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East Asian Beauties

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(UPDATED: September 10, 2012)

I take my Beauties blog posts to Asia now. The next series of posts regards beautiful ladies from the world's largest continent- Asia. I begin with lovely ladies from Eastern Asia. Initially supposed to be about just Japanese women, I have extended the scope of Asian beauties to include lovely ladies of East Asia and eastern Asian descent. I would like to welcome and salute all people from the aforementioned countries representing this blog post.

WARNING: Some material in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences. Videos and pictures are being shown at your own discretion.


SEP 10 2012 - extensive edits

--- Asian Beauties Series ---

When most people think of Asian people and things, many people (understandably) think of Asia along the Pacific Rim and many of the outlying Pacific islands around Asia. In this series of blog posts regarding Asian beauties, I will showcase various Asian women as some of the most beautiful from this featured part of the world. I will be sure to feature many more lovely ladies from this certain sector of the world in more posts.

Once the series is complete, you may link to any of the following through the list below. Here is a look at the Asian Beauties series:

• East Asian Beauties (YOU ARE HERE)
^ beauties of Japan, Korea Republic, [People's Republic of] China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Macau, S.A.R., China; and Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

Southeast Asian Beauties
^ beauties of Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

South Asian Beauties
^ beauties of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

Central Asian Beauties
^ beauties of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Krygstan, and Turkmenistan

I may plan on doing Middle Eastern beauties separately. Either that, or I may include another blog post in this Asian beauty series to feature Middle Eastern ladies.

Asian Beauties: East Asia.

Initially to be about just Japanese women, I decided to include various East Asian nations (including Japan). I have to continually provide content to please my readers around the world. I had long planned on doing some other "Beauties" post regarding some other sector of the world. I eventually chose to complete my post on Asian women.

The following are all the countries/territories represented in this blog post: Japan, Korea Republic, [People's Republic of] China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Macau, S.A.R., China; and Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

How This Blog Post Works.

You will see certain ladies from the seven represented nations that make up East Asia. Here are the represented nations in order:

• Japan - ladies from Japan and/or of Japanese descent.
• Korea Republic - ladies from South Korea and North Korea, and/or of Korean descent.
• China - ladies from China, and/or of Chinese descent.
• Mongolia - Mongolese ladies and/or those of Mongolese descent.
• Taiwan - Taiwanese ladies and/or those of Taiwanese descent.
• Macau, S.A.R., China - those born in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau.
• Hong Kong, S.A.R., China - those born in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

So let's get started! Some information on featured people were provided by Wikipedia searches. I may only make mention to certain ladies if I can't find pictures, websites, or videos on each featured lady. Don't forget that I may edit this post from time to time to update my material.

By the Way (and Just for Fun)...

I learned a new word coming up with this blog post: "blasian." Blasian is a term meaning someone who is a mix of Black and some variation of Asian. Some Blasian ladies will be featured in this post. I think a more technical term for "Blasian" is "Afro-Asian."

--- East Asian Beauties: Japan ---

Initially, this blog post was supposed to be about just Japanese beauties. Then, I decided to have it be about Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ladies. So I decided to make a post to satisfy many audiences. There are many lovely Japanese ladies to me. Some of the many favorites will be featured here.

Because I wanted this post to be about Japanese ladies only, you're going to see a majority of featured ladies from Japan in this blog post.

Konnichiwa, Nihon (bows down in prayer)! ^_^

Asami Konno (Japan).

Asami Konno
^ from: - The sweet-faced Asami Konno.

Formerly of Hello! Project fame, Asami Konno (or Kon-Kon) has a sweet face and lovely hair. The (born: May 7, 1987)-year old is as sweet as sugar along with a sweet smile and a great singing voice. Asami Konno also has played as a football goalie for the Gatas Brilhantes Hello! Project futsal (indoor football/soccer) team. In fact, Asami is a very sporty girl. Watch Kon-Kon in action as a goalie in this video below (she's #12 on the team):

If you want to see more pictures, I have found a Picasa gallery featuring more kawaii pictures of Asami Konno. Take a look if you're interested: Picasa Gallery featuring Asami Konno.

