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Sleep and Lounge Fashion

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(UPDATED: July 29, 2012)

Look and feel stylish both outside and at home. It's great to have clothes to wear when heading to sleep or just lounging around the house. The same applies to you girls out there that have sleepovers and slumber parties. This blog entry is an attempt at chatting about fashions for sleeping or lounging. As much as you want a good set of clothes to wear when heading out the house, it's also good to have some nice clothes to wear when at home or heading to sleep. I hope you stay awake checking out this blog entry on sleeping fashions and lounging fashions! :)

NOTE: The contents of this blog entry MAY change depending upon traffic and if I decide to discuss certain aspects of this subject. Some items, such as intimates and lingerie, are CONSIDERED, but will not be discussed... at least not in this release.

If certain items are added to this blog entry, it will be important to note that some content in this blog entry may not safe for work, and a Jump Break may be added for protection. Also to protect this blog post because of potentially not-safe-for-work elements, I will NOT discuss children's sleepwear and loungewear. Perhaps I'll do a blog post in the future regarding sleepwear for children and babies.

--- Sleep and Lounge Fashions at a Glance ---

Wake up! Have a good night's sleep! What happens in-between "wake up" and "sweet dreams" is what we call living. There are times where we need to go to sleep and be refreshed for the next day. Everyone has their own idea as to what is good to wear when sleeping. For us males, this can be a simple sleeping shirt and some sweatpants or pajamas. Females have several options. These options include (but are not limited to) sleep shirts, gowns, camisoles, and things like that. Let's not forget those fuzzy slippers, as well.

So we all need to find some fun clothes to wear even as we head to sleep. Certain retailers offer a variety of fashions for sleeping and lounging. The versatility of fashion for females would suggest that some fashions are versatile even when out of the house. This almost provides the impression that you could literally wear one or two items around the house, but also (when paired with certain clothes) can be just as acceptable out the door as they are at home. An example from a past blog entry of all-day fashion is gaucho pants. Gaucho pants are mostly perceived as lounge-type fashion, but that obviously didn't stop many females from stepping out the door proudly wearing their gaucho pants with pride. Another safe option are camisoles. From when I was educating myself on types of clothes, I always thought a camisole COULD be just as good to wear outside the house as they are at home. Certain camisoles can be just as stylish with jeans (and maybe a jacket) as they can be with general sleeping clothes.

Why not go find some comfortable clothes to go sleep in? I will consider setting up a blog entry on John's Shop Space to reflect many more items from this topic.

--- Sleep and Lounge Fashions in Public ---

Some fashions suited for wear around the home can also be worn outside of home. In fact, a number of people sometimes wear certain sleep/lounge garments away from home. Are you for or against sleepwear and/or loungewear in public? Are there exceptions? Here are both sides of this deal:

Sleep/Lounge Fashions in Public: For.

Some around-the-house fashions can be great to wear in public. Especially for females, camisoles have been great tops to wear outside of home. You could pair a silky or satin camisole with a pair of jeans or pants and look great. Certain lounge-type pants have been acceptable to wear outside of home as well. Certain types of lounge pants can look as great with casual shoes as they can with around-the-house shoes (like slippers). Gaucho pants have also been considered more of around-the-house pants to wear than anything to pair with any casual outfits. And as much as I've mentioned gaucho pants in my blog, even they are just as great to wear for at home or in public. You could simply wear some cute sandals or ballet flats (or even some pumps) with lounge pants or gaucho pants and look great. Even certain wide-leg lounge pants can be cute to wear outside of home. Some dresses and gowns could be worn outside the house and even be paired with lovely shoes. With the right kinds of lounge-type fashion, you could be wearing certain fashions that you could literally wear all day. You could wear certain sleep or lounge fashions in the day with casual shoes, then go with some more dressy garments for a night out if they are stylish enough. The elegant feel of certain sleep/lounge garments makes them seem like they can be just as versatile at home as they are away from home.

Sleep/Lounge Fashions in Public: Against.

