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Wanderlust is a passionate desire to see the world. For those with wanderlust, someone may be from a certain place, but the entire world is his/her home. A lot of fashion bloggers I follow often go worldwide and see many places. There is truly nothing wrong with being a world traveler. Nothing wrong with wanting to see the world. This blog post is a casual and quick blog post regarding wanderlust.

Let's break down the word "wanderlust" for a moment. Wandering is basically wanting to go to certain places... just because you want to. Lust is essentially insatiable desire and passion for something. Of course, lust is more associated with sexual desire for someone. Because, of course, we live in a sex-crazed world and everything has to have some sort of romanticism or sex connected to it. Anyhow- combine wander and lust and what each term entails, and you get wanderlust- a passionate desire to go anywhere you please.

One thing I usually wonder is... how do such types prepare these travel destinations? At least on Facebook or Instagram or somewhere, it seems like someone visits one location and then quickly visits some other locations in short order. Almost as if the goal is to go from one place to another quickly. Some people ever want to go to one or more specific places in the world and not see any place else. Some others- especially certain fashion bloggers and some other online personalities- they set up certain vacations going through certain countries or going to certain cities. Some others even simply just travel and take all kinds of modeling pictures. No matter what the case, seeing the world and traveling the world surely has its appeal. Nothing is wrong with you if you have wanderlust. It just means you have a true desire and passion to see the world and have your own adventures. If anything, this should make you proud and have something to be proud of.

Finally, to conclude this post, here is a little video for you all:

^ "8 Signs You Have Wanderlust"

Have you any of these signs?

That concludes another blog post of "John's Blog Space." For discussion sake:

Have you wanderlust? How do you feel about having such a passion to travel? What would you recommend to someone who may have a case of wanderlust?

Another post is wrapped up. Thank you for your involvement and for taking time out of your day to visit my blog. I am hopeful you enjoyed your time here. Be sure to visit my other blogs as well as read my other posts here on "John's Blog Space." Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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