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South Asian Beauties

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(UPDATED: September 9, 2013)

Asian beauties of and from South Asian nations will be featured here in this continuation of my "Asian Beauties" series. Ladies from India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan will be featured here. I want to honor all of my South Asian visitors to my blog. I hope this blog post will be to your liking, as well as to the liking of all people not from the aforementioned countries.

Now as of this initial blog post, I was not sure whether to make a separate post regarding Middle Eastern nations or how to actually define South Asia for this blog post. Sometimes, I go on official definitions some people give to certain parts of the world in making up my blog posts.

WARNING: This post contains several YouTube videos, which may hinder your viewing experience of this blog post.


SEP 9 2013 - extensive edits; added more beauties (hints: India and Nepal)

--- Asian Beauties: South Asia ---

When most people think of Asian people and things, many people (understandably) think of Asia along the Pacific Rim and many of the outlying Pacific islands around Asia. In this series of blog posts regarding Asian beauties, I will showcase various Asian women as some of the most beautiful from this featured part of the world. I will be sure to feature many more lovely ladies from this certain sector of the world in more posts.

Once the series is complete, you may link to any of the following through the list below. Here is a look at the Asian Beauties series:

East Asian Beauties
^ beauties of Japan, Korea Republic, [People's Republic of] China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Macau, S.A.R., China; and Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

Southeast Asian Beauties
^ beauties of Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

• South Asian Beauties (YOU ARE HERE)
^ beauties of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

Central Asian Beauties
^ beauties of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Krygstan, and Turkmenistan

I may plan on doing Middle Eastern beauties separately. Either that, or I may include another blog post in this Asian beauty series to feature Middle Eastern ladies. I am actually not sure how I want to address the South Asia or Middle Eastern beauties at this moment.

Asian Beauties: South Asia.

The following are all the countries/territories represented in this blog post: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

This post wasn't too much a challenge compared to Southeast Asia. However, I eventually want to try my hand at discussing Middle Eastern beauties. Information on some of the featured ladies were tough to come by. So instead of trying to hunt for pictures and videos, I simply just make mention to them and maybe offer a link if you're interested.

How This Blog Post Works.

You will see certain ladies from the represented nations. Here are the represented nations in order:

• India: women from and of Indian descent.
• Pakistan: women from and of Pakistani descent.
• Sri Lanka: women from and of Sri Lankan descent.
• Maldives: women from and of Maldivian descent.
• Nepal: women from and of Nepalese/Nepali descent.
• Bangladesh: women from and of Bangladeshi descent.
• Bhutan: women from and of Bhutani descent.

If you see a hypertext heading for each featured beauty, you can click on it to visit their official home page or some sort of fan page.

So let's get started! Some information on featured people were provided by Wikipedia searches. I may only make mention to certain ladies if I can't find pictures, websites, or videos on each featured lady. Don't forget that I may edit this post from time to time to update my material. I am not including certain images for fear of copyright infringement.

Here is one last look at the aforementioned region:

(THIS REGION: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka)

Now let's talk beautiful women!

--- South Asian Beauties: India ---

Because I had intended this to be about just beautiful women from India, I'll start with India. I have always wanted to treat my loyal readers from India with some quality content. This is hopefully a start. And perhaps, I'll start with a few famous ladies from India. I would like to welcome any and all blog readers from India. Namaste!

If you see a hypertext link within the header of a certain lady, that links you to the lady's official website or a fan page. Fan pages will be noted in parentheses.

Aishwarya Rai (India).

Often touted by media as being "the most beautiful woman in the world," Aishwarya Rai was the first Bollywood beauty I heard of. This (born: November 1, 1973)-year old is truly one of the loveliest ladies in the world whether you like her or not. She was born in Mangalore, India. Her career includes both modeling and acting. Here's a sample of Aishwarya Rei:

Lara Dutta (India).

Meet Lara Dutta. This beauty from India is an actress as well as a former Miss Universe winner. The (born: April 16, 1978)-year old has been around the block (so to speak) in a variety of different media outlets, including singing. Here is Lara Dutta singing. This is some more Bollywood music loving for all of you:

Priyanka Chopra (India).

