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Mexican and Central American Beauties

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(UPDATED: April 8, 2014)

Initially regarding beautiful Latin American women, I've had to edit this blog post to just make mention to beautiful women from Mexico and Central America. It was previously a three-part series on beautiful Latin American women. It is still a three-part deal, but the focus is now less on the Latin American aspect (and also less on being geographically accurate and correct) and more on beautiful women of each region. This post one in a series of three blog posts devoted to beautiful women of Latin America (even nations not geographically considered part of Latin America). The initial post was massive, so I broke it up into a series. This one is about beautiful Mexican and Central American women. Now, many people make the error of saying that Mexico is all of Mexico including Central America. Mexico and Central America are two individual geographic regions. So I will feature beautiful ladies separately from both Mexico and Central America. I can assure you that I will include at least one lady from all eight represented countries in this blog post.

About the Label: "Latin America and Spain"

I have introduced a new blog label for topics based on Latin America and/or Spain. It is simply called "Latin America and Spain." I hope this will gain some more viewership among my international audience. I may not feature both locations in my topics under this label, but I will definitely try to make topics that will make you all happy if you love "John's Blog Space."

About This Series...

This topic is a series of blog posts on the same topic. It has been broken up into three parts:

• PART 1: Beautiful women from Mexico and Central America. (YOU ARE HERE)
PART 2: Women from the Caribbean will be featured.
PART 3: South American women will be featured.

When all three blog posts are complete, you can link to each post from just this introduction.

--- Mexican Beauties ---

(This section: Mexico)

First up are some lovely ladies from Mexico. They are either Mexican-born, of Mexican descent, or part-Mexican. I've gotten to know many people from Mexico being a native of the culture-rich city of Houston. Allow me to talk about some of the most beautiful women from Mexico in this section.

If you see a hypertext link in a heading, you can visit that person's official home page or a fan site (if offered). Be warned that some official sites may not be accessible.

I'll begin with some very popular beautiful Mexican ladies. Two of which, are total heavyweights.


^ from:, by way of - Thalía is a music and media heavyweight. Also, this Mexican is truly beautiful.

Thalía is a musical heavyweight. Born Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda in Mexico City, Mexico; I consider Thalía one of the most beautiful Mexican women anywhere in the world. She has exceled in music and in acting. According to Wikipedia, soap operas featuring her have been seen by over 2 billion people in 180 different countries. Wikipedia also notes that Thalía has sold over 40 million albums worldwide including songs in many languages. Some of her many songs through her career since debuting in 1980 include "I Want You," "Tu y Yo," "No Me Ensenaste," and "Equivocada" among many other songs through her long career. Thalía has also been successful as a businesswoman. Her work goes from a fashion line with Kmart, to work with Hershey's, beauty products, and more. It's safe to say she has been everywhere and done almost everything. Truly one of the finest in and away from media. And oh yes- VERY beautiful.

Here are two videos featuring Thalía. The first one is "Tu y Yo" by Thalía, and the other is a collab deal she did with Fat Joe called "I Want You":

^ "I Want You" with Fat Joe

Paulina Rubio.

Paulina Rubio
^ from: - Paulina Rubio is another heavyweight in music and acting.

While I'm not really into her music, Paulina Susana Rubio Rue is surely a lovely lady. She is very appealing and sexy in a lot of her photo shoots. Some of her many songs include "Don't Say Goodbye," "Algo de Ti," "I'll be Right Here," "Mio," and "Algo Tienes" among others. Her musical career goes all the way back to 1981. In addition to being vastly successful in music and in acting, Paulina is also well-noted for her charitable work. She has partnered with a number of organizations including the American Heart Association and the Latino Commission on AIDS among others.

Two songs will be featured in two videos. This first one is the video to "Don't Say Goodbye" from 2002 and in English.

I wanted to embed the video to an old-school song from Paulina Rubio called "Mio," but embedding was disabled. If you want to listen to "Mio" by Paulina Rubio, click on the link to see "Mio" by Paulina Rubio on YouTube.


^ from: - Sherlyn Montserrat González Díaz both an actress and a singer.

Sherlyn Montserrat González Díaz (or just Sherlyn) is a telenovela star whom I first seen in "Corazones al Limite." The beautiful 25-year old (as of this blog post; born on October 14, 1985) from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico has taken on multiple roles since her acting debut in 1993. I mentioned Corazones al Limite. She played as a villain character in that telenovela named Concepcion (or "Conny") Perez Avila. I know very little of the storyline of almost any telenovela since I am not as good with Español as I used to be. I do know it for being a cool show with cool cars.

Sherlyn even knows how to deliver a good singing performance. Check this out:

Inés Sainz.

Ines Sainz
^ from: - TV Azteca sports reporter Inés Sainz... sexiest sports reporter in the world?

You may have heard of TV Azteca sports reporter Inés Sainz as part of a scandal that happened in 2010 at the New York Jets. You could say that if the United States has Kim Kardashian, Mexico has Inés Sainz Gallo de Pérez in terms of famous big booty women. Inés was born in Mexico City, Mexico. The biggest turn-on to Inés is the copious amount of booty she has.

