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South American Beauties

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(UPDATED: September 4, 2017)

The finale of this series of Beauties topics features beautiful women from South America. The initial post was massive, so I broke it up into a series. This one is about beautiful ladies from South America. South America encompasses over 13 different nations. Almost every nation in South America is part of Latin America except Suriname and French Guiana. I've even been fortunate to meet people from South America here in Houston. These include people from Columbia, Venezuela, and Peru. I'm not sure if I've ever met anyone from Brazil or not. Anyhow, the way to end this series of blog posts in regards to beautiful ladies is to cap things off with beauties from South America.

About This Series...

This topic is a series of blog posts on the same topic. It has been broken up into three parts:

PART 1: Beautiful women from Mexico and Central America.
PART 2: Women from the Caribbean will be featured.
PART 3: South American women will be featured. (YOU ARE HERE)

When all three blog posts are complete, you can link to each post from just this introduction. The primary source for most of my information is Wikipedia.


SEP 4 2017 - added another beauty (hint: Colombia)

South American Beauties

(THIS SECTION: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands*, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands*, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela)

South American love is what you're getting from some of South America's loveliest ladies. These are beautiful ladies either born in South America or of any South American descent. I am not sure if I can provide one lady from each country, but I'll do my best to mention as many different South American nations and their ladies as possible.

NOTE: If you see a name with a hypertext heading, you can visit either that person's official website or a certain fan site. Sites other than any official home page will be noted in parentheses ().

I try to keep everything neatly organized. Three very popular ladies will be featured here in this blog post (maybe four). Let's begin with one of the most popular from South America:

Sofia Vergara (Colombia).

ADDED: September 4, 2017
Sofia Vergara
^ from: - .

(Born: July 10, 1972)-year old Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara (or just Sofia Vergara) is an actress born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Many know Sofia best from the highly-successful sitcom "Modern Family." She has even appeared in Head and Shoulders commercials and has been nominated for a number of awards along with winning a number of awards in television and movies.

Shakira (Colombia).

^ from: (The Colombian) - Here is the petite Colombian singing superstar Shakira.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a goddess. I featured the Colombian in my "Sweet Petite!" blog post as she stands all of 5'1". She still knows how to wow crowds with her moves and her singing. She was born on Groundhog Day (Feb. 2) in 1977 and is from Barranquilla, Colombia. Her birthplace even has a statue in her honor. Shakira was only 13 when she started her music career in 1990.

Camila, of "Camilascloset" (Colombia).

Standing all of 4'11", Colombian cutie Camila boasts incredible beauty despite her petite frame. She is a fashion blogger based in Las Vegas, NV, USA. She has a number of outfits ranging from casual pieces to more chic offerings. View Camila's range of styles by visiting her blog.

Milka Duno (Venezuela).

Milka Duno
^ from: - Meet naval engineer turned race car driver, Milka Duno.

Venezuela is like a gold mine of beautiful women. Therefore, I would do my Venezuelan readers injustice if I didn't include some of Venezuela's lovely ladies. There are two things that I know best about Venezuela- Caracas is its lovely capital city, and Angel Falls is the largest waterfall in the world (and a gloriously beautiful waterfall). One of them is Milka Duno of Caracas, Venezuela. The (born April 22, 1972)-year old was someone I featured in my "Women in Motorsport" blog post long ago. I first heard of Milka Duno back in 2000 or 2001. She has a good bit of experience racing in the American Le Mans Series as well as some runs in the Daytona Prototype class of Rolex Sportscar Series of the Grand-American Road Racing Association. Milka has even run in the IndyCar Series. Nowadays, I hear she's racing in the ARCA stock car racing series. Milka Duno is a beautiful woman who is also very educated. She served as a naval engineer in her time. Her racing debut was in 1996 when she placed 2nd in the Venezuelan GT Championship. Three years later, she'd attend the famed Skip Barber Racing School and compete in the Formula Dodge Pro Series. Among her biggest accomplishments was being the first woman to place on the podium in an ALMS race, the first woman to win in America's Ferrari Challenge, and the champion of the ALMS' now-defunct Women's Global GT Series.

Away from racing, Milka is amazingly beautiful. She boasts a wide and vibrant smile and has a lovely hairstyle. The Venezuelan racer looks fabulous along with a fabulous sense of style.

Hannely Quintero (Venezuela).

Hannely Quintero
^ from: - Hannely Quintero.

