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Pajama Jeans... REALLY?

John Marine | 12/30/2010 10:08:00 PM | | |
"Pajamas you can live in, jeans you'll sleep in."
-Pajama Jeans slogan

Some people will make anything to get some dopes to eventually buy them. The latest? Pajama jeans! If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain. I did a blog post regarding Sleep and Lounge Fashion, and talk of pajamas (among others) was the focal point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a denim diva of some kind. However, it must be very lazy to have these so called "pajama jeans" on the market. The only redeeming quality of these is that is that you can wear jeans in your sleep (and other things you normally do wearing your underwear or sleeping clothes). So you don't have to soil your real jeans around the house- you can just wear these pajama jeans! Here is a look at these:

pajama jeans
^ from: - Pajama jeans. Would YOU wear them? Would you BUY them?

Here's the infomercial on pajama jeans:

For many people, it's absolutely lazy to wear pajama pants out in public. This will therefore make the appeal of pajama jeans to be an added bit of comfort. The way I understand it, these "pajama jeans" are more like a pair of pajamas you can confidently wear inside or [especially] outside the house without feeling like you're still in your sleeping clothes. You can go to places and wear proper bottoms... though they are pajama pants designed like denim jeans. had an article online expressing its own views on these pajama jeans. To paraphrase, thought these jeans are the ultimate sign of laziness. It's a sign of laziness in that people would rather wear pajama pants (or certain kinds of loungewear) rather than wear a proper pair of jeans. To read the full post, find out why Aaron Crowe questions what do 'pajama jeans' say about Americans.

The real issue of this whole thing is that some people are too lazy to wear proper clothes that some have to resort to something like this. Some are lazy enough to wear pajama pants casually, so this only adds to the lazy appeal of not wearing something semi-decent. As much as I'd be embarrassed to wear a Snuggie, I'd be even more embarrassed to wear these pajama jeans (of course, if I were a female). And do you really think these will be every bit as fashionable as any basic pair of jeans.

You know why jeans are so wearable and fun? It's because of the various washes, styles, fits, and more that make jeans so wearable for males and females alike. Pajama jeans are just a sign of two things- laziness and putting something on the market so laughable that is so stupid that someone will actually buy it. No one person would want to wear any real jeans around the house, and that's the only quality I see to these pajama jeans.

Buying Things... Just 'Cause.

Still, the fact that someone would come up with something like this is a sign that some people will haplessly spend money on things no matter how stupid they are. It's almost like, "would you actually buy this?" Some would. It's like the sort of randomness I don't buy into. If it's all about buying something just to say you actually bought it, it's sad. It means you actually got something just to made a fool of by people. Who actually WANTS that?

Pardon me if I don't have a serious sense of humor or anything, but I don't see the point of just getting something just to say you actually bought it. Even I wanted (for example) the Virtual Boy a long time ago despite the fact it failed so bad. Thing is- I actuallly wanted one because I wanted to enjoy the gaming experience; not just because I say I actually owned one. You don't just spend money on any piece of crap just to say you owned one. It's as cheap of attention to me as being tagged in pictures and videos that don't actually include you.

Pajamas and Sleeping Footwear as Casual Clothes.

I wore pajama pants while doing some Christmas light watching. I was taken for a ride in a car in a sightsteeing deal. Didn't get out of the car in public in my pajamas, though. Some people do wear pajama pants in public like they couldn't find anything better to wear for bottoms. Same goes for wearing certain sleeping shoes out in public. So actually having these pajama jeans (as opposed to traditional jeans) is just increased laziness. More options to dress lazily. Do you REALLY want that?

But if you want to get these pajama jeans, I'm not stopping you. Learn more about these pajama jeans or buy your own pair by visiting What do you make of these pajama jeans?

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