Priyanka Chopra, or "Piggy Chops" (from the co-stars of "Bluffmaster!") is an actress and the 2000 winner of the Miss World pageant. The (born: July 18, 1982)-year old's first movie was "Thamizhan" in 2002. She'd enter the realm of Bollywood movies with "The Hero: Love Story of a Spy" as well as "Andaaz." She won the Best Female Debut Award for her role in "Andaaz." Priyanka was so good as being so bad when she won "Best Villain" for her villain role in "Aitrazz" in 2004. Besides acting, she has recently taken up on singing. This beauty from Jamshedpur, Jharkand, India is really one of the finest in Bollywood media. The video below features this beautiful Indian actress:

That video was from her own YouTube channel. Want to see more of her videos? Find this Indian beauty on YouTube at

Parvathy Omanakuttan (India).

(December 20, 1987)-year old Parvathy Omanakuttan is a lovely, young, Indian beauty. The native of Kottayam, Kerala, India won Miss India World in 2008. She stands 5'8" tall. Parvathy has done some acting. Her acting career includes three Bollywood flicks. It began with "United Six," and she even acted in "Umamaheshwaram" and "Billa 2." Allow Parvathy to introduce herself to you:

Shreya Ghoshal (India).

Introducing Shreya Ghoshal- a lovely singer from India. Born on March 12, 1984; this indulgent Indian beauty is mostly known for her playback singing in various Bollywood movies. She was born in Durgapur, West Bengal, India.

Here is one of Shreya's songs. It is called "Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hain." Have a listen and a look:

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you like her music (or her in general), "like" her on Facebook: Shreya Ghoshal's Facebook Fan Page

Poonam Pandey (India).

Poonam Pandey
^ from: - Poonam Pandey is one of India's hottest young beauties.

India can get pretty hot, but no Indian woman brings the heat quite like the young (born: March 11, 1991) and sexy Poonam Pandey. This video below shows you just how attractive she is. This is Poonam Pandey. Warning: this video may not be safe for work, so if you want to see Poonam show you why she's so hot, view the following video mat your own risk: "Poonam Pandey" on YouTube.

Shraddha Sharma (India).

She became the hottest singing sensation in India. She is a sweet-faced young cutie. She has also done some acting before. Who is she? Her name is Shraddha Sharma, a teenage girl (she's 16 as of the date of this initial blog post) proudly representing Dehradun, India. She plays acoustic guitar while singing sweetly. This is a video of her singing without her guitar, to a song called "Zara Zara" (Turn up the volume because it is not very loud):

if you want to know more about this online singing sensation, visit these links:

Shraddha Sharma's Facebook Fan Page
Shraddha Sharma on YouTube

Shweta Tiwari (India).

Shweta Tiwari
^ from: - Shweta Tiwari.

Shweta Tiwari is an actress who was born on October 4, 1980 in born in Pratapgarh, Uttah Pradesh, India. Her career even includes modeling and producing. Shweta has done many television shows and commercials as part of her career, and she has even been in films and done other media projects. Her career even includes multiple nominations and awards for the Star Parivaar Awards as well as one Indian Television Academy Award in 2003. Besides her illustriuous career, she was known as the first woman to win the Bigg Boss reality TV show competition.

Kritika Kamra (India).

Kritika Kamra
^ from: - Actress Kritika Kamra.

This is an interview actress Kritika did long ago. Get to see and hear this Indian beauty:

Aarti Sequeira (Facebook fan page) (India).

Aarti Sequeira
^ from:, courtesy of Food Network - Aarti Sequeira won Season 6 of "The Next Food Network Star." Her show, "Aarti Party," came as a result.

(ADDED: November 23, 2011)
In my initial blog post, I absolutely forgot to mention this lady I blogged about once. Sometimes, I think too much about forgetting to include certain things. One of those was Aarti Sequeira. (Born: August 19, 1978)-year old Aarti Sequeira is a Indian beauty born in Mumbai, India; and she was raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She was a contestant of "The Next Food Network Star" Season 6. I always thought she was a humble and sweet person though I've never seen a single episode of "The Next Food Network Star." I have, however, seen "Aarti Party" on Food Network before. Aarti showcases Indian cuisine as well as add an Indian twist to various foods and meals. Away from cooking, Aarti is both an inspiration and a beautiful woman. Aarti Sequeira went from taking various cooking lessons and not knowing where her life would lead next... to being the host of her own cooking show on Food Network by winning "The Next Food Network Star." She went from hosting her own cooking show on YouTube to hosting a cooking show for people to watch on TV. Her mantra to the world: "Eat. Giggle. Repeat."