The Venezuelan beauty born Hannelly Zulami Quintero Ledezma has found success both in the pageant realm and in being a TV host. She has won three different competitions: Señorita Ocumare in 2002, Teen Model Venezuela 2005, crowned Miss World Venezuela in 2007, and the winner of Miss Intercontinental 2009. As a fun fact (from Wikipedia), she was born in a taxi cab at midnight in Caracas, Venezuela. This video features the young lady:

Daniela, of "Nany's Klozet." (Venezuela).

(ADDED: October 27, 2014) Daniela "Nany" Ramirez is a beautiful fashion blogger from Venezuela. This sweet petite rocks her style quite well whether casually or in chic outfits. She boasts a beautiful smile and a beautiful hairstyle.

Dylan Ferrara (Venezuela).

What happens when you combine the lustful body of a muscular male with the beauty and grace of a female? You get the androgynous beauty known as Dylan Ferrara. This Venezuelan male has both a seductive male body but a glamourous feminine face and a glamorous feminine hairstyle that is a true best-of-both-worlds package. For the straight males out there, let's just say he's the kind of guy you wish were a girl. He is really THAT beautiful.

Ana Galarza (Ecuador).

With a refreshing smile and diamond-like eyes, Ana Mercedes Galarza Añazco of Ambato, Ecuador was the first runner-up in the 2010 Miss Ecuador pageant. She was the first lady from Tungurahua to be crowned Miss World Ecuador. See this Ecuadorian beauty in action with this video:

"Lady Mina" (Ecuador).

Lady Fernanda Mina Lastra is the winner of Miss Ecuador 2010. Lady Mina also won "Best National Costume" in Miss Reina Hispanoamericana 2010. She gets some extra credit from me because she was born in one of Houston's Sister Cities- Guayaquil, Ecuador. She stands 5'7". This girl really brings the heat! She is very beautiful with sparkly eyes, a sweet face, a sweet smile, beautiful hair, and an awesome body. Lady Mina's perfect looks is often times why she is nicknamed as the "Black Barbie." After seeing this video, Barbie herself might be just a tad jealous of this Ecuadorian hottie:

Virgit, of Preppy Fashionist (Ecuador).

Virgit Canaz is an Ecuadorian beauty based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The native of Guayaquil, Ecuador is is fairly popular on LOOKBOOK. I eventually grew fond of her lovely looks and decided to Fan her on LOOKBOOK.

Barbara Mori (Facebook Fan Page) (Uruguay).

I best know Barbara Mori as Rubi in the telenovela Rubi. Interesting what you read on Wikipedia... I learned she was born in Uruguay and is of Uruguayan-Japanese and Mexican descent. The Naturalized Mexican actress was born in born in Uruguay, so that's why you see her in this section rather than in my "Mexico and Central American Beauties" post. Here is the introduction of "Rubi" with the super-hot Barbara Mori:

Fabiola Gatti (Uruguay).

Fabiola Gatti
^ from: - Fabiola Gatti is a beach pop singer from Uruguay.

Another Uruguayan whom I've heard of is Fabiola Gatti. She is the lead singer of a beach pop/rock group called The FABS. I heard of them first on Myspace some five years ago. Fabulous Fabiola was also part of an all-girl group called the Chi Chis. She's also the singer of a group called Dream Tribes. She was born in Punta del Este, Uruguay on April 16, 1987.

Leysi Suarez (Peru).

Perhaps the most beautiful sight in Peru is the ancient city of Machu Picchu. That, and the lovely city of Lima. Also lovely is the seductive Peruvian dancer and showgirl Leysi Suarez. In infamous fashion, she caused quite an uproar when she rode a horse using the flag of Peru as a saddle. It was an ultimate showing of patriotism for her native Peru. Leysi assured that her only role was to strike a pose for a magazine in Peru. It was not some sort of demonstration; but rather something planned by Daysi, the CEO of D Farandula Magazine. Leysi has since apologized. She's got seductive curves and is crazy sexy. Don't believe me? Here is your Peruvian princess below (WARNING: may need to turn down the volume):

Gabriela Barros (bio on another site).

Gabriela Barros
^ from: - The sexy Gabriela Barros of Chile.

This beauty is Gabriela Barros Tapia from Santiago, Chile. The 5'10" model won Miss Universo Chile 2004 and finished in the Top 15 during the 2004 Miss Universe pageant.

Sabrina Sabrok (Argentina).

