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I love cats and rabbits, but I've recently been fond of horses. I'd never want to own a horse or learn to ride a horse. However, I do think horses are beautiful creatures. Maybe it's just the fact that horses are just so majestic as they romp around stables and out in the open. I sometimes see some horse riders ride their horses on the grass or something as cars roll by. This blog post is mostly driven by YouTube videos more than

Maybe this blog post will appeal to you if you love horses or are fond of horses. Consider this a compliment to my blog post about rabbits that I did long ago.

--- Horses in General ---
beautiful horse
^ from: www.persianhub.org - a Persian horse.

Whether for keeping in stables, doing equestrian events, horse racing, or whatever the case... horses are truly beautiful creatures. They are muscular and have lovely flowing manes and tails. Think about seeing a horse roam freely in a ranch or out in the open. Just seeing a horse gallop and roam freely is just a beautiful sight. What about those into sports involving horses? Whether it's some equestrian events, rodeo, or horse racing (which I am not any kind of fan of); horses are great animals.

I do NOT know my breeds of horses. If I do have a favorite kind of horse, I've always found Clydesdales to be beautiful horses. You may be familiar with Clydesdales if you watch Budweiser commercials. Those are really the only breed of horses I am familiar with. Them, and other kinds that I only know of from sports teams: mustangs, colts, broncos, stuff like that.

There was a news story I once saw where mustangs were being threatened by certain people. I am not any kind of animal activist (or any kind of activist), but those were some beautiful horses being threatened by a certain organization or some bunch of heartless idiots. It was an unusual way that I became compassionate for the safety of horses.

Horses also have their fair share in mythology and fiction. Here are a few for you (without pictures). Click on the Wikipedia links to learn more about them through Wikipedia:


Half-horse, half-human; the Centaurs are one of many different unique creatures in Greek Mythology. They were monsters in a number of games including "The Battle of Olympus," "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest," and other games. Motaro is a Centaur beast who serves as a demon in "Mortal Kombat III." More information on the Centaur (Wikipedia)


The beautiful unicorn is a mythical horse that bears one huge horn on its head. They represent good luck. Killing a unicorn brings about bad luck and a curse. In today's culture, makeup maker Lime Crime features a unicorn as its logo. The coat of arms of a number of countries and territories use the unicorn in them. More information on the unicorn (Wikipedia)


Pegasus is a beautiful mythical creature. Whereas the unicorn is known for its huge horn on its head, Pegasus is best known for being a majestic horse with wings. The logo for Mobil 1 motor oil features a red Pegasus. TriStar Pictures Inc. features Pegasus as its logo. More information on Pegasus (Wikipedia)

So now you have some idea as to how I've gotten into horses.

The rest of this blog post is mostly YouTube-driven content on horses as well as a semi-dedication to one fallen horse from a blogger I follow. The Jump Break is provided for performance purposes. To continue reading this post, click "Read More," or continue reading (if you are reading the full post).

Thank you for continuing to read this post!

--- Horse Videos: Basic ---
It is now time to express the beauty of horses in videos. These are all YouTube videos to showcase the beauty of horses. So please have a look at these beautiful creatures in these videos.

Girl on a Pony.

A cute little girl is riding a beautiful white pony in this video. (Music included)

Arabian Horse.

This video was a promotion of Arabian horses:

--- Horse Videos: Sports ---
Here are various sports featuring horses in various sporting competitions.


This lady is riding a horse in equestrian competition. Have a look:


Polo is a team sport that involves horses. It is a sport you may have seen me make mention of from my "Preppy Fashion" blog post.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a decent video on polo. So in a future edit, I may feature a video here.

Horse Racing.

Even though I prefer motor racing than horse racing, this video offers a different kind of horsepower. Some horses have cool names while some others have some horrid names. Regardless, horse racing has its own appeal. Among the major events are the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes among other events. This sample video of horse racing is the 2008 Kentucky Derby:

I also tried to find some videos on horses in rodeo action, but I was unable to find any good videos. Most of the ones I looked up involved rodeo horses getting killed, and I don't want to feature that for my readers. It would undermine the purpose of me showcasing horses in this blog post.

--- Horse Videos: Bonus Videos! ---
These are horse-related videos.

The Saddle Club.

This is a lovely song you may recall if you are a fan of "The Saddle Club." This is the title song, "Hello World" below:

Horsepower... of a Different Kind?

What's the most famous horse that isn't a horse? Ferrari, of course! You know what the heck you see blasting down the road when you see that black Prancing Horse on Ferrari's shield. Here is horsepower of a kind different from what this blog post is supposed to be about:

Don't say I've never done anything for you! :)

--- A Special Dedication... ---
In making and editing this initial blog post, I began to think about a blogger I follow here on Blogger/Blogspot. Keiko Lynn posted a blog post called "Shawn." in loving memory of one of her best friends back in late July 2011. Shawn was a lovely horse whom the Florida-born Keiko Lynn loved dearly. Only thing more fabulous than Keiko Lynn was her fallen horse.

My blog post on horses is semi-dedicated in loving memory of Keiko Lynn's fallen horse, Shawn. My blog post is also dedicated to anyone who had a horse or a pony who recently passed away. Check out Keiko Lynn's rather emotional and passionate blog post called "Shawn." on keiko lynn.

Horses are glorious creatures that are just an awesome force in this world. They are some of God's most beautiful creatures. I hope this blog post has helped you to enjoy the beauty of horses. Thank you for reading!

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