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: This is my old blog post on Aarti Sequeira: "Aarti Sequeira" on John's Blog Space.

Vera Mindy Chokalingam (B.K.A. Mindy Kaling) (India).

(ADDED: July 18, 2012)
Better known as Mindy Kaling, this American-born Indian beauty is an actress as well as a producer. The (born: June 24, 1979)-year old is best known for her role as Kelly Kapoor in "The Office" among other roles. She is a very lovely lady with a nice voice. Here is a look at the marvellous Mindy:

^ "As if there weren't enough reasons to love Mindy Kaling...."

Shruti, of My Sugarless Style (India).

(EDITED: April 9, 2012) Shruti is the woman behind the "My Sugarless Style" blog here on Blogger/Blogspot. Formerly known as "Hers'" and as "Ramp or Not!," this fashion blog features Shruti's lovely sense of style. Her blog can be visited by clicking on the header for this section. Feel free to follow her blog if it interests you.

Anupria, of "Chappals and Stilletoes" (India).

The "Polka Princess" from eastern India is a super-cute lady named Anupriya. She lends her love of fashion to the world. She is a sweet-faced Indian woman named Chandara with colorful and fun style. Visit this young lady's blog to see her style in action.

Sushmita, of "My Unfinished Life" (India).

(ADDED: April 9, 2012)
Here is a woman from India who runs the "My Unfinished Life" blog here on Blogger/Blogspot. She is a woman named Sushmita from around the New Delhi area and exhibits both her fashion as well as her photography. So expect a little of everything from this lovely Indian blogger.

Pratishtha, of "Shotculture" (India).

(ADDED: July 1, 2012)
"Fashion. Lifestyle. Food." Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pratishtha Durga, the creator of "Shotculture" here on Blogspot. I'm paying respect to her for the fine work she does on "Shotculture."

Isha, of "Sugarry Lips Glittery Nails" (India).

(ADDED: July 1, 2012)
Isha is the blogger behind "Sugarry Lips Glittery Nails," a beauty blog with a variety of different items for all to enjoy. This young blogger extends her discussions into video. You can visit her YouTube channel at Isha introduces herself to you in this video:

^ "Introduction to my channel :)"

Sonakshi, of "Veil of Illusions" (India).

(ADDED: August 29, 2012)
The blog known as "Veil of Illusions" feautures a lady named Sonakshi. What makes her blog a joy to read is not so much her style of fashion, but her amazing-looking pictures. Her creativity and style help make her posts amazing. This is a beautiful lady with beautiful style.

Ayantika, of "Bong's Belleza" (India).

(ADDED: August 29, 2012)
Ayantika is an Indian beauty whom I learned of by reading "Veil of Illusions." Her hair is beautiful along with her smile. Her outfits range from casual pieces to more traditional pieces of Hindu clothing. For instance, some of her outfits include some delightfully stunning saris/sarees worn by her. So get ready for a little of everything from the beautiful Ayantika.

Chandana, of "The Girl At First Avenue" (India).

(ADDED: September 9, 2013)
Chandana was one of the first Indian fashion bloggers I've respected. This young blogger only recently returned to regular blogging. Most of her outfits are very casual and cool. She's a pretty lady in my view. So go check out her blog.

Shalini, of "Stylish by Nature" (India).

(ADDED: September 9, 2013)
The blog "Stylish by Nature" is contributed by Shalini and Rohit. Shalini is usually often featured in posts. She is one of the most beautiful women in all of blogging. Honestly. Her fashion style is diverse whether classy, casual, or even wearing traditional Indian outfits. You can even follow her fashion style on LOOKBOOK if you are on LOOKBOOK.