Risa Niigaki (Japan).

Risa Niigaki
^ from: - Equally sweet-faced Risa Niigaki.

(Born: October 20, 1988)-year old Risa Niigaki was also part of Hello! Project in her past. Like Asami Konno, Risa is also super-cute and has also played for the Gatas Brilhantes Hello! Project futsal team. Let Risa-san sing for you! She sings "Never Forget" solo in this video:

Rio Natsume (Japan).

Rio Natsume
^ from: - The deliciously sexy former gravure model, Rio Natsume.

Rio Natsume is a sexy buxom who used to be a gravure model. In fact, Rio was the first-ever gravure model whom I became a fan of. She no longer is a model. So with this said, her hot and sexy pictures still resonate with me even to this day. I salute and say hello to Rio Natsume if she is somehow reading this blog post of mine. You're one of the sexiest women in this universe. STILL one of the sexiest even if no longer modeling. Truly a gravure goddess.

Yoko Matsugane (Japan).

Yoko Matsugane
^ from: - Gravure model Yoko Matsugane and her copious breasts.

Like Rio, Yoko Matsugane is another busty beauty. I learned of this gravure hottie around the time I learned of Rio Natsume. She, too is a deliciously hot Japanese lady.

Saori Yamamoto (Japan).

The sweet-as-sugar Tokyo native Saori Yamamoto is both a model as well as a musician. She plays some alternative rock music aside from her lovely modeling pictures. Here is a video showcasing the super-cute Saori Yamamoto:

Isn't she cute? ;)

Sayaka Isoyama (Japan).

Sayaka Isoyama is one seductive Japanese hottie. Luscious curves and a sweet face make her a truly lovely lady. Here is a look at this lady in this video. Just goes to show you how Japanese girls can perfectly balance cute and sexy:

If you want to see how hot Sayaka Isoyama is, here is a YouTube video for you. I decided to post a link to this video since I want to keep my blog post as world-friendly as possible. Be warned... this video, while not considered as objectionable by YouTube, may not be safe for work. So here is the video: "Sayaka Isoyama in Black" on YouTube.

Mayumi (Japan).

Mayumi used to be a model and a grid girl. I best know her as being a race queen for Symbolic Motor Car and the STP Taisan team. The combination of a sexy race queen as well as having absolutely beautiful looks makes this cute from Osaka memorable for me. She no longer does modeling. In fact, there was an unfortunate incident when she was hit by a car and had to deal with having lots of pain in her back. I do hope she's well however she's doing right now.

I honestly can't find any pictures or videos on her that I can actually use, but I don't want to forget her because Mayumi is a very beautiful lady. So if you want to see pictures of her (albeit old pictures), I invite you to view these images on IGN's UK site.

Namie Amuro (Japan).

When I was learning about Japanese pop, I've always learned of Namie as the queen of JPOP. Here is a sample of Namie Amuro's singing:

(A possible blog post on her is something I'm not ruling out in the future.)

Ayumi Hamasaki (Japan).

Ayumi Hamasaki
^ from: - Ayumi (or just "Ayu") Hamasaki.

While many would consider her the Britney Spears or the Paulina Rubio of Japan, (born: October 2, 1978)-year old Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the all-time best in the realm of Japanese pop. I've known her in supplying the theme to the PlayStation 1 RPG, "Thousand Arms."

(A possible blog post on her is something I'm not ruling out in the future.)

Aya Matsuura (Japan).

Aya Matsuura is one of many alums of the supergroup Morning Musume. My all-time favorite song of hers is "Love Namida Iro." This young singer has also been in a variety of commercials and even done some acting. And oh, did I mention she's super cute? :) See for yourself by checking out this classic song. It's "Love Namida Iro" below:

(A possible blog post on her is something I'm not ruling out in the future.)

EmyLi (Japan).

