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Southern European Beauties

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(UPDATED: September 18, 2013)

I salute Southern Europe with this "European Beauties" series. This region features continental Southern Europe and certain Mediterranean islands. I often times get blog hits from Southern Europe. So allow me to showcase some of Southern Europe's finest and loveliest people. That's what I've done for this series and countless other locations, so what makes this much different? This blog post continues my "European Beauties" series by featuring beauties of Southern Europe.

Hello to all of my Southern European readers and visitors! Maybe I can do your region proud by featuring you all in this blog post!

WARNING: In an attempt to improve the performance of my blog when viewed from the main page or from an archive, I have limited the number of embedded videos. There may be a number of YouTube videos that may hinder your viewing performance. Be warned of this as you view my blog post here.

I also will replace certain images I am unable to use (due to copyright issues, for example).


SEP 18 2013 - made some edits

--- European Beauties: The Series ---

When a new post on each region is complete, expect to see updates linking you to posts in this series. Here is a look at this series of posts. The items in parentheses () indicate all the nations in each given region for which I hope to showcase proper in each post:

Western European Beauties
^ beauties from Western Europe (excluding UK and Ireland- I've already made a post on these beauties. To see my post on UK and Ireland beauties, please visit: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties). Featured persons from this region are from Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands.

Central European Beauties
^ beauties from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Southern European Beauties --- YOU ARE HERE ---
^ beauties from Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria

Eastern European Beauties
^ beauties from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russian Federation (west of Ural Mountains)

Northern European Beauties
^ beauties from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, Aland Islands, Iceland, and Greenland

Transcontinental European Beauties
^ beauties from the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

You will see a number of different personalities representing this specified region. In parentheses () is the nation represented in this post. Someone must either be from that nation or is of some sort of decent from that nation. So American-born person of Italian decent or part-Italian decent would qualify as a Italian person in this post.

This Region - Southern Europe.

This region consists of beauties representing Southern Europe in some capacity. The following locations are featured:

• Italy
• Vatican City
• San Marino
• Slovenia
• Croatia
• Serbia
• Montenegro
• Albania
• Greece
• Malta
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Kosovo
• Macedonia
• Cyprus
• Bulgaria

This continues my European Beauties series by focusing mostly on Southern Europe. I want to find at least something to showcase to you on each personality. I can't accept certain personalities in my posts if I can't find anything for you to look at. No image hotlinking to any bloggers will be featured. This is to avoid certain copyright issues. So if you see a blog I make mention to, click on the heading to that entry to visit that person's blog in the case of blogging beauties.

--- Before I Begin... Lighthearted Musings ---

Let me kind of warm up the mood before sharing some beauties. Maybe you can respond to some of these...

• "Ciao" to all of my lovely Italian readers! Italy is commonly a visitor to my blog(s) and its/their post(s).

• Just because I feature a certain country or territory doesn't exactly mean I will cover each location. So therefore, I don't think I'll be able to find anyone who may have been born in Vatican City. I put in certain places as a reference.

• I best know the Republic of San Marino for the Imola race track as well as the San Marino Grand Prix. Sadly, I also know it as the track where the late great Ayrton Senna was killed in 1994 along with Roland Ratzenberger that same race weekend. I don't know if I can get anything on San Marino personalities. I learned of that famous structure in San Marino. It is the Fortress of Guaita.

• Slovenia is a nation south of Austria and north of Croatia. You may recall that I sometimes confuse Slovenia and Slovakia. It was in my "Central European Beauties" post that I featured Slovakian personalities. Here, you will see some Slovenian beauties as part of my Southern European Beauties post.

• I often get a lot of hits from Croatia. So I'm pleased to mention Croatia in this section. All I know about Croatia is its beautiful capital of Zagreb. I am a bit familiar with Split as well. One of the folks from my friends at GTPlanet is from Croatia, and he is a great insider on the Gran Turismo series.

• I also sometimes get hits from Albania. I forgot all about Albania when initially preparing this blog post. No worries now since I included Albania among the represented nations in this blog post. By the way... did you know Regis Philbin is half-Albanian? I also once learned of the symbol on Albania's flag. The black figure on Albania's flag is a two-headed eagle. The story of this eagle is chronicled in an Albanian folk tale called "The Tale of the Eagle." I learned also that the two heads represent the north and south of Albania.

