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(UPDATED: June 10, 2012)

The duo known as roconamente features a lady named Yuki and a fellow named Masato. Yuki is a super-cute girl who wears some fun outfits while singing covers of anime songs as well as certain other songs. Masato is sort of the man behind the scenes putting the whole deal together. I do enjoy Yuki with her cute singing and fun videos. However, you don't hear or see Masato. I want to try to make mention to both members of roconamente in this blog post. This blog post will just introduce you to the duo known as roconamente.


JU 10 2012 - made various edits, added content

--- roconamente ---

Here are the two who make up roconamente:

Yuki roconamente
^ from:, by way of - Yuki, of roconamente. She's the cutie who sings her heart out and has fun with costumes in her songs.

Masato roconamente
^ from:, by way of - Masato, of rocanamente. He's the guy who helps out in arranging the music and a lot of the accompanying instrumentals.

roconamente mostly does cover songs of anime songs and even a few other songs. The two formed roconamente in 2008. Yuki is the one singing sweetly and wearing cute costumes to make the videos fun. From her bio on roconamente's home page, Yuki is a graduate of Kyoto University, and she has composed and sang music for roconamente since roconamente was formed. She wears some nice outfits to get into the flow of the music. Masato is the one who provides a lot of the accompanying music and work to make their music. Masato has been involved with guitar music since 1993. His career of playing at clubs and in making CDs goes back to 2000 And in 2008, he lent his work to roconamente. Their music has been featured on Japanese stations such as J-WAVE and NHK. They have even had their music recognized in January 2010 for the Yokohama Music Awards when "Cosmic?Rendez-Vous" was nominated as one of the Monthly Artist entries. I don't know if they won the Monthly Artist honors for January 2010 or not (after using Google Translate to translate Japanese), but they were at least honored for their work.

(ADDED: June 10, 2012)
Yuki launched an individual channel where she shares some more lighthearted content. It is popular, however, because of Yuki sharing some Japanese lessons to others. She teaches hiragana and some basic Japanese on her YouTube channel called "RoconaticAngel." A link to her other YouTube channel will be included later in this blog post.

Roconamente won J-MELO's Star Search competition earlier this year. J-MELO is a Japanese music program done entirely in English. My congratulations go out to Roconamente on a job well done.

That's as much as I know on roconamente!

--- roconamente in Videos ---

WARNING: This section contains multiple YouTube videos. Your ability to view this blog and this blog post may be compromised if you have a slow connection. I apologize if you are unable to fully enjoy this blog post because of so many videos.

Here are some video samples of their work. All videos are provided for educational purposes.

This was the first video I saw of roconamente as I received a YouTube friend request from them. This is Yuki singing one of my all-time favorite songs of the Ranma ½ series, "Omoide ga Ippai":

(ADDED: October 25, 2011) This is one of roconamente's original songs, Telepathy:


roconamente | Myspace Music Videos

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More roconamente Videos.

Here are many more videos from roconamente.

^ "Sunset Beach" cover

^ "Tenshi no Engou" cover

Team Edward? Team Jacob? I'm with Team roconamente! :D

This is a great one here, a cover of '80s pop idol, Nami Shimada. Great instrumentals and singing by Yuki:

The creativity continues with these two videos. She has this guitar here...

...and another one in this video. Yuki sings a unique cover of "Surfer Girl" by the Beach Boys here:

Here is a non-singing video of Yuki from last year:

There are two songs from roconamente's official home page that I've been unable to link to in this blog post. So to hear "Sakura" and "Cosmic?Rendez-Vous," visit the music page on roconamente's official website.

--- What I Would Tell roconamente (if they read this) ---

Hi there! Keep up the great work! Thanks so much for the YouTube friend request. I wish you all nothing but the best!

To Yuki...

Keep singing beautifully and keep providing your outstanding energy to songs. You are truly wonderful!

To Masato...

Keep up the great work, man!

Would I Want to Meet Yuki And/Or Masato?

Sure! Yuki seems like such a sweet and respectful person (as well as fun). Masato seems like a very cool guy. Yeah, it would be cool to meet either or both members of roconamente.

Do you like roconamente? If so, here are more ways to enjoy roconamente and their music (WARNING: most links are mostly in Japanese):
roconamente official home page
roconamente on Myspace - Yuki
roconamente on Myspace - Masato
roconamente on YouTube - Yuki
roconamente on YouTube - Yuki (alternate channel)
roconamente on YouTube - Masato
roconamente's blog - Yuki
roconamente on
Follow roconamente's Yuki on Twitter!
Follow roconamente's Masato on Twitter!

Thank you for reading!

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