Some sleep/lounge fashions, however, are completely lazy. You may see certain females at a department store or someplace wearing pajama pants or even sleep slippers. Schools and colleges have even frowned upon seeing students wearing pajamas and sleep slippers going to class and around campus. It shows laziness to leave the confines of home in your sleeping clothes. An exception to the rule would be if you are just waking up and just want to make a quick trip someplace in your pajamas. Another exception is if you're attending a pajama party or some other kind of function where it's okay to wear your sleeping clothes. Even then, it shouldn't take too long to get fresh and then put on some proper clothes.

Some see it as total laziness to be out in public wearing pajamas (or other sleepwear). I'm just here to provide the neutral side of this look.

--- Sleep and Lounge: Males and Females ---

There are certain fashion pieces for sleep and lounge wear for both males and females. This section focuses in on fashions for both males and females.


(NOTE: both terms included to offer variation, but "pajama" will mostly be used)

The most basic sort of sleepwear is that of pajamas/pyjamas. Whether you're talking pajama sets or pajama separates, nothing keeps you warm and feels comfortable at home than wearing pajamas. They come in various materials and designs. There are surely patterned pajamas ranging from colorful patterns to various fun pajama pants and tops for both males and females. For females, there are certain silky pajamas very comfortable to the touch and sexy to wear.

Robes and Kimonos.

Cover yourself up and wear something comfortable when putting on a robe. A robe will certainly keep you warm. They are comfortable to wear whether they are made of lightweight or thicker material. Robes have belts to them which allow you to secure them around your waist as you're wearing a robe. For females, there are silky and smooth robes to wear. If you don't fancy robes too much, kimonos can be a warm and stylish alternative. They are stylish even if you aren't talking about traditional Japanese kimonos.

Perhaps the most comfortable fabric for warmth would be flannel or terry cotton robes.


When you need footwear that's comfortable to wear but don't want to wear proper shoes, try slippers. They are comfortable to walk in and don't require too much effort to put on. After all, they wouldn't be called slippers for these reasons now, right? Lots of slippers come in different forms. You have basic slippers where you just slide your feet in and wear proudly. Some slippers are more like booties. These provide some extra comfort since your whole feet are covered.

That's all. Now, we focus in on sleep/lounge fashions for both males and females. I want to start with my female audience out there.

--- Sleep and Lounge in Pictures: Females ---

I want to note that I discuss fashions in a professional way. I will mention intimates in this section, but you know I will express things professionally. The main point is to discuss certain fashions relevant to this blog's subject matter. Do NOT think I am any kind of pervert or something simply because I will be discussing intimate fashions here. All of my material is provided for educational and discussion purposes.

This section pertains to fashions for sleep and lounge uses. I will try to find appropriate images to use for discussion.

Pajama/Pyjama Sets.

pajama boxers
^ from: cloettafazer.com - A Joe Boxer pajama short set consisting of a T-shirt, pajama shorts, and slippers.

pajama sets
^ from: www.amazon.com - A pajama set for women consisting of a pajama top and pajama pants.

Pajamas/Pyjamas and pajama/pyjama pants are the most basic, yet most comfortable pair of pants to wear when lounging. The fun thing about pajama tops and pants is that they are very colorful and fun to wear. They may even be colorful. Make sure to have some pajama pants for both warmer weather and cooler weather. Find some thicker pajama pants for when it's cold.

Pajama/Pyjama Separates.

^ from: www.jcrew.com - pajama top from J.Crew.

pajama pants
^ from: www.gap.com - Pajama pants for Juniors.

A pajama top is a comfortable top to wear when around the house. Granted the pajama top is a separate (meaning not part of a pajama set), you could basically wear this to stay warm as well as look and feel comfortable. If you don't fancy pajama tops, a basic T-shirt or some other comfy top is fine for lounging. To keep your legs warm around the house, pajama pants are the way to go. The warmest pajama pants are usually woven or plush. Many pajama pants either come in a single color, multiple colors, or some sort of pattern. There are a handful of styles ranging from cartoon characters to all kinds of girly patterns.

Lounge Pants.

lounge pants
^ from: thisnext.com - Lounge pants. Some pants suited for lounging can be very acceptable to wear in public.

cropped lounge pants
^ from: tqn.com - Cropped lounge pants.