• Greece is a country I've recently been fond of. Perhaps a lot of the landscape and coastal cities have caught my interest. Whether you are from mainland Greece or from any of Greece's beautiful islands (like Mykonos and Santorini), you're still getting some love if I feature you here. Speaking of Mykonos and Santorini, which Greek island would YOU visit? Old blog post of mine: "Take Your Pick: Mykonos or Santorini?" (John's Blog Space).

• At times, I get hits from Malta. If you have never seen pictures of Malta or read my blog post on Malta, you should see Malta. It is an absolutely beautiful island nation. This was an old post I did about Malta in case you're interested: "Malta" (John's Blog Space).

• I included Cyprus among the Southern European beauties as a last-minute addition. I wasn't sure whether or not Cyprus was a European nation or not until I did a little more research. Cyprus- which is south of the western half of Turkey is part of the European Union. So I attempted to add some beauties from Cyprus. Did I succeed? Find out later in this blog post!

• I know very little about Bulgaria. For some reason before preparing this post, I thought the Hagia Sophia was in Bulgaria. That beautiful structure is in Istanbul (a Sister City of Houston)! Maybe I had that mixed up because I only know one city in Bulgaria- Sofia. It does have a wonderful structure called the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Another famous structure in Sofia is the Church of St. George.

• Content-wise, this is one of the biggest posts I've ever done in my "Beauties" series. I never had to do so much researching and so much random browsing just to compile this list since when I did my Beauties posts on African beauties. This is one of my biggest efforts in this category of blog posts of mine since I went to a region-based format.

That's all from me. Time to begin the blog post.

--- Southern European Beauties ---

THIS REGION: Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria

I am not sure I am going to find one personality from every featured country. I'll do my best to feature as many as possible. Just remember to look at the country in parentheses to know what country I have them under. Click on any hyperlinked headings to visit that personality's website or fan page (if offered).

So let's begin!

Giuliana Rancic (Italy).

Born in Naples, Italy; you may have heard of Giuliana Rancic on the E! Network. She's one of the hosts of "Fashion Police" as well as being a star on her "Giuliana and Bill" reality TV series. Guiliana is ridiculously chic and stylish. The (born: August 17, 1975)-year old has a beaming personality and equally beaming style. Here is a sample of her humor when she appeared on The Ellen Show: Giuliana & Bill Rancic on The Ellen Show.

Giada de Laurentiis (Italy).

Giada de Laurentiis
^ from: www.immaculateinfatuation.com - Italian-American cooking goddess Giada de Laurentiis.

(Born: August 20, 1970)-year old Giada de Laurentiis is an absolutely beautiful lady to me. She has both a sweet voice and very beautiful looks. Do as the Romans do, because... she's Roman! Yep- she was born in Rome, Italy. Giada is best known as a food superstar. I know her on Food Network for "Giada at Home." While she makes delicious meals, she is a delicious beauty herself. She not only has beautiful looks, she also has a beautiful voice. Her voice alone is sometimes as sweet as the food she prepares. Here is an interview of this Italian beauty:

^ "Giada de Laurentiis on Cooking For Will and Kate!"

And here is where you can read an old blog post I did about her: "Giada de Laurentiis" (John's Blog Space).

Francesca Maria (Italy).

Singer, dancer, and songwriter Francesca Maria was someone I learned of through Myspace Music. She's all over the place after saying she's a singer-songwriter who also dances. Meet this lovely lady as this Italian presents this fun song:

^ "Drooid & Francesca Maria_ DON'T PLAY THIS"

Giusy Buscemi (Italy).

The 2012 winner of Miss Italy is Giusy Buscemi. She is a curly-haired Italian girl who is from city of Menfi on the Italian island of Sicily. Born on April 13, 1993; this breathtaking beauty can be seen in this video: Photoshoot: Giusy Buscemi Miss Italia 2012

Gabriella, of "Principessa Gabriella" (Italy).

Principessa Gabriella
^ from: twitter.com (links to profile) - Gabriella runs the blog "Principessa Gabriella."