If you have seen "La Hora Pico" before, you might have seen a massive-chested woman named Sabrina Sabrok. Lorena Fabiana Colotta was born on March 4, 1977 and is best known as an actress as well as a cyberpunk rock star. She is perhaps best known for her massive breasts through breast implants. Multiple operations to increase her breast sizes has left her with having the largest breasts of any television celebrity in 2006. Three years later, she'd beat her own record. I have been trying to find as much information to make my material relevant and accurate. So from what I read, her bra size is (or at least wanted to have) a 42XXX size.

Belén Rodríguez (Argentina).

María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani also flies the flag for Argentina here. She is a sexy young Argentinian lady with a lovely hairstyle and a sweet smile. Check out Belen rock her fashion style in this video:

Stephany Romero (bio on another site) (Bolivia).

Stephany Romero aka Selena
^ from: - Bolivia's beautiful bombshell is Stephany Romero (also known as Selena).

Also known as Selena, Stephany Romero is a Bolivian beauty who has worked with a number of American hip-hop artists. "Smoking hot" are the two best words to use in describing her looks. Any fan of hip-hop babes can appreciate the absolutely dangerous curves of this Bolivian beauty.

Larissa Riquelme (Paraguay).

How hot do you like it? Representing Paraguay is Larissa Mabel Riquelme Frutos. This Paraguayan princess is a lingerie model as well as an actress. She was born on Febuary 22, 1985 and born in Asunción, Paraguay. Famously (or infamously), her popularity skyrocketed when Larissa said she'd run naked if Paraguay won the 2010 World Cup. Visit her website to follow her on Twitter or see her YouTube channel. She's also on Facebook, so Become a Fan (Like) Larissa Riquelme on Facebook or even Become a Fan (Like) this newer fan page of Larissa Riquelme!

Nikita Archer (Guyana).

Nikita Archer
^ from: - a gorgeous and glamourous Guyana girl named Nikita Archer.

A beautiful young lady named Nikita Archer hails from Georgetown, Guyana. She is a glamourous Guyanese girl with loads of style and charm. Nikita won Miss Guyana and represented Guyana in the Miss Jamzone International pageant.

Alcinda Huisden (bio on another site) (Suriname).

Alcinda Huisden
^ from:, by way of (best I could find) - Surinamese beauty Alcinda Huisden.
The only thing I know about Suriname is that Paramaribo is its capital. I learned during making this blog post is that Suriname was a former Dutch colony. Surinamese beauty Alcinda Deborah Huisden won Miss World Suriname 2008.

Mireille Nederbiel (Suriname).

Mireille Nederbiel
^ from: (best I could find) - Miss Suriname 2008 went to Mireille Nederbiel.
The sweet-faced Surinamese beauty, Mireille Nederbiel, won Miss Suriname in 2008 and represented Suriname at the 2008 Miss World pageant. However (and thanks to pageant organizers), she was excluded from competing in Miss World. Like Alcinda, Mireille is also from Paramaribo, Suriname.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least... that MASSIVE-size country in South America that will host the 2011 Miss Universe pageant and the 2014 World Cup- Brazil!

Gisele Caroline Bündchen (Brazil).

Gisele Caroline Bündchen is someone you've heard of especially if you're an NFL fan. She's the wife of New England Patriots' QB, Tom Brady. She was born in Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She's found fame as a model and an actress. Gisele has spent 2000 through 2007 as a Victoria's Secret Angel. I honestly did not think about Gisele until I was preparing the initial blog post. Also, I didn't know she was from Brazil. So I IMMEDIATELY had to include her into my blog post on beautiful South American women to please my audience. Never heard of Gisele? Visit her website to see her pictures!

Audrina Lima (Brazil).

The first of the Brazilian babes is Audrina Lima. Audrina has found fame as a singer, as an actress, and as a former Victoria's Secret Angel. She was born on June 12, 1981 in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Here is a video from 2007 profiling her:

Ana Beatriz Barros (Brazil).

For my racing fans out there, do NOT confuse Ana Beatriz Barros with IndyCar Series driver Bia Figueiredo (best known as Ana Beatriz). Rio de Janeiro is a hot destination for most travelers. Rio de Janeiro is also the birthplace of Ana Beatris Barros. She is a model that has worked for a number of fashion publications as well as various designers. Get to know Ana Beatriz Barros here:

Emanuela de Paula (Facebook Fan Page) (Brazil).