Mayte Carranco.

Mayte Carranco
^ from: - What's the weather like? ¡Hace caliente! That is... especially when it's Mayte Carranco dishing weather news.

No matter what the weather REALLY is like, the forecast is the same- hot! In fact, Mexican hottie Mayte Carranco was voted as the hottest weather girl in the world according to Want to see her cover weather news? Here is a sample video below. How would you like some a lady like THIS covering your weather news?

I bet she'd be too hot for The Weather Channel. ;) Here is Mayte singing and dancing:

Rosa María Ojeda Cuen.

Rosa María Ojeda Cuen
^ from: - Rosa Maria Ojeda was a participant in Nuestra Belleza Mexico in 2006.

In 2006, Mexico's Rosa María Ojeda Cuen won the Nuestra Belleza Mexico pageant. She would finish in the Top 10 in the 2007 Miss Universe pageant. Rosa has goddess-like beauty with a sweet smile and lovely hair. She is truly a beautiful lady.


(ADDED: February 2, 2012) Mayte (not to be confused with the Mayte from earlier in this post) is a beautiful blogger from Mexico. She lives in my home state of Texas while showcasing her great sense of style. A lot of her fashion and looks are very much inspired by the Kardashian sisters. Her outfits were even mentioned by the Kardashians themselves in blog posts. Get a taste of this delicious Mexican beauty by visiting Maytedoll.

Cynthia Piña (Honrable Mention!).

Cynthia Pina
^ from: - Miss Republica Deportiva, Cynthia Piña.

Cynthia Piña competed in 2010 for the Nuestra Belleza Latina pageant. The Mexican beauty was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico; but she's one of our own Houston residents. She did not win the 2010 pageant (finished 10th); the beautiful young Cynthia still got that big break and made the most of her opportunity. She is very sweet eye candy with some lovely pictures. Cynthia has a very sweet face, a sweeter smile, and lovely hair. Standing 5'1", she's quite a sweet petite (all the petite women out there- rejoice for one of your own)! I give Honorable Mention because she's someone I've come across from friends of mine on Facebook. Learn more about Cynthia by visiting her official home page (in the heading), or you may check out Cynthia Piña on Model Mayhem. Become a Fan of (Like) Cynthia Piña on Facebook as well.

These are some of many Mexican beauties. Up next are beautiful women from Central America. Click "Read More" to see more lovely ladies if you are not reading the full blog post!

--- Central American Beauties ---

(THIS SECTION: Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama)

Central American beauties will be included here. This section concerns beautiful women from eight countries. The previous section concerned beauties from Mexico. Here, only those from Central America and of Central American descent are featured here. Previously regarding Latin American beauties, I have now simply referred to beauties of such places as just its international region. Which, in this case, is Central America.

I am not a man of promises or guarantees, but I will assure you that I will have at least one beautiful lady representing each of the the aforementioned nations. Don't believe me? See the seven nations mentioned in this section? I WILL feature one or more lovely ladies from the aforementioned countries or of certain descent or part-descent from each nation. Let's talk beautiful ladies now!

CHANGE FROM INITIAL POST: The initial blog post concerned Latin American beauties of Central America. Well, Belize is not considered part of Latin America. So since the previous post concerned Latin American beauties, I had to make this change.

Álida Boer.

Alida Boer
^ from: - The lovely beauty from Guatemala, Alida Boer.

The gorgeous Guatemalan Álida Boer won Miss Guatemala in 2007. She would later go on to represent Guatemala in the 2007 Miss Universe pageant.

Jennifer Chiong.

Jennifer Chiong
^ from: - The gorgeous Guatemalan Jennifer Chiong.

Jennifer Chiong won Miss Guatemala Universo 2008 and competed in the 2008 Miss Universe pageant.

Tatiana Romero.

Tatiana Rivero
^ from: (best I could find) - Tatiana Rivero of Belize.

Tatiana Rivero represents Belize. This beautiful Belizean from San Pedro, Belize has an absolutely gorgeous body to compliment her gorgeous looks. She is about 21 or 22 years old as of this blog post. Tatiana was part of the Piel Dorada (or "Sun Goddess") competition in 2010.

Charmaine Chinapen.

Charmaine Chinapen
^ from: - Meet the very cute Belizean beauty, Charmaine Chinapen.

Charmaine Alisha Chinapen is a Belizean beauty born in Curaçao. She's been across many different Caribbean islands before eventually making Belize her home at age 9. Charmaine was born from Guyanese parents. The 5'8" beauty is benevolent and wants to make a positive impact for others. To learn a little more on Charmaine and to see pictures, check out this link, whereas Charmaine is interviewed by in 2008.

Tuolomee (Honorable Mention!).

I am giving Honorable Mention to Tiffany of the Blogger/Blogspot blog, Tuolomee. Tuolomee is a fashion blog created by Tiffany, who is American-Belizean. The Californian showcases some of amazing photo shoots and a handful of lovely outfits. She even shows pictures of certain fashion collections.

Raquel Fuentes.