Gabriella is a beautiful Italian-American whom I have made mention to before. Her blog is called "Principessa Gabriella," and it is a combination of fashion posts, life stories, literature, and more. Anyone whom has followed my blogging knows that I've made no shortage of featuring Gabriella and her work. Everything from my other "Beauties" posts featuring her as well as my posts on "StyleSpace by JBM" feature Gabriella in some sort of capacity. So if you've never visited her blog, click on the heading to this item to visit "Principessa Gabriella." Feel free to say "ciao" to my lovely blogging friend. And if Gabriella herself is reading this, "ciao!" and thanks for your continued support of my work.

Sunny Musiikki (Italy).

Link directs to her Facebook Fan Page.

The young Otaku dancer who goes by "Sunny Musikki" is an Italian girl named Elena. She performs to high-energy Japanese songs while dressing up in fun outfits. Allow me to share with you a sample of her dancing. This was really the first video of hers I've seen and enjoyed. It was her dancing to "Onnaji Kimochi" from TOKYO GIRLS STYLE. Here is her video:

^ "(link to video)"

Selena Gomez (Italy - Honorable Mention!)

Selena Gomez has both Mexican and Italian ancestry. So with being half-Mexican and half-Italian more than qualifies this Texas girl as part of the Southern European beauties. Selena gets her Italian ancestry from her adopted mother. In case you don't know who Selena Gomez is, here is a brief look at her. Selena Marie Gomez is a (born: July 22, 1992)-year old actress and singer. She has dated Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber before. Most of her acting fame was made with the Disney Channel series "Wizards of Waverly Place" among other work she's done for Disney.

Valentina Monetta (San Marino).

Valentina Monetta was born in the Republic of San Marino. This (born: March 1, 1975)-year old is a singer. She has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of times. Here is the beautiful Valentina Monetta singing:

^ "Valentina Monetta - Crisalide (Vola) (San Marino) - LIVE - 2013 Semi-Final (2)"

Tina Petelin (Slovenia).

Link directs to her Facebook fan page.

Miss Slovenia 2009 is (born: October 28, 1985)-year old Tina Petelin of Maribor, Slovenia. She is a fashion model. This very brief video features the beautiful Slovenian: Miss - Tina Petelin - potujem s Sonckom.

Sandra Adam (Slovenia).

2010's Miss Slovenia (Miss Slovenije) is named Sandra Adam, and she comes from Slovenia's capital city of Ljubljana. She did not compete in the 2010 Miss World pageant because she backed out of the competition late. Here is an interview done by Sandra Adam: Miss Slovenije 2010 Sandra Adam.

Anjeza Barbatovci (Slovenia).

Anjeza Barbatovci
^ from: www.hindustantimes.com - Anjeza Barbatovci is a beautiful model wanting to help the world for the better.

Also from Ljubljana, Slovenia is Miss Earth Slovenia 2012 winner Anjeza Barbatovci. So it is safe to say this beauty wants to make the world a better place. The theme in 2012 for Miss Earth 2012 was on sustainable energy. This was a cause Anjeza was dedicated working towards. As much as I appreciate her efforts, there's one problem. Anjeza's hot looks are doing nothing to help reverse global warming! :D

Tatjana Jeremic (Croatia).

Tatjana Jeremic
^ from: dalje.com (best I could find) - Croatian cutie Tatjana Jeremic.

Tatjana Jeremic won Miss Croatia in 2007. The native of Vukovar, Croatia was born in 1990. She represented Croatia at Miss World 2007.

Ivana, of "a little place to call my own" (Croatia).

(ADDED: September 8, 2013)
This is a blog called "a little place to call my own," and it is run by Croatian cutie Ivana. Her blog features both travel pictures and some of her fashion looks. She is a great supporter of my online work. So therefore, I salute this fine blogger by featuring her here. Please visit "a place to call my own" if you would like to see Ivana and her fine blogging work.

JUST SO YOU KNOW... I wanted to honor Ivana all along in my European Beauties series. I wasn't sure which to put her into. I initially had her in my initial "Northern European Beauties" blog post because when I did a translate, it said Lithuanian, and Lithuania was part of the nations represented in my "Northern European Beauties" post. I did another translation some time later, and it came out Croatian- which fits in line with this blog post. I absolutely apologize for the inconvenience.

More to come! Coming up after the Jump Break are beauties from various other nations, including Serbia, Albania, and Greece among other locations. The Jump Break is a performance measure for those viewing an archive or the main page. You can continue reading on by clicking on "Read More." Or, disregard this paragraph if you are reading the full post.

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Ana Ivanovic (Serbia).