Rakhshanda, of "Chamber of beauty...." (India).

(ADDED: September 9, 2013)
Rakhshanda is one of my most recent supporters of my blogging. I have long wanted to update my older Beauties posts, and I want to salute the beautiful Rakshanda among my beauties. "Chamber of beauty...." is mostly a blog with beauty insight as well as some outfit posts. Rakhshanda is a lady with beautiful hair and a sweet smile. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds. I assure you... if you want to meet a blogging beauty from India, you are more than welcome to Follow "Chamber of beauty....".

India has many lovely ladies; this blog post features only so many. I was working on a Bollywood music post for "John's Blog Space." I still haven't ruled out releasing a post on that topic in the future. I really want to try to expand my international reading audience.

--- South Asian Beauties: Pakistan ---

Initially intended to be part of a blog post on Middle Eastern beauties, I have now offered one of the different nations of the Middle East as part of this blog post. These are beautiful women from Pakistan. I would like to welcome my Pakistani blog readers to John's Blog Space.

Mahleej Sarkari (Pakistan).

Mahleej Sarkari
^ from: - The winner of Miss Pakistan for 2007 and 2008 is Mahleej Sarkari.
The winner of Miss Pakistan 2007/2008 is the young Pakistani lady named Mahleej Sarkari. She is a Pakistani-born (from Karachi, Pakistan) Canadian citizen.

Veena Malik (Pakistan).

Veena Malik
^ from: - The lovely, yet controversial Veena Malik.

While Veena Malik is a lovely lady (otherwise... why would she be in a "Beauties" post of mine?), controversy arose as this Pakistani actress was given lukewarm reception from her own Pakistani audience for how she portrayed Pakistan in the fourth season of "Bigg Boss." She was born Zahida Malik and is a native of Rawalpindi, Pakistan (northern Pakistan, near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad). Many have either loved or loathed Veena for her character and her views.

Sheena Melwani (Pakistan).

Sheena Melwani is a beautiful South Asian lady with an equally beautiful voice. I was blown away when I heard her voice. She sang a rather dramatic version of "Fireflies" from Owl City. Her voice made me cry because it sounded so beautiful. As much as I like "Fireflies," her version was beautiful. According to an interview I read online, Sheena is Sindhi, which is a region of southern Pakistan. This is Sheena Melwani and the first video of hers I've seen. It led me to admire her voice:

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: This is my blog post on her: "Sheena Melwani" here on John's Blog Space

If I find any more to feature in this area, I will add more as need be.

As important as providing content is, keeping this blog performing well and efficiently is equally important. So I will provide a Jump Break in case you are visiting this blog and not reading the full post. I want you to read this entire blog post if you aren't already. If you enjoyed what you read so far, and if you are not reading the full post, click "Read More" to see the rest of this blog post (or disregard this area if you are reading the full post)!

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--- South Asian Beauties: Sri Lanka ---

The island south-southeast of India is Sri Lanka. What you will see in this section are some ladies from and of Sri Lankan descent. So check out some of this country's ladies here.

Since I often times get blog hits from Sri Lanka, I would like to welcome all blog readers of mine from Sri Lanka. Hopefully, my blog post will be to your liking.

Anusha Damayanthi (Sri Lanka).

Anusha Damayanthi is a sexy Sri Lankan actress born in Colombo, Sri Lanka (the capital of Sri Lanka). Any information on her career and/or her accomplishments is beyond me. Pictures of her can be seen from this HubPages article on Anusha Damayanthi.

Anarkalli Aakarsha (Sri Lanka).

Also born in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka is a (born: July 11, 1987)-year old Sri Lankan beauty involved in acting, singing, modeling, and politics. She won Miss World in 2004. Her acting career dates back to 1995 in the teledrama "Iti Pahan," and her film acting career dates back to 2003 with "Eka Malaka Pethi." Very interesting how a young lady like herself has gone so far and whose star has risen so highly and brightly. Anarkali has a very sweet voice. Have a listen in this advertisement:

Kanchana Mendis (Facebook Fan Page link) (Sri Lanka).