This young and beautiful Japanese singer is EmyLi. One of her first hit songs was "Tekito Lover." This song and the video for it can be heard below:

I blogged about EmyLi long ago. To see it, read "EmyLi" on John's Blog Space.

Yuki (of Roconamente) (Japan).

As part of the duo known as roconamente, Yuki is the kawaii singer who wears creative outfits and expends her creative energy in her music. roconamente is best known for cover songs of anime songs as well as some non-anime songs. The one doing the singing is the super-cute Yuki. I blogged about roconamente in my blog post called "roconamente" here on John's Blog Space. How cute is Yuki? Here is one of her performances on YouTube (you may need to turn down the volume):

My blog post on roconamente can be read here: "roconamente" on John's Blog Space.

Riyo Mori (Japan).

Riyo Mori
^ from: - Riyo Mori won Miss Universe in 2007 representing Miss Japan.

Riyo Mori won Miss Universe in 2007. She is only the second Miss Universe winner from Japan, the first Miss Japan winner was Akiko Kojima back in 1959 (no relation to Hideo Kojima, at least I think).

Kurara Chibana (fan page link) (Japan).

Kurara Chibana is a (born March 27, 1982)-year old model. This is a brief video showcasing this beautiful lady:

Chiaki Kuriyama (Japan).

Chiaki Kuriyama
^ from: - Whether you know her as Chiaki Kuriyama or Gogo Yubari, she's still a Japanese beauty.

As I was putting the finishing touches to this blog post, I wanted to make mention to one lady you may have heard of from "Kill Bill: Volume 1." She swings a mean morning star playing as one of the villains in "Kill Bill: Volume 1." This girl is known as Gogo Yubari in the movie, but away from this movie, she is (born: October 10, 1984)-year old Chiaki Kuriyama- a Japanese girl with some very long hair.

Keiko Lynn (Japan).

Keiko Lynn was born in Florida and resides in Brooklyn. This young fashion blogger is 25% Japanese, so this beauty very much qualifies as part of the East Asian beauties. She is also big on beauty in addition to fashion. Another thing dear to Keiko Lynn's heart are animals, which she cares very deeply for. Postlapsaria is her own fashion store. This video introduces you to this beautiful young lady:

Her blog can be reached at Visit today!

Akino (links to her blog) (Japan).

"Aki no Yuutsu" is a blog here on Blogspot about a young lady named Akino (or just "Aki") who is Japanese-Thai. In her videos and in some of her blog posts, she expresses her trilingual skills. She speaks English, Japanese, and Thai. Visit her blog to see her vast array of fashion styles!

Mizuho, of "XOXO HiLAMEE" (Japan).

(ADDED: September 10, 2013)
Mizuho runs "xoxo HiLAMEE"-

Aika of "AikA's Love Closet" (Japan).

(ADDED: September 10, 2013)
Born in Kanagawa and based in Seattle, Aika showcases her style in "AikA's Love Closet." I became fond of her after seeing her LOOKBOOK posts. She has great style. Feel free to visit Aika's blog to see her many different fashion styles.

Ayu, of "Dreamy Explorer" (Japan).

(ADDED: September 10, 2013)
Ayu is a young blogger from Japan who has a lovely sense of style. Check out her diverse styles by visiting "Dreamy Explorer."

L.E.N. of "FETISH TOKYO" (Japan).

(ADDED: September 10, 2013)
She was born and raised in Tokyo. "FETISH TOKYO" is the blog of a stylish and chic Japanese woman. I followed her from LOOKBOOK. Many of her looks are classy and chic. However, she can also mix things up and go casual.

Kanaho, of "Kanaho's Show!" (Japan).

(ADDED: September 10, 2013)
Kanaho's style can mostly be defined as colorful. Perhaps even experimental. There is no shortage of color and charm when Kanaho showcases her own unique fashion style. To get a proper look at her style, visit "Kanaho's Show!" today.

Arika Sato (Japan - Honorable Mention!).