(Born: November 6, 1987)-year old tennis player Ana Ivanovic hails from Belgrade, Serbia. Get to know Ana Ivanovic with this video: Ana Ivanovic -- The Open Drive: Australian Open 2012 brought to you by Kia.

Ana Nikolic (Serbia).

Link directs you to her Facebook fan page.

Ana Nikolic
^ from: tracara.com - Serbian singer Ana Nikolic.

From Jagodina, Serbia; Ana Nikolic is a Serbian hip-hop/pop singer-songwriter. The (born: September 27, 1978)-year old is famous for songs like "Januar," "Milion Dolara," "Djavo" and songs like that.

Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic (Serbia).

Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic (better known as "Ceca") is a Serbian Singer who is very lovely. She was born in Žitorada, Yugoslavia and is (born: June 14, 1973) years old.
Here is a performance from Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic you can see on YouTube. I know absolutely nothing about Serbian music, but this song is pretty cool:

^ "Ceca - Ime i prezime - (Ami G Show) - (Tv Pink 2013)"

Tijana Stajšic (Serbia).

Link directs you to her Facebook fan page.

Serbian siren Tijana Stajsic won Miss Yugoslavia in 2001. This Miss Serbia was born on Sombor, Serbia on March 26, 1984. She has a very hot body. How much so? This video is a slideshow of Tijana and her deliciously hot body: Sexiest Miss Serbia - Tijana Stajsic.

Jovana Jankovic (Serbia).

Jovana Jankovic
^ from: www.pulsonline.rs (best I could find) - Got legs? Serbian Jovana Jankovic surely does.

Morning TV Show Host Jovana Jankovic is a foxy woman with hot legs. I went ahead to find a picture rather than find a video, because I couldn't find a video that I liked which wasn't audioswapped. This (born: April 25, 1981)-year old is from Belgrade, Serbia. Among one of her other special roles was hosting the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest.

Jovana Nikolic (Serbia).

Jovana is a hot Serbian beauty. So how does she cool off? By figure skating. The (born: April 27, 1989)-year old is a figure skater. She can also model and sing. After an interview, she sings her heart out with this beautiful performance: Jovana Nikolic 2010 - S' mesta se pomeri (UZIVO) i intervju [VECE SA IVANOM IVANOVICEM]

Sanja Marinkovic (Serbia).

Sanja Marinkovic
^ from: www.vencanje.rs - Sanja Marinkovic.
Unfortunately, all I can pull up on Sanja Marinkovic is that this Serbian beauty is the hostess of Magazin IN on RTV Pink. Not much more I can pull up to properly introduce her to you all.

Ivana Stamenkovic (Serbia).

Serbian Model Ivana Stamenkovic (known today as Ivana Stamenkovic Sindi) has a deliciously hot body. She is a model that also is a singer. If you want to see Ivana in action, check this video out: VELIKI BRAT VIP 5 - Ivana Stamenkovic Sindi - Profil boravka - Dan 28.

Adrienne Janic (Serbia).

Meet Serbian-American model, actress, and TV host Adrienne Janic. The (born: July 25, 1974)-year old is a real car girl. She can be seen on shows like "Hot Rod TV" and is the host of "Overhaulin'." This beauty is a car girl. Here is a video of Adrienne Janic in a brief interview:

^ "Adrienne Janic on buidling her own car"

Jelena, of "Glam Fab Happy" (Serbia).

Jelena Zivanoic is a Serbian sweetheart based in Greece. She is the creator of both her blog, "Glam Fab Happy" (formerly known as "Glam and Fab Chameleon") as well as Glam Chameleon Jewelry- her own jewelry line. Jelena posts blog entries mostly focused on color rather than specific items and trends. She could wear a casual-type outfit with some nice jeans or some really laid back clothing. Or, she could go chic with a stylish skirt or dress outfit. She may also unleash her inner goddess by wearing a very hot bikini. No matter what, expect nothing less from this beautiful Serbian woman. It brings me great pleasure to make mention to this beautiful lady, as she is a great supporter of my work. If she's reading, I want to say hello to you and thank you for your continued support of my blogging work!

Nikolina Loncar (Montenegro).

