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I began learning about Malta when I started getting blog hits from Malta. The Republic of Malta is a Mediterranean island that is located south of Sicily. What I love most about Malta is the Old World charm this island nation has. This is kind of a special blog post I want to dedicate to the Mediterranean nation of Malta, especially if you're Maltese or from Malta. I have always wanted to do some kind of blog post about Malta, but never found the time or came up with anything good enough to be posted online. Let me just quickly say- Malta is an absolutely beautiful country from what I've seen in pictures and video. I wish I knew more about Mediterranean islands, but I definitely think Malta is a beautiful place. I learned just now that there are three major islands which comprise the Republic of Malta- the main island (and largest island) is Malta Island in the Southeast, Gozo Island (the second-largest of the Maltese Islands), and Comino (the smallest of the three major islands; northwest of Malta Island and southeast of Gozo Island).

I mentioned earlier that Malta has the Old World charm. When you look at cities like Valleta (the capital of Malta) or Msida, you quickly become enamored with the history and the charm of an island nation as beautiful as Malta. It is this Old World charm that makes this country so well-loved. Some people are resenting over trying to modernize Malta. Some prefer Malta retain its Old World style and charm rather than have it be modernized to a great extent. As a tourist attraction and a way of getting around Malta, the ever-famous Malta buses (especially the classic ones) are very nice looking. I guess it's the combination of watery views and classical architecture which attracts me most to Malta and its beauty.

This is the Maltese national anthem:

If I learn more about Malta and have to make needed edits, I will do so in future edits.

I only know two cities in Malta. Click on the headings to visit their official websites (if available).

Valletta, Malta.

Valletta, Malta
^ from: - Malta's capital city of Valletta.

The capital of Malta is Valleta. Its charm and mystique are incredible. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I read on Wikipedia that Valletta features buildings and structures dating back to the 16th Century. I also read there are a lot of Baroque buildings. This place has a mix of classic and modern architecture. Regardless, Valletta is tremendously beautiful.

Msida, Malta.

Msida, Malta
^ from: - Msida boasts many beautiful harbor views, such as this one of St. Joseph's Church in Msida.

As I learned on Wikipedia, Msida is just west of Valletta. Msida is quite a bit more modern than Valletta. Both Valletta and Msida are still very charming. The water views of Msida are just as lovely as in Valletta. If you want to pursue an education in Malta, you can do so at the University of Malta in Msida. All in all, Msida's mystique and charm are exceptional.

--- If You Are From Malta (or Maltese) and Reading This... ---

I want to thank you for visiting. Malta is a lovely place that I wish I knew a lot more about. I'm always trying to learn more about various places around the world that visit my blog. While I am not much of a dog person, I think Maltese puppies are cute! :) Speaking of which... if you are a fan of the YouTube channel, "hotforwords," her puppy, Gorby, is a Maltese dog. So there's a little extra Maltese love for you all! :D

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You can learn more about Malta by visiting the portal site of That site will link you to various resources regarding Malta for travelers and residents.

Thank you for reading!

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