." Check her out:

^ Interview with Nicole Kidman for Rabbit Hole (WARNING: You may need to turn up the volume to this video)

Did you know Nicole Kidman has her own YouTube channel? Get your fill of Nicole Kidman on YouTube by visiting this: Nicole Kidman on YouTube.

Kylie Minogue.

The Madonna of Australian pop music, sweet petite Kylie Minogue (all of 5'1") is an Australian beauty born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The (born: May 28, 1968)-year old has been singing professionally since her first album, "Kylie" in 1988. She would go on to make more albums including her self-titled album in 1994, "Impossible Princess" in 1997, "Fever" in 2001, and her latest "Aphrodite" in 2010. Many Americans were introduced to Kylie Minogue starting in about 2001 or 2002 when "Can't Get You Out of My Head" and "Love at First Sight" hit American airwaves. Besides music, Kylie took her talents to acting. Her first role was as Charlene Robinson in the Australian soap opera "Neighbours" between 1986 and 1988. She also played Cammy in the 1994 movie "Street Fighter" and Dr. Petra von Kant in Bio-Dome in 1996. Her latest role was Tara in the 2011 movie "Jack and Diane." It's safe to say this Aussie has been around the block both in acting and in music. Someone this famous HAS to be shown in some way, so here you go:

^ Kylie Minogue - VEVO News Interview

Miranda Kerr.

Australian model Miranda Kerr is the first-ever Australian to model as a Victoria's Secret Angel. She's a Sydney girl- born in the beautiful city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Miranda Kerr is profiled in this video. Learn a little more about the alluring Australian here:

^ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show(2007)-Miranda Kerr Profiled

Sarita Stella.

No Australian beauty turns up the heat quite like (born: July 31, 1982)-year old Sarita Stella. I struggled trying to find something on this lady. What I was able to find picture-wise is not considered world-friendly (my term for "safe for work"), but this is the best I could find to showcase how beautiful and sultry Sarita Stella is. As important as showing you something on each featured beauty is, I also need to consider my audience. So if you want to see the best possible resource I could find on how Sarita Stella looks, please click on this link:

"Sarita Stella Ralph TV" (YouTube) « (may not be safe for work/school!)

Laura Dundovic.

Laura was born to Croatian parents in Australia. The (born: September 16, 1986)-year old won Miss Australia in 2008. She stands 5'11" - the same height as Wendy Williams and Taylor Swift. Here is a look at the beautiful Aussie in this video:

^ Laura Dundovic - Showreel (YouTube)

She has an official website, but as I tried to pull it up, I was unable to access it.

Sarah Murdoch (IMDb link).

(Born: May 31, 1972)-year old Sarah Murdoch is an Australian model and actress who was born in London, England, United Kingdom. Sarah Murdoch has long been known for one of the biggest (if I may use this term) facepalms in media, as she announced the wrong winner of "Australia's Next Top Model" back in 2010. The link takes you to a page on IMDb with much more info on Sarah Murdoch.

Megan Gale.

As a fashion designer, model, and actress; Megan Gale is a multi-faceted beauty who's done it all. The (born: August 7, 1975)-year old was born in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Megan Gale has accomplished a lot in her career, including (but not limited to): acting, modeling, and being a fashion designer among other things on her resumé. Here is an old interview of Megan Gale:

^ "Megan Gale the new Wonderwoman"

Annette Melton.

Annette Melton
^ from: pokerstrategy.com - This is the deliciously sweet Annette Melton.

Annette Melton is a beautiful Australian brunette. This foxy beauty has a cute face and lovely hair. Annette is a native of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She has experience as a model, a presenter, an actress, and a brand ambassador. She was also a contestant on the racing reality TV series, "Girl Racers." She's been featured in a number of publications, including FHM Australia.

Rachel, of "the autumn castle".

Rachel of the blog "the autumn castle" is a fashion blogger with a handful of styles expressed. This lady has an angelic face and a sweet smile. Feel free to visit this lady's blog if interested.

Elyse, of "Give Me Bows".

The blogger into bows and vintage fashion is Elyse. Her blog is a lighthearted place, and her outfit posts are truly charming.

Natalie, of "Lucy and the Runaways".

Though born in New Zealand, Australia-based Natalie is the blogging beauty behind "Lucy and the Runaways." Her style is unique. She can be all rocker chic with some denim shorts and some bold ankle boots. She could also show some girly style in cute dresses and skirts along with some fierce sandals or some platform shoes. Natalie has many kinds of styles that you have to see to believe when you visit her blog.

Olivia, of "WaitUntilTheSunset".

Olivia is the Australian plus-size blogger who created "Wait Until the Sunset" here on Blogger/Blogspot. This blonde has a sunny smile and a charming sense of fashion. I only got into her blog not too long ago as she commented in my "StyleSpace" blog once. Olivia surely has style, and for you to see her style and gauge her style, visit "WaitUntilTheSunset" today.