Montenegrin Nikolina Loncar was born in 1992 and hails from Pljevlja, Montenegro. She won Miss Montenegro 2009 and was supposed to compete in the 2010 Miss Universe. However, she backed outat the last moment of the 2010 competition. She's still is a lovely lady from Montenegro. Get to know this Montenegrin beauty:

^ "Nikolina Loncar MISS UNIVERSE 2011 Montenegro.mpg"

Ivana Milojko (Montenegro).

The 2013 winner of Miss Montenegro World is Ivana Milojko. This (born: October 15,1994)-year old native of Kotor, Montenegro wants to establish herself both as a businesswoman and an author. She highly values getting a quality education. This brief video is just a small look at Ivana Milojko:

^ "MISS MONTENEGRO Candidate Miss World 2013"

Eliza Dushku (Albania).

Although she was born in Watertown, MA, USA; actress Eliza Dushku has both American and Albanian blood. Eliza is a dual citizen of America and Albania. She has taken on many different acting roles during her career. Among them: "True Lies," Race the Sun," "Bring it On," and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."

Masiela Lusha (Albania).

Albanian actress and author Masiela Lusha was born in Albania's capital city of Tirane. The (born: October 23, 1985)-year old has been in television shows and movies such as "George Lopez" and "Blood: The Last Vampire" among other roles. Masiela is also a benevolent beauty. A lot of her humanitarian work has gone towards helping out her native Albanians back home as well as lots of projects to help children worldwide. Here is a silly blooper reel featuring the alluring Albanian:

^ "Masiela Lusha funny BLOOPERS"

Tika Ivezaj (Albania).

Link directs you to her Facebook fan page.

Montenegro-born Albanian Tika Ivezaj is a model who will beat you up if you take her lightly. This sexy 5'11" Albaian may be a Victoria's Secret Angel, but she also has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Here is a look at Tika during the Victoria's Secret Angel Boot Camp reality TV competition: ANGEL BOOT CAMP TASK 2: TIKA- WATCH & VOTE NOW!.

Eva Pepaj (Albania).

Continuing a look at Albanian beauties is (born: June 1985)-year old fashion model and actress Eva Pepaj. This video showcases Eva as she is featured in a combination of a slideshow and video footage: Eva Pepaj.

Angela Martini (Albania).

Albania's Angela Martini (born as Angjela Martini) was born on May 23, 1986. This model is from one of Albania's oldest cities- Shkodër, Albania. One of her greatest modeling triumphs was winning Miss Universe Albania in 2010.

Despina Vandi (Greece).

She was born in Germany, but Despina Vandi (born Despina Malea) is a Greek recording artist in the realm of electronic dance music. I know her best for her "Opa Opa" song. I also know her for another hit song of hers- "GIA." She may not be a goddess of Greek Mythology, but she's surely a Greek goddess ready to share her divine looks and singing with you. This video is of the song I know her best for:

^ "Despina Vandi - Opa Opa [Official Video]"

Maria Menounos (Greece).

The link goes to her Facebook fan page.

Maria Menounos is Greek-American. The (born: June 8, 1978)-year old from Medford, MA, USA is one whom I've first heard of as a reporter for "Access Hollywood." She has done a great deal of media work ranging from hosting to being an actress. She even wrestled for one night at WrestleMania XXVIII. She even won Miss Teen USA Massachusetts in 1996. Maria Menounos fluently speaks Greek.

Marina, of "miouprincess loves pink!" (Greece).

"miouprincess loves pink!" is a fashion blog created by a Greek beauty named Marina. Her blog posts mostly consist of items she created herself as well as various nail art by her. I have great respect for this Greek beauty. So I am featuring her among my Southern European beauties in honor of her fine work. Hello to Marina if she happens to be reading my blog post here.

Konstantina, of "serialKlother" (Greece).

Konstantina Tzagaraki is the blogger behind "serialKlother." She is commonly a top figure on the LOOKBOOK circuit. This Greek goddess (I often reference to her as "Goddess Konstantina") has powerful fashion style. A lot of her outfit posts are mostly chic and stylish outfits. But often times, she does pull out a few casual outfits. Her style is rather diverse. She may even go with or without makeup. Konstantina is really one of the lovelier ladies in blogging or on LOOKBOOK. So if you see an outfit post of hers, you may be attracted to Konstantina and her style. Hello to her if she's reading this blog post!

Claire Baluci (Malta).

