Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Breaks

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Nobody ever becomes a star until one gets that big break that changes his/her life. A big break is that moment helps you get noticed and appreciated. These big breaks are either earned or given. Every publisher and creator want those moments where the spotlight and attention are on them- myself included. These life-changing moments help make us realize our full potential and instill immense confidence in ourselves and our work.

One of my biggest breaks here on "John's Blog Space" was when I posted my first impressions on Gran Turismo 5's kiosk demo. What made this such a big break was the fact that my friends at GTPlanet (and the fact GTP is such a massive worldwide community) linked to my blog post here on JBS. It remains the most number of views I've ever gotten in one day at present- 5,560 views. And really, it goes back to when this blog would actively and consistently get 3K views daily. Then, I was fortunate to get anything more than 2K views each day. Now... I'm fortunate if I get 1.5K views daily. Monthly, my main blog has been on the decline. I currently haven't gotten 50K views in a month since February 2012. My blog had over 50K monthly views every month since Blogger/Blogspot released its stat engine. But since February 2012, I have NEVER surpassed 50K monthly.

One of my biggest breaks on YouTube was when I posted a video talking about KanYe West dissing Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. My video got 4K views in just two days. It sadly took nine months later for that video to get to 5K views.

I think everyone has some sort of time or times when we get that big break. Trying so hard to make positive progress and get recognition sometimes seems like we are wasting our time and not getting the results we are looking for. As times seem repetitive, along comes those out-of-the-norm moments where we really come alive and enjoy a level of success and recognition we otherwise would never get even on our best days. And then basically... things spike before you come back to reality. The most important thing in any life experience is to have that big break that helps you to become an absolute star- even if temporarily. Everyone who has acheived some sort of immense success or tremendous accomplishment has had some sort of big break in their lives that helped them to become accomplished.

Have you gotten YOUR big break yet?

People long for big breaks and those mega opportunities that could potentially change our lives and give us newfound confidence. Hard work pays off. Opportunity will knock on your door and give you something to really be proud about. So take advantage of these big breaks as you get them. Or would you possibly do something great for someone so they can have their big break? Are you wanting a big break in your life? Do you have your own big break moment that has helped turn your life around, even if briefly? Feel free to talk about big breaks here and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Such an interesting post!

John Marine said...

I have never really consciously sought any Break of any sort, and I guess the trick lies therein. I am glad that you did a post of rediscovering confidence. It's so important in today's constantly driven world.

John Marine said...

There has been some major changes throughout my life, but I love to think and I do feel that "my moment" is just coming!;) Have a wonderful day John!!!

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