Kanchana Mendis is a beautiful Sri Lankan model and actress with a sweet smile and a lovely hairstyle. She debuted in 2000 as an actress in "Raajya Sewaya Pinisai," where she'd win the Presidential Award for Best Supporting Actress.

I may edit this if I find some more Sri Lankan lovelies to feature.

--- South Asian Beauties: Maldives ---

This section pertains to the Indian Ocean atoll known as the Republic of Maldives. This island nation of various atolls is located south-southwest of India and to the west-southwest of Sri Lanka. Maldivian beauties is what this section is all about. All I know about the Maldives is that its beautiful capital city is Malé. Here are some ladies from Maldives I will make mention to:

Pictures and videos of these ladies have been tough to come by. So if you want to see ANY sort of material on them, you'll have to visit a few links. Is that okay with you? If so, here goes:

Raufa (links to an article on another site) (Maldives).

Raufa is a professional makeup artist from the Maldives. Only true pictures of her can be found by clicking on the hyperlinked header for this Maldivian beauty.

Niuma Mohamed(links to profile on another site) (Maldives).

I hate not being able to find anything for a given nation. The hyperlinked heading is the best I can do by letting you know more about the Maldivian actress, Niuma Mohamed.

Lahfa Faiz(links to profile on another site) (Maldives).

The rise to fame for Lahfa Faiz has been in her singing.

Ranya (links to article on another site) (Maldives).

While the link takes you to some of Ranya's (or Raniya's) modeling pictures, that same link also expressed her giving up as a supermodel. With that said, enjoy the beautiful pictures of her in the online article I linked to from this Maldivian ex-supermodel.

Aishath Zeeniya (Annie) (links to article on another site) (Maldives).

This dark-skinned Maldivian beauty is Aishath Zeeniya (better known as "Annie"). She is a supermodel.

Hopefully, I can find more Maldivian ladies to feature in the future. I feel like I'm doing you all wrong by not featuring more ladies from the Maldives. I do want to thank fashion designer Riffath for supplying maybe the best information I could find online for each of these Maldivian ladies. Otherwise, I would not be doing my Maldivian audience any justice.

--- South Asian Beauties: Nepal ---

Home to the world's tallest mountain- Mt. Everest- Nepal has some beautiful ladies whose beauty stands as tall as Mt. Everest. Here are some for you:

Namrata Shrestha (Nepal).

Actress Namrata Shrestha is a petite beauty (5'1.5") born in Dharan, Nepal. This actress has also done some modeling. This (born: June 14, 1985)-year old is fairly young in the acting business, having done her first movie in 2008. You can see and hear this Nepali lovely with this video interview:

If you want to see more YouTube videos from her, visit The above video is the channel I embedded this video from.

Suesha Rana (Nepal).

Suesha Rana is a Nepali actress. Here is an acting reel of Suesha Rana:

The Electric Heart Girl.

(ADDED: April 9, 2012) This is the blog of a young Nepalese fashion blogger named Tenzin Kelsang. She shares her insight through a number of blog posts in her blog. You are free to visit and check out her blog if interested.

My key of Happiness (Nepal).

(ADDED: July 1, 2012) This Nepalese blogger named Tse-Ring has a nice sense of style in her many posts. You can visit her blog and check out her many styles.

Sanna's Vision (Nepal).

(ADDED: July 1, 2012) Born in Nepal and based in Minnesota here in the United States, Sanna of "Sanna's Vision" is a Nepalese fashion blogger showcasing her diverse styles. These styles can range from chic to more dark styles. Share Sanna's vision by visiting "Sanna's Vision" today!

Khusbu, of "Stylescrap- Fashion Blogger Nepal" (Nepal).

(ADDED: September 9, 2013)
Khusbu was someone I've come across on LOOKBOOK. This blogger showcases her lovely looks and lovely style in her blog called Stylescrap. Take a look at her diverse style by visiting her blog today.

I will be sure to add more lovely ladies from Nepal if I find some online.

--- South Asian Beauties: Bangladesh ---

It's time to say hello to the People's Republic of Bangladesh, and all of my Bangladeshi readers. Bangladesh is a place where I sometimes get some blog hits from. So it's time I let my Bangladesh readers see me feature some of their women. It is a country surrounded by the eastern portions of India, and to the south of Bangladesh is the Bay of Bengal. Its capital is Dhaka. Only other city I know of in Bangladesh is Chittagong in southeastern Bangladesh.