[Dr.] Claire Baluci - digital theater organist, born in Victoria, Australia
The island nation of Malta is beautiful. Equally beautiful is the curly-haired Dr. Claire Baluci. Claire Baluci was born to Maltese parents in the Australian state of Victoria. She claimed fame as a digital theater organist. What can she do with an organ? Find out in her rendition of Shakira's hit song, "Whenever, Wherever":

^ "Claire Baluci - Whenever, Whenever"

Cassandra, of "Cassandrapedia" (Malta).

(ADDED: September 5, 2013)
This blogger named Cassandra was born in Malta and is based in Canada. A lot of this blogger's content is focused on positive and uplifting material. She is a lovely lady as I saw her blog for the first time ever. Oh... that blog is called "Cassandrapedia." It is a combination of her own material as well as posts from guest bloggers. In a way, "Cassandrapedia" follows the "anything and everything" mindset that "John's Blog Space" follows. I decided to honor Cassandra here even though I just met her online (as of the date of this update (Sep. 5, 2013)).

Andrej Pejic (Bosnia and Herzegovina - Honorable Mention!).

Meet the most beautiful boy you thought was a girl. Born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina; (born: August 20, 1991)-year old Andrej Pejic is an androgynous male who can look truly handsome in male clothing and beautiful in female clothing. He can seamlessly wear handsome men's fashion while even wearing beautiful feminine fashions with little or no compromise. This alone allows him to be one of the loveliest persons in the world. He very much qualifies as a beauty. Always remember- the "beauties" I select for posts like these are NOT exclusively about women. Considering Andrej is a male, he even was put on FHM's Top 100 WOMEN'S list once! This is someone whose beauty is genderless and beautiful. He is a male who is both masculine handsome and feminine beautiful- at the same time. Here is a video for you showcasing this androgynous beauty:


If you have Facebook, "like" his page here: Andrej Pejic (Facebook fan page).

Tringa Rexhepi (Kosovo).

Tringa Rexhepi
^ from: www.yllpress.com - Tringa Rexhepi was born in Kosovo.

The Republic of Kosovo will be represented in my blog post with actress and singer Tringa Rexhepi. This (born: February 26, 1991)-year old has shown her craft in both acting and singing. Acting work includes her TV debut in the TV series "Soul." She emigrated to Canada in 1999. Her image is also helped by her charitable work to children in Uganda. Here is a video highlighting a bit on Tringa Rexhepi: Tringa Rexhepi - CBC National News.

Vesna Jakimoska (Macedonia).

Meet Vesna Jakimoska. Get to know the winner of Macedonia FYRO 2011 with this video: Macedonia FYRO Interview with Judges.

Anna Vissi (Cyprus).

A native of the island of Cyprus is a Cypriot. So meet this lovely blonde-haired Cypriot named Anna Vissi. Anna Vissi is a Cyprus native from Pyla, Cyprus. The (born: December 20, 1957)-year old has had an extensive career as a recording artist that dates back to 1973.

Lili Ivanova (Bulgaria).

Lili Ivanova has been through a lot through her illustrious career. Born in the city of Kubrat, Bulgaria on April 24, 1939; this Bulgarian singer has many albums and many songs. She is often referred to as the "Prima of Bulgarian Pop Music." Lili Ivanova's singing career dates all the way back to auditioning in 1961 and getting her feet wet in the music industry in 1963. It all began in the 1960s with her song "Vitosha." If you would like to hear a sample of Lili Ivanova's music, this video is a sample of one of her more recent songs from a fairly recent concert. I can't use the actual text, so I will refer to it as this: (Lili Ivanova music sample).

Desislava, of "TrueDreamcatcher" (Bulgaria).

The blog called "TrueDreamcatcher" is run by a super-cute Bulgarian beauty named Desislava. A lot of her looks are edgy and casual, but not overly edgy. Desislava remains very cool with her outfits. She smiles wide and has some nice hair to frame her face. Feel free to visit "TrueDreamcatcher" to check out this Bulgarian's fashion style.

That concludes my list of Southern European beauties. Remember- I may add more to this list to keep you interested. Check for updates!

That is the end of this blog post. This one is obviously the biggest one I've done in this series since there were so many countries I tried to cover for this blog post. The next post in the European Beauties series focuses on Eastern European beauties. If you want to keep up with my blog, make sure you're subscribed! Thank you for reading!

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