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Giada de Laurentiis

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(UPDATED: February 27, 2012)

If you watch Food Network, you might have heard of Italian-American goddess Giada de Laurentiis. The chef star born in Rome, Italy has one of the silkiest voices and is an award-winning TV personality on Food Network. I was inspired to blog about Giada de Laurentiis as I saw her on the latest edition of Redbook Magazine. Most of you know that I am always driven by inspiration. So being the inspired fellow that I am, this blog is about the lovely lady known as Giada de Laurentiis.

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--- Giada de Laurentiis ---

Giada de Laurentiis
^ from: - Italian-American cooking goddess Giada de Laurentiis.

I first started watching "Giada at Home" some time back in 2010. I wanted to see just what the UCLA graduate (in Social Anthropology) brings to cooking. She founded her catering service called GDL Foods. The first thing I've grown to love about Giada was how beautiful and silky her voice is. She speaks with professionalism and confidence with the meals she prepares or will prepare. I may also have to add her to my "Sweet Petite!" blog post because according to the Wikipedia entry I read on Giada, she is "just under five-foot-two." So to all of my petite ladies out there, here's another petite to be proud of! :)

She has absolutely gorgeous looks from her sweet smile to her nearly flawless face and hair. Giada's specialty is Italian cooking. And for someone who entered her 40s years old (born August 22, 1970), she looks fabulous! In fact, I think she looks in her mid-20s at best. Giada is just one of the most gorgeous women here in the United States.

"Giada at Home."

When you watch an installment of "Giada at Home," Giada de Laurentiis usually has a certain scenario going on (like an upcoming party, for example) and prepares some meals to go with the occasion. Before the intro is a look at some of the meals she will prepare along with a brief introduction to what the meals entail. Her brief description of each prepared meal is spoken with professionalism and with a way to draw you into how delicious the meal is.

Simply put, Giada de Laurentiis has earned the accolades for her show that she has received. I also like the opening song to "Giada at Home."

Here is a preview of "Giada at Home." Here, she prepares sauteed shrimp cocktail. You get to see her prepare food as well as hear how silky and sweet her voice is. This is a demonstration of "Giada at Home" below:

^ courtesy of FoodNetworkTV on YouTube

"Everyday Italian."

Giada's newest show on Food Network is called "Everyday Italian." Here is a demonstration of what "Everyday Italian" is like. She prepares something I never even known exists- chocolate pizza. Check it out:

^ courtesy of FoodNetworkTV on YouTube

You now have an idea on her cooking and her style. "Giada at Home" and "Everyday Italian" demonstrate both her personality and her expertise in preparing her recipes to viewers.

--- What I Would Tell Giada de Laurentiis (if she were to read this) ---

Keep up the great work in all of your TV and non-TV work. You are a beautiful lady in looks and in personality.

Would I Like to Meet Giada (if given the chance)?

You bet. Absolutely. I'd want to meet her (as far as food personalities) as much as I would like to meet Paula Deen or Aarti Sequeira.

If you're a fan of Giada de Laurentiis, here are some sites you can visit to learn more about this Italian goddess:

Giada de Laurentiis official page
Giada de Laurentiis' Facebook fan page
Follow Giada de Laurentiis on Twitter (@GDELAURENTIIS)!
Giada de Laurentiis bio on
"Everyday Italian" on Food Network
Get Giada's recipes!/Get Giada's recipes (Alternative Site)!

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Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I am with you there about how professional Giada seems. She knows her recipes like the back of her hand and presents everything as being so “glamorous” which appeals to both men and women alike. She puts the 50’s back in the kitchen with a new modern attitude that women can do it all. I enjoy watching on my DISH Network employee service in HD because “everything” looks so beautiful with that shimmer and shine that only HD can provide. The red pepper soup of hers I made for Christmas dinner was a bigger hit than the main course. I hope she is no Food Network for many decades to come.

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