Sonia Gazi (Bangladesh).

Miss Bangladesh was last held in 2001, won by Tabassum Ferdous Shaon. The 2000 winner of Miss Bangladesh was Sonia Gazi. The winner of Miss Bangladesh usually would go on to be part of the Miss World pageant. Unfortunately, she was not among the top 10 of the 2000 Miss World pageant as Priyanka Chopra (whom you've read about earlier) won Miss World 2000.

Farhana Mili (Facebook Fan Page) (Bangladesh).

No Bangladeshi beauty boasts such a cute face and a sweet smile like Farhana Mili. This actress from Dhaka, Bangladesh is known for her role in "Monpura." She says in her Facebook fan page that she is gives new hope for the Bangladeshi film industry.

Purnima (Bangladesh).

Purnima (also known as Rita) is an actress from Bangladesh was born in 1981 in the southeastern Bangladesh city of Chittagong. She was a blessing for a 1997 movie called "E Jibon Tombar Amar," where Purnima began her acting career. Purnima would become a fixture in many Bangladeshi films and Bengali films, including the vastly successful "Moner Majhe Tumi" in 2003. A gallery of images of Purnima can be seen here: "Bangladeshi Actress Purnima" on

Nipun (Facebook Fan Page) (Bangladesh).

^ from: (best I could find) - Actress Nipun from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Nipun is one of many actresses featured in this blog post. She has been in movies, including "Pitar Ashon" among others.

Banna Mirza (Bangladesh).

Banna Mirza is an actress who is told to be the best acting talent Bangladesh has to offer. Over a decade's worth of acting has been done by this actress. Most of this includes a lot of mainstream TV acting and various acting roles in Bengali cinema. I am sorry I can't find any good pictures of Banna Mirza to feature in my post. :(

This will conclude the Bangladesh portion of this blog post.

--- South Asian Beauties: Bhutan ---

Bhutan is known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, it's time I talk about some of Bhutan's most electrifying and beautiful ladies. It's a look at some of the most beautiful women from Bhutan. When I got my first blog hit from Bhutan, I was interested about this country since I have had very little knowledge of it. It's a very fascinating place to me. Very beautiful. Hello to all readers from Bhutan as well as all of you Bhutani folk.

Tsokye Tsomo Karchung (Bhutan).

In 2008, Tsokye Karchung of Thimphu, Bhutan (the capital of Bhutan) competed in Miss Earth. She was born on August 20, 1984 and stands 5'8". Her birth name is Tsokye Tsomo Karchung. This music video is a look at the Miss Earth 2008 winner:

Namkha Lhamo (Bhutan).

Namkha Lhamo is a beautiful singer from Bhutan. I learned that she is also an actress as well as an acting teacher. Do you want to hear Bhutanese music? Let Namkha Lhamo provide you with Bhutanese music. This song is called "Gayser Jang Lu Jonpi Gang." Here, you can get a nice look at the beauty of Bhutan (including the beautiful Bhutanese lady singing this song):

Any more lovely Bhutani ladies you want to make me aware of? If I find any more that I think are lovely, I will feature them in future edits.

--- A Note for All Readers ---

I had taken a break doing the Asian Beauties series of blog posts. Most of my selections for South Asian beauties was something I was not too educated on. One thing I always try to do is understand whatever it is I want to blog about to make something professional and worthwhile. It wouldn't be John's Blog Space, and none of my posts would be of JBS quality if I didn't produce something worth reading and enjoying.

Are You From Any of the Aforementioned Countries?

If you are from any of the aforementioned countries in this blog post (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), I would like to send a special salute you and a special thank you to all of you for reading my blog post. I am trying to get as many loyal readers (those who neither spam nor post suspicious comments) and fans as possible to expand my international reading base as well as meet more people.

I hope this post has helped in meeting more of you and getting a little more respect from an international audience.

I am pleased to keep doing these posts for all of you. Thank you for reading!

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