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Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is a Russian beauty known for her '80s-style disco music. She is also known in fashion circles for her Lime Crime makeup collection. I tend to know the Unicorn Queen more for her fashion as well as being an imaginative girly-girl. This Russian beauty is a (born: June 15, 1981)-year old who can do both music and fashion quite well. This blog post is about the Russian beauty known as Doe Deere.

NOTE: Some information provided by Wikipedia and some other sources. I had edited it she is the Unicorn QUEEN, not the Unicorn Princess as I initially posted. I also added another link to Doe Deere's content later in this post.

--- Doe Deere ---

So who is Doe Deere? That would be this lady:

Doe Deere
^ from: - Doe Deere, the Unicorn Queen.

Born as Kseniya Vorotova and going by the name of Xenia, Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia (604 miles (or 971 kilometers) east-southeast of Moscow). She moved to the United States as a teenager to pursue a music career as well as start her makeup line. This beautiful Russian lady is a petite- she's 5'2" tall according to her Model Mayhem page.

I have included this video to showcase how Doe Deere sounds away from singing:

Doe Deere would surely be defined as a girly-girl with her colorful personality and girly fashion charm. Check out this video that highlights this Russian beauty's domestic charm:

What girly girl wouldn't fancy a fantastic-looking pad like this one? Take note of all the colors and stuff like that. Many unique splashes of bright color exhibited. If you think this is color, maybe you should see Doe Deere's Lime Crime products. Which brings me to...

Lime Crime.

Lime Crime was created in providing the boldest and most colorful lipstick. Usual lipstick goes for red or pink colors. Doe Deere wanted to try something different with lipstick. However, have you seen lipstick colors like... this:

No She Didn't Opaque Blue lipstick
^ from: - Lime Crime has been famous for making lipstick colors other than red and/or pink fashionable. This is Doe Deere wearing her "No She Didn't" Opaque Blue lipstick from the Lime Crime collection.

It is certainly different that lipstick in colors other than some variation of red and pink are offered. However, I always say that different doesn't always mean better. I once looked through the pages of a recent Teen Vogue or Seventeen magazine featuring some fashions for being in the snow, and I saw the model wearing ice blue color lipstick.

I usually cringe at any lipstick that isn't red or pink. The cringing usually relates to seeing something different, but different that isn't well-received on first glance. In other words- different-bad as opposed to different-good. I rarely like seeing any color lipstick that isn't red or pink (or some variation of red or pink shades). For example, I'd be disgusted if I saw neon green lipstick, yellow lipstick, white or black lipstick, and even for someone who loves blue... even blue lipstick would make me cringe. Then again, I am not usually known for being completely original or liking completely original things often times.

Lime Crime isn't afraid to try different colors of lipstick. One has to appreciate this outside-the-box fashion thinking by the likes of Lime Crime. Besides lipstick, eyeshadow and primer are also offered by Lime Crime. So this company provides a good array of products for you ladies out there.

Doe Deere's Music.

I know Doe Deere more for fashion than I do for her music. This lady and her music will be showcased here. It is your chance to hear Doe Deere and her singing. She is someone who is clearly inspired and influenced by '80s disco music. Have a listen to her music in this fan-made slide show:

^ "Mona Lisa" by Doe Deere

I am going to admit... I've gotten sick of '80s fandom, especially in the previous decade. Like everyone wanted to continually remind us of the '80s. I had gotten sick of it. And when I usually get sick of something, I'd cringe even more about something and wonder why people even bother reviving and hyping up junk I couldn't care less about. I was born in 1983, but I am a self-confessed 1990s child. Nobody says a damn thing about continually brown-nosing the '80s, yet many talk about how dead the '70s are and the '90s (especially the early '90s) are. Bull.

But on a positive note (and back on topic), "Mona Lisa" by Doe Deere is a very good song. It certainly has that '80s feel to it.

--- What I Would Tell Doe Deere (if she read this) ---

I really respect all you do. Sure, it's unusual for an average male guy to love and appreciate things like colorful lipstick and '80s disco type music, but I do think you are beautiful as well as creative. Your playfulness and creativity resonate loudly in such dull and uninteresting space. Keep up the great work with all you do in all facets of entertainment and media. If you even take up in charity work and related causes, best wishes to you in these departments as well.

Would I Want to Meet Doe Deere (if given the chance)?

Sure. She seems to be very sweet and kind.

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If I find more links to share (or if you have any I should include) on Doe Deere, I'll edit this post as many times as need be.

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Thanks to all of you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I love Doe Deere!  I adore reading her blog (one of my favorites, along with yours of course).  I love her unique style; she always looks adorable!  Lime Crime has some pretty awesome makeup too, I love fun colors. :) 

 ♥Principessa Gabriella

John B. Marine said...

Thank you for complimenting my blogging work.  Much appreciated.  Yours is a lovely blog and one of my favorites too.  :)

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