Raquel Guadelupe Fuentes Bonilla
^ from: - Salvadoran sweetie Raquel Fuentes.

Do you prefer Salvadoran beauties? If so, check out Salvadoran sweetheart, Raquel Guadalupe Fuentes Bonilla. Raquel is a young beauty competed in the La Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant representing El Salvador. Her looks are beautiful, and so is her body.

Raquel and Maria José, of "Our Favorite Style."

(ADDED: April 8, 2014)
I don't know the exact relationship between these two, but both Raquel and Maria José are two Salvadoran fashion bloggers who equally contribute to their blog, "Our Favorite Style." First, Raquel. Raquel (or "Raque") is someone with candy-sweet style. Raquel is so cute! She has such lovely hairstyle and a sugary sweet smile. Her fashion style is also sweet. Maria José is a stylish Salvadoran in her own right. She is a straight-haired beauty with a nice face. Her style is equally charming.

So not one, but two lovely Salvadoran sweethearts in one blog. Visit "Our Favorite Style" and check out these lovelies today. Tell them John Marine sent you there if you want some extra credit! :)

Kenia Martinez (Facebook fan page link).

Kenia Martinez
^ from: - Kenia Martinez hails from Tela, Honduras.

Kenia Martinez is a dark-skinned Honduran honey. She is a native of Tela, Honduras (there was once a friend of mine and former classmate whom I known from Tela). The chocolate-skinned beauty has lovely hair and a lovely face as well as a sweet body. Kenia won Miss Honduras Universe 2010 and represented Honduras in Miss Universe 2010. Kenia is actually both Garifuna and Honduran.

Sharon Amador.

Sharon Amador
^ from:, by way of - Sharon Amador of Nicaragua.

Putting Nicaragua on the map, the deliciously sweet Sharon Amador has a lovely body, lovely hair, and a lovely smile. She represented Nicaragua in the 2006 Miss Earth pageant. Sharon did not win anything at Miss Earth 2006.

Maritza Rivas.

Maritza Rivas
^ from: - Sugar-sweet and super-cute Maritza Rivas.

Maritza Rivas is another Nicaraguan beauty that I'll showcase here. She is so beautiful. A lovely hairstyle and sweet demeanor makes her every bit as lovely outside as she is within.

Nancy Montero (Facebook Fan Page link).

^ from: - This is Costa Rica's Nancy Montero.

Though she lost Miss Costa Rica 2010 to Marva Wright, Nancy Montero is still a sugar sweet cutie. She is a gorgeous lady with a sweet smile and glorious hair. The Costa Rican smiles beautifully and has a nice body.

Imelda Azofeifa.

Imelda Azofeifa
^ fron:, by way of - If your jaw came aloose, that's because you've been stunned by Costa Rican goddess Imelda Azofeifa.

Imelda Azofeifa is another Costa Rican goddess with gorgeous looks. She was one of the contestants in Miss Costa Rica 2010.

Giselle Aragón.

Giselle Aragon
^ from:, by way of - Miss Costa Rica 2010 contestant Giselle Aragon.

One more Costa Rican girl wouldn't hurt, right? Well, meet Giselle Aragón. She was 21 (or maybe 20) at the Miss Costa Rica 2010 pageant. Giselle was perhaps one of the youngest in that pageant.

Paola Vaprio.

The final beauty I have lined up for you all is Paola Alessandra Vaprio Medaglia. Paola is a beautiful lady from Panama City, Panama. The 5'9" Panamanian princess is immensely sexy from her lovely body to her luscious lips. She also has beautiful hair and a nice sense of fashion style. She's so sexy in her photo shoots that she is the kind of girl you'd expect to see in FHM or (if she hasn't already been at least profiled by either). Paola has an education from Florida State University (quick shout out to you Seminoles and Seminole fans reading my blog! :D). She won Miss Mundo Panamá in 2010. Allow Paola to introduce herself to you:

Maria de la Cruz.

(ADDED: March 23, 2012)
Maria de la Cruz is the Creative Director of HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS. She is a petite Panamanian beauty who expresses herself with the various fashions offered by HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS. The link takes you to her blog. Feel free to visit and gauge the beauty of this Panamanian princess.

More ladies may be featured in future edits.

--- If I Mentioned You and If You're Reading This... ---

Hi! I hope you've enjoyed my blog post, and it's been my pleasure to mention you. I would like to salute all of you in the aforementioned countries for this blog post. Thanks so much for your continued support of my work!

As I said earlier, at least one beautiful lady from each country mentioned in this post! I may add more to keep this post buzzing. I try to find famous people to focus on for my posts regarding beautiful ladies from certain parts of the world. I tried to make sure to know about each lady to professionally discuss them. I usually go on people from certain locations within the target areas of my blogs. That's why in my popular "African Beauties" thread, I made sure to find out who all were from the certain locations in each region of Africa. Likewise, I try to get my facts straight with ladies from the aforementioned region in this blog. If they weren't born in the specific region or of a nationality within the given region, I will not include that person for the blog post for that specific region.

More to come! For now, though, thank you for reading!

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