Fear and Clothing

(ADDED: October 29, 2014)
From Perth, Western Australia, Australia; meet Jacqui Hunt. This deliciously beautiful Australian has tasty style expressed in her blog. I learned of Jacqui on LOOKBOOK when I saw her in a sweet-looking bikini. She's hot- let's get that out the way right now! Her blog does have a bit of some coarse language, but she's still quite a hot lady. Go visit her blog! You won't be disappointed. :)

Natalie Tyler Tran (or communitychannel) (HONORABLE MENTION).

If you are a frequent YouTuber, Natalie should be familiar to you. I am talking about perhaps the most popular YouTube channel in Australia- communitychannel. The Vietnamese-Australian beauty who hails from the equally beautiful Sydney, New South Wales, Australia is a YouTube heavyweight. Natalie's channel was one of the first YouTube channels I subscribed to in my first year on YouTube. She remains one of the coolest personalities on YouTube.

David Paris (Honorable Mention!)

I think my readers usually assume that my Beauties posts only involve women. Well, at times or two, I make mention to a few males. So you have to think it's cool for a male to be featured among my mostly female-oriented Beauties posts. David Paris is a Swedish-Australian model with immense beauty. He does both photography and modeling. Besides these two things, he is BIG on vintage babes. His contributions to "It's the Pictures That Got Small..." showcase his love of vintage women.

There's your Australian lovin' right there! I may add some more lovely Australian folks in future edits.

--- New Zealand Beauties ---

With the attention turned to New Zealand, feel free to play "God Defend New Zealand" as some of New Zealand's beauties ladies will be featured.

Katie Taylor.

PLEASE NOTE: this is Katie Taylor who won Miss New Zealand in 2009, NOT the Irish boxer named Katie Taylor. The winner of New Zealand 2009 is young Katie Taylor. This native of the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand is a construction project manager as well as a licensed pilot. Here is your chance for you to meet Katie Taylor:


Anthea Stembridge. (links to modeling portfolio online)

Anthea Stembridge is from a city as beautiful as she is- Auckland, New Zealand. She was a contestant of Miss Universe New Zealand 2009.

Kate Hockly.

Kate Hockly is a New Zealand swimsuit model born in New Zealand. Kate Hockly has a deliciously sweet body. Kate was one of the contestants on a reality TV series called "Girl Racers." She also has a sweet voice. So it's pretty safe to say she EASILY qualifies as a beauty. Or in her case, an Australian beauty. It is said that she loves science shows and loves anything pink. Don't believe me? Here is a sample of this New Zealand hottie:

^ "kate hockly small sample"

Emma Law.

Emma Law
^ from: www.jurgita.com - Emma Law.
Wellington, New Zealand is the home town of one aspiring actress named Emma Law. A fun fact is that she has three middle names. She was a contestant on the grid girl reality TV series called "Girl Racers."

Gemma Lee Farrell (Facebook fan page link).

Gemma Lee Farrell
^ from: www.1solswimwear.com (best I could find) - .
"Girl Racers" winner Gemma Lee Farrell hails from Pirongia, New Zealand. She is a swimsuit and lingerie model. She is also a Monster Energy grid girl. Some of her other modeling is with Streetleague Dime Squad and Dreamgirl Diamond.

Leah-Anne Ridding.

Leah-Anne Ridding
^ from: missearth.co.nz (best I could find) - Though she is Kiwi, Leah-Anne Ridding is also half Filipino.

Christchurch, New Zealand was the birthplace of a Kiwi-Filipino model named Leah-Anne Ridding.

Angela Cudd and Marlene Martin.

I put together two New Zealand natives for this section. They have no blood relation besides the fact both are Kiwis.

Angela Cudd is a New Zealand beauty whom has competed in the Miss South Pacific Pageant. The native of Ngati Porou, New Zealand has held the crown of Miss Aotearoa New Zealand in her modeling career.

Marlene Martin won Miss Aotearoa and is a native of Rotorua, New Zealand. She will be competing in Miss South Pacific 2012 in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

I put both Angela Cudd and Marlene Martin in this same part because this video features both Angela Cudd and Marlene Martin. Angela is on the left, and Marlene is on the right:

^ "Brunch on Choice TV "Miss Aotearoa" 26/9/12"

Kelly, of "Kelly Nicole."

ADDED: July 18, 2013
From the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby, Kelly Nicole is a model whom I've come across on LOOKBOOK. She started her own blog not too long ago. This lady is very charming with her fabulous beauty. I invite you to check out this beautiful and charming lady by going to her blog.

Those are your New Zealand beauties. More New Zealanders may be added in future edits.

Please remember that I may add more personalities in future edits. All that matters is keeping posts like these active and fresh. Thank you for reading!

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