Arika Sato
^ from: - Arika Sato is one of the hottest women anywhere in the world. Many know this Japanese-American lady from the "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" reality TV series.

Japanese-American beauty Arika Sato is mostly known as a contestant on MTV's "Paris Hilton: My New BFF" reality TV competition. Her ambition to become a celebrated star in TV and media is an ambition I proudly cheer her on for. This lady is immensely entertaining, immensely beautiful, and immensely hot! To read my old blog post on her, check out "Arika Sato" here on John's Blog Space.

Kimora Lee Simmons (Honorable Mention!).

She's the queen of all things Baby Phat. She lives life in the fab lane. And... she happens to be Afro-Asian. Kimora Lee Simmons was born on May 4, 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Her mother is Korean-born Japanese. Here is a sample of Kimora Lee Simmons in this video:

Maria Ozawa (or Miyabi) (Japan).

With a Japanese mother and a French-Canadian father, Maria Ozawa (with the stage name of Miyabi) is a sexy former adult video model. The (born: January 8, 1986)-year old is one of my own Capricorns. Maria is also a lady who has a pretty nice booty. :D I read on Wikipedia that she is a big gaming fan. Got to love a girl gamer. :) This video is a promotional video of this very sexy woman. It's either this or nothing:

These are some of Japan's beautiful ladies. These are the Japanese ladies as beautiful as the islands and the land they represent. I hope you enjoyed some of the many Japanese natives and Japanese-descent ladies here.

I'm not done yet! I have many other countries and ladies to feature! Read on to see more beautiful ladies profiled (or disregard this line if you are reading the full post).

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--- East Asian Beauties: Korea Republic ---

(This section: South Korea and North Korea)

Time to give some beautiful Korean ladies some love here. This section features Korean ladies as well as those of Korean descent.

An nyoung ha seh yo, Korea! ^_^

Park Soo Kyung (Korea Republic).

Park Soo Kyung is a Korean hottie with very sensual curves. This delicious beauty was selected as Maxim South Korea in 2006. She is also a Korean grid girl. Did you know Korean girls can be super-hot? If you didn't know that, you'll be a believer once you see this beauty here:

Kim Go-Eun (Byul) (Korea Republic).

Kim Go-Eun (Byul)
^ from: - Byul is a great singer from South Korea.

Kim Go-Eun is better known by her stage name of Byul. I know of Byul best for one of the most beautiful Korean songs I've ever heard. Anyone familiar with Korean drama might have heard of "Full House." This is the Korean drama "Full House," not the popular American comedy "Full House." This may be one of the most beautiful songs you'll hear. Don't believe me? Listen to the theme of "Full House" in this video:

^ "I Think I" by Byul (includes Korean lyrics)

Well? Impressed?

Keira Kang (Facebook Fan Page) (Korea Republic).

Any long-time reader of "John's Blog Space" may have seen my post on Keira Kang. This young Korean has been through a lot of tumult in her life. She is someone trying to make it in the music realm as well as in the fashion realm. Though her past hasn't been beautiful, Keira is definitely beautiful. Do you want to hear a sample of Keira Kang's singing? Of course you do! Have a listen:

More of her videos can be seen on Keira Kang's YouTube channel. Don't forget also to read my blog post on Keira Kang!

Amerie (Korea Republic - Honorable Mention!).

You remember earlier I talked about "Blasian" women? Well, here's one of them. Of Black and Korean descent, Amerie is a singer who is an alum of Georgetown University. She is one of many famous "Blasian" (Black and Asian) women out there. This is the first thing I think of whenever I hear of Amerie. It's the first song to come to mind for me. And really... the ONLY song I know of best from this Black/Korean beauty:

^ "Why Don't We Fall in Love?" (2002) from Amerie's VEVO channel

(ADDED: June 18, 2012) from the range of songs in Saints Row 2, here is another hot song from the Black-Korean:

^ "Amerie - 1 Thing"

Yoon Mi Rae (Korea Republic - Honorable Mention!).

