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Aarti Sequeira

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(UPDATED on February 8, 2011 with three YouTube videos.)

Aarti Sequeira is the season 6 winner of "The Next Food Network Star." The (born Aug. 19, 1978)-year old native of Mumbai, India is becoming as much an inspiration to me as Paula Deen. She is super-cute in looks as well as in personality. She speaks beautifully as well. Her food inspiration and in going from nobody to somebody is an intriguing one. Aarti likes to apply an Indian twist to classic dishes.

This blog entry concerns the former CNN producer turned Food Network Star.

--- Aarti Sequeira ---
Let's set the mood with a picture of the very cute lady from India:
Aarti Sequeira
^ from:, courtesy of Food Network - Aarti Sequeira... flower in hair, beautiful smile, and all.

Aarti Sequeira gained some popularity prior to the Food Network competition by hosting an online cooking variety show called "Aarti Paarti." She introduced her recipes as well as have a few variety show aspects. According to an interview she did for Entertainment Weekly, her plans to have her variety aspect of her show is on hold "for now." Aarti was once a producer for CNN for multiple years before moving on to being the Food Network star she is today. She's very educated, having gone to multiple schools to specialize in multiple fields. One of them included The New School of Cooking in California, where she'd get her professional degree in cooking. Besides these things in this paragraph, I don't know as much about her as I would like to.

Newfound Admiration.

Aarti Sequeira really touched my heart the way I've seen her, but even more so learning of her story. I was watching a YouTube video from CNN's YouTube channel. Aarti talked about not being sure what to do with her life. She was blogging as well as making recipes. She then would start her own online cooking variety show (her past videos can still be viewed on YouTube). Think about it- living on unemployment checks, blogging, going to cooking school and making videos on her food dishes. This was her craft and her passion. How did it end up when she was discovered and was getting paid for her work? She'd become a food star. Aarti Sequeira is proof positive that if you think blogging and posting a bunch of stuff online will get you nowhere, you'd be dead wrong. This lady applies her craft and her passion very well and has resulted in her being the host of her own cooking show. So to all of my readers and subscribers... DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Keep doing what you love because your big break may one day come. Maybe you will be as recognized and regarded quite like Aarti Sequeira.

What I love most about Aarti Sequeira is her passion and determination. For someone who hasn't seen a single episode of "The Next Food Network Star," I've seen a woman who works extremely hard to not disappoint. I see a very cute lady who has love and passion of expressing her talent and making material that people will love. In addition, I see someone who always works to impress her audience and fears disappointing anyone. She kind of reminds me of myself at times. Aarti, then, seems to be very sweet and committed to excellence. That is why I have become a fan of hers. She is as much an inspiration to me as Paula Deen (in terms of people in the food industry).

Aarti Style.

True to her Indian roots, Aarti Sequeira has some nice Hindu style. She mostly wears American-style clothes on the set of Aarti Party as well as some more traditional Indian wear at times. She blossoms with beauty with a flower in her hair. In addition to a flower, her beauty blossoms more when she smiles and speaks with passion and confidence.

I honestly wish I could watch "Aarti Party" more often to see what she really brings to the table (no pun intended) in making and preparing food. Because I'm not any kind of cook or good with any food that isn't microwavable, I cannot comment on how effective her recipes are. Then again... have I ever said this is a blog entry about her cooking?

--- What I Would Tell Aarti Sequeira (If She Were to Read This) ---
Here are some videos previewing the beautiful Aarti Sequeira...

The first one introduces you to Aarti:

And this video was a TV spot on the Food Network introducing you to Aarti Party:

This video below is a preview of "Aarti Party" on the Food Network. Here, she prepares what she calls a Sloppy Bombay Joe:

Isn't Aarti cute? :)

--- What I Would Tell Aarti Sequeira (If She Were to Read This) ---
Hello, Aarti! I am mostly a fan of yours because of your inspiration and what you bring to your field of study. Perhaps the fact that you did not know what direction your life was heading, yet still made something of yourself by blogging and doing this online cooking variety show, you represent not only everyone who has ambition, but everyone who tries to do ANYTHING to potentially have a brighter future. You have been discovered for your fine work. Now that you've won The Next Food Network Star, you've inspired many people who know your story and know about your unrelenting passion to deliver in your field of study. I even imagine if I will ever get a big break of my own for my blogging and YouTube work. If I ever become any kind of star in any field of study, most of my work will be because of you, Aarti. Your inspiration and determination have really struck a chord in me.

If anything, following your passion and excelling in your craft can lead to bigger and better things. This has defined you and has lead you to become this new Food Network star. Your success, however, is mostly predicated by the many other people who were sold on your vision and your passion. Congratulations on this honor. I am very much passionate and respectful of your work.

Speaking of passion, you kind of remind me of myself in trying to impress people, while avoiding the feeling of failure. You have an amazing heart and endless determination- just like myself. We both tend to have a passion to entertain and impress our respective audiences. We feel terrible if we disappoint in our crafts. Aarti, you are a great inspiration to me. Thank you for your inspiration.

Would I want to meet Aarti Sequeira (if given the chance)?

Definitely. Especially considering that she went from blogging and YouTube to ultimately become a star. That alone is worth respect.

This concludes my blog entry on the delightful and beautiful Aarti Sequeira. For more information on the Food Network star, I have some links for you to check out:

Aarti Sequeira's Bio on Food Network (includes a full bio if you click on "Read Full Bio")
Aarti Sequeira's blog
Aarti's former blog (in case you're interested; before moving on to Wordpress)
Aarti's past YouTube videos
Entertainment Weekly interview with Aarti Sequeira

Aarti Sequeira's Facebook Fan Page
Follow Aarti Sequeira on Twitter

And remember- as Aarti Sequeira would say: "Eat. Giggle. Repeat."

Thank you for reading!

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