Emanuela de Paula is a deliciously hot young (born April 25, 1989) Brazilian model. She has walked the runways in sultry Brazilian bikinis. Her body is stunning while wearing some lovely bikinis. I mentioned Venezuela as a gold mine of women. Well... Brazil is a gold mine for beautiful women as well, and surely Emanuela de Paula is 24 karat gold. See and hear Emanuela de Paula here in this video:

Juliana Martins (profile on another page) (Brazil).

Brazilian babe Juliana Martins has appeared in Marie Claire and Sports Illustrated as a model. The (born October 3, 1984) model from José Bonifácio, São Paulo state, Brazil was called as a Brazilian Cindy Crawford. Here is a gallery showcasing the hot Juliana in this photoshoot:

Amanda, of "ACHADOS" (Brazil).

(ADDED: October 29, 2014)
Amanda is a beautiful Brazilian whom I first came across on LOOKBOOK. I became attracted to her loveliness as I saw more and more of her pictures. Check out her wonderful looks and blog by visiting "ACHADOS."

Jade Alves (Brazil).

(ADDED: March 17, 2015)
Just like Dylan Fererra featured earlier, Jade Alves is another androgynous male beauty. A number of his pictures feature him with side-shaved hair along with some regular long hair. A more complete resource on his looks can be seen on Jade Alves' Instagram page.

Fofoleca (Honorable Mention!) (Brazil).

(ADDED: July ??, 2011) Vanessa (or "Vanny") Ferreira of "Fofoleca" is a fashion blog of a curvy Brazlian beauty who offers up her cute ("fofo" is Portuguese for "cute," as I have learned) looks as well as discussing losing weight. Her blog is mostly in Portuguese, but her lovely looks translate well in any language. This lady from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a sweet-faced lady with great style. I'd like to salute Vanessa for her work if she's reading this blog post. Keep up the great work!

Sachê e Bombom (Brazil).

(added: December 25, 2012)
This young blogger from Brazil is Camille. The Brazilian beauty's blog is in both English and Portuguese. She smiles sweetly and has a unique sense of casual fashion style. Have a look at this lady's blog to gauge her style.

Priscila Diniz, of LOOK AT ME BR (Brazil).

(ADDED: March 17, 2015)
The first of two Priscilas I'm featuring is Priscila Diniz of "LOOK AT ME BR." This Brazilian blogger has a vast array of styles ranging from chic to casual to whimsical. I came across her mostly on LOOKBOOK. She has a vast range of styles featured in her blog and in her LOOKBOOK outfits.

Priscila Araujo, of Savoir Faire (Brazil).

(ADDED: March 17, 2015)
Savoir Faire is not only the name of Brazil's Priscila Araujo, but it is also the clothing line of the beautiful blogger. Be sure to check out her blog and enjoy her vast array of styles.

Leticia, of Blog da Lè-Moda e Estilo (Brazil).

(ADDED: March 17, 2015)
Leticia Oliviera is a Brazilian beauty who posts a handful of colorful and serene outfits. She does fashion as well as singing. I came across her on LOOKBOOK and adored her style so much as to follow her across social media. The air to her outfits is wonderful. Take a look at her various outfit posts to get an idea of her varied and appealing style.

Mariana Bridi da Costa (Honorable Mention!) (Brazil).

Mariana is a beautiful young lady, but she is no longer with us. Her death is why she is honorably mentioned. The Brazilian beauty died in 2009 after having a severe uniary infection that left her to have her hands and feet amputated. It was a terrible shame since she was supposed to be part of the Miss World pageant in 2009.

Mariana died at the age of 20. You can see pictures of this beautiful young woman by visiting the website I provided in the header.

More ladies may be featured in future edits.

If I Mentioned You (and If You're Reading This)...

I want to say hello to you! I hope you enjoyed my blog post, and I also hope you keep reading this blog and its contents. John's Blog Space is all about anything and everything crossing my mind. That even includes beautiful ladies like you all! Special salute also to all of you Caribbean folk who read my blog regularly/often. You all are awesome!

To all of my readers in and from South America... thank you for your continued support of my work!

Do remember- these are only a few of many lovely ladies of South America! I don't just exclusively go after big-name people or just beauty queens. Beautiful ladies are beautiful ladies regardless of popularity or whatever. So I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed trying to come up with all these names.

That concludes this series. Thank you for reading and sharing my content That includes this recent series as well as all of my other material. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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