(born: May 31, 1981)-year old Yoon Mi Rae is a very popular Black and Korean hip-hop artist. She also does some rhythm and blues as well. She was born Tasha Reid. As a native Texan, I'm proud to say that Yoon Mi Rae is one of my fellow Texans- born in Portland, Texas (a suburb of Corpus Christi).

I wish I could embed this video to this blog post. But unfortunately, embedding was disabled. I found a great song where this Black-Korean beauty sings beautifully. I think it's something you really need to hear if you love rhythm and blues-type music. So if you want to hear Yoon Mi Rae sing, click on this link: Yoon Mi Rae - Don't Leave Me (this is a VERY good song!).

These are some of Korea's loveliest ladies. Thanks for reading!

--- East Asian Beauties: China ---

(This section: People's Republic of China)

It's rare I get blog hits from China, but I want to showcase some of China's lovely ladies in this post.

Ni-hao, China! ^_^

Coco Lee (China).

Coco Lee is a Chinese pop star who has a long history of singing. She was the very first Chinese artist to perform at the Oscars. She made her American debut in 1999 with "Do You Want My Love?" If you have never heard this song before, here is your first chance to see and hear Coco Lee. Trust me, this is a cool song:

^ "Do You Want My Love?" (1999) from Coco Lee

Zhang Zilin (China).

Zhang Zilin won Miss World 2007. This beautiful (born: March 22, 1984)-year old from Shijiazhuang, China is one of the loveliest Chinese supermodels in the world. She stands 5'11" (the same height as Taylor Swift and Wendy Williams) and has an extensive sports background. Want to know how she sounds? Have a look and a listen:

Allison Teng (China - Honorable Mention!)

Allison of "Curvy Girl Chic" more than qualifies as an East Asian beauty. The young blogger is Cantonese-Taiwanese. "Curvy Girl Chic" is a blog devoted to plus size fashion. This Asian beauty will astound you with her incredible sense of style. Visit her blog and see her beauty by going to Curvy Girl Chic.

Alexa Chung (Chinese - Honorable Mention!).

It's on with Alexa Chung! Though British, (born: November 5, 1983)-year old Alexa Chung has some Chinese blood in her. Her father is of Chinese-British descent. What I respect most from a fashion perspective on Alexa is that she doesn't play by any fashion rules. Her own fashion style is... well, hers. This was the best I could find and embed to introduce you all to Alexa Chung:

(A possible blog post on her is something I'm not ruling out in the future.)

--- East Asian Beauties: Mongolia ---

I have no idea of any Mongolian ladies, so don't expect too much here.

Oyungerel Gankhuyag (Mongolia).

Oyungerel Gankhuyag
^ from: - Miss World 2007 and representing Mongolia that year, Oyungerel Gankhuyag.

The winner of Miss Mongolia in 2007 was Oyungerel Gankhuyag. She was born in 1985 and is from Mongolia's capital city of Ulannbattar.

--- East Asian Beauties: Taiwan ---

From Taiwan or of Taiwanese descent.

Faline Song (Facebook Fan Page)

Faline Song
^ from:, by way of - Faline Song is an import model of Taiwanese descent (Taiwan).
Import model Faline Song is a beautiful young model of Taiwanese descent. I best know this sweet petite (she's 5'1") for being not only beautiful, but also very silly. She has a great sense of humor while also making some amazing-looking pictures. Faline Song has recently wanted to focus more on photography than modeling. So if you want to see more of Faline Song, visit Faline Song's Facebook Fan Page on Photography or Faline Song on Model Mayhem.

Lucy Liu (Taiwan).

Lucy Liu
^ from: - Actress Lucy Liu.
(Born: December 2, 1968)-year old actress Lucy Liu is Taiwanese-American. Her roots are Chinese since her parents are from (respectively) Shanghai and Beijing. One interesting experience in her acting career was the movie "3 Needles." It was a movie regarding the AIDS problem in China, Africa, and Canada. I also remembered seeing her as villainess O-Ren Ishii, part of the final battle in "Kill Bill: Volume 1."

HitomiNeko (Taiwan).

HitomiNeko is the blog of a young deco designer. Hitomi also provides some beauty insight. This is a Taiwanese-American (?) blogger is beautiful in looks as well as in speaking. She personifies cute on so many levels, it's insane. Here is how cute she is with this video as she introduces herself to you:

Visit her blog called *~ HitomiNeko ~* * * Lovely Things in my life * * *.

Kileen (Taiwan - Honorable Mention!)

One of the loveliest ladies in all of blogging, Kileen is of Taiwanese descent though representing my home state of Texas. She is the creator of "cute and little," a petite fashion blog featuring some exceptional-looking outfits. Her most popular blogging pieces come in her Color Brigade series. The Color Brigade posts feature some of Kileen's most colorful outfits. In addition, other fashionistas showcase their colorful style and get some mentions in the Color Brigade posts. Visit this lovely lady's blog at "cute and little" today!

--- East Asian Beauties: Macau, S.A.R., China ---

Those born in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau are featured here.

Cherry Ng (Macau).

Cherry Ng
^ from:, by way of - Cherry Ng, the winner of the 2010 Miss Macau pageant.

Miss Macau 2010 Tourism Queen International (TQI) went to Cherry Ng. This sweet-as-sugar cutie from Macau is very beautiful. She introduces herself to you in this video:

Maybe if there are more from Macau, I'll add them as need be.

--- East Asian Beauties: Hong Kong, S.A.R., China ---

Finally, here are women born in Hong Kong or from Hong Kong. Those ladies born in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong will be featured here. Saluting all you Hong Kongers!

Maggie Cheung (or Zhang Manyu(?)) (Hong Kong).

Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung is among one of the most celebrated actresses. The (born: September 20, 1964)-year old Hong Kong native was the first Asian to win the "Best Actress Award" at the Cannes Film Festival. She has won countless other awards and accolades including the Hong Kong Film Award (five times), the Taiwan Golden Horse award (5 times), and other awards at other different ceremonies. She was even Miss Hong Kong before. Needless to say, this beauty has a deep passion and dedication for her work. She showcases her passion in movies in this video:

Jill Vidal (Hong Kong).

Jill Vidal
^ from: - Jill Vidal is a beautiful Hong Konger who had an ugly moment that has fairly silenced her music career.

Jill Vidal was a singer of rhythm and blues and contemporary music in her native Hong Kong. Unfortunately, some legal troubles have halted her singing career. She and her boyfriend, Kelvin Kwan, were both being accused of shoplifting as well as marijuana usage in Tokyo in 2009. Jill Vidal got involved with trafficking heroin in Tokyo in 2009, and she was later imprisoned for two years as well as being suspended for three years. The (born: April 13, 1982)-year old is still a beautiful lady. She is of Chinese, Filipino, and Korean descent.

Sammi Cheung (Hong Kong).

Though she didn't win Miss Hong Kong in 2010, Sammi Cheung still represented Hong Kong in the 2010 as Miss Hong Kong World that year. Sammi lost Miss Hong Kong to Toby Chan (who would later be voted as the "Ugliest Miss Hong Kong") that year. Allow Sammi to introduce herself to you:

Miss Kwong (Hong Kong - Honorable Mention!)

Miss Kwong may be one of the most stylish teachers in the world. She believes that not every teacher wears horrid, boring outfits to class. This blogger proves this point brilliantly as she introduces you to her vast array of styles. Recently, she has even adopted the usage of lovely fashion sketches to further showcase her array of styles. Let this Hong Kong beauty show you how to teach... in style! Check out Miss Kwong - From Art to Classroom today!

I will further expand upon my "Asian Beauties" Series to include many more lovely ladies from Asia. Also included in this series, I will eventually talk about lovely ladies from Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Do any of you loyal readers have any other East Asian lovelies I should make mention to? If so, you're free to contact me online through E-Mail or through social media. Until next time... Thank you for reading!

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