Some females wear certain lounge-type pants around the house and even out the house. Loungewear pants can be either full-length pants or any kind of cropped pants. These pants can even range from legging-tight or wide-leg. Especially lounge pants made of jersey, spandex, or modal can make for comfortable pants. This even includes gaucho pants, which are often seen as lounge pants. Casual shoes for such lounge pants can be traded for dressier shoes and sandals for a great look. They may not be TOO functional, though, since many lounge pants don't have zippers or pockets. So you'll probably need to carry around a handbag or something if carrying things with you. Some who dislike jersey or spandex pants dislike them because they make one's butt look too big. But just like yoga pants, lounge pants are immensely comfortable. And in the sense of feeling like you're wearing nothing at all, it is the immense amount of comfort that makes certain lounge-type pants comfortable and chic to wear. That's even if they may make your butt look big.

Pajama/Pyjama Shorts.

pajama boxers
^ from: thisnext.com - Pajama shorts/boxers.

Boxer shorts can be colorful and creative and VERY okay for lounging. These are acceptable short-shorts to wear around the house. Some boxer shorts and pajama shorts come in various designs to help you look cute while lounging.


^ from: www.amazon.com - Think of a camisole as the intimate cousin of the tank top.

cropped camisole
^ from: www.bodyc.com - Camisoles can be hot, even including midriff-bearing cropped camisoles.

When I first started introducing myself to fashion in the mid-1990s, I came across camisoles and wonder why they couldn't be worn casually. Camisoles are almost exclusively intimate wear. As an added bonus, some camis have built-in bras. Some camisoles are styled too much so to be worn with any outfits. However, a camisole doesn't have to be intimate wear around the house. Many ambitious types even wear a camisole with casual outfits. For example, pair a silky camisole with a classy pair of jeans and either chic boots or some cute pumps for a hot look.

As sleeping/lounging fashion, they can be very comfortable and stylish to go with any sleeping bottoms or any intimate sleepwear bottoms.


^ from: opulenceofsouthernpines.com - Silky and smooth, gowns can be elegant to wear to sleep or around the house.

Gowns are silky and feminine to wear for sleep or being around the house. The silky touch and elegant style makes gowns truly elegant to wear when heading to sleep.


^ from: www.kaboodle.com - A warm robe for women.

Whether of thicker or silky material, wearing a robe can add elegance and/or warmth to any female wearing it. Silky robes offer soft-to-the-touch elegance. Robes can be of various materials and feature many designs or patterns.

Sleep Shirts.

sleep shirt
^ from: allwomenstalk.com - Sleep shirts for females can be girly and cute. This one is a Victoria's Secret sleep shirt.

sleep shirt
^ from: www.amazon.com - a satin sleep shirt.

Sleep shirts can be either be long T-shirts, long sleeping blouses, or can simply be basic T-shirts meant for sleepwear. Either way, they are loose and comfortable to wear for sleep. Who DOESN'T want something comfortable to wear when going to sleep or when lounging? Often times, basic T-shirts or other long tops are worn as sleep shirts.


^ from: fancypocket.sg - furry slippers.

slipper boots
^ from: heelcandy.com - slipper boots from Steve Madden. Sheepskin boots (like UGGs) are also decent alternatives if you prefer wearing boots around the house.

The most comfortable things to wear on your feet when around the house are slippers. Especially on cold days, furry shoes can be comfy to wear and keep your feet warm in. Slipper boots can help keep your whole feet warm as you walk around the house. If you're a fan of sheepskin boots, sheepskin boots are not bad to wear around the house. Many females, however, would insist on wearing sheepskin boots outside of the house paired with almost any garments they are comfortable in.

If you don't fancy slippers, flip-flop/thong sandals and rubber clogs are nice alternatives. Those not fond of either kind of shoe from the previous sentence can likely agree that these are the only two shoes to wear at home and not in public.

Now... a little more intimate. This is where I'll break things up to keep things safe for work. If you want to read more on sleep and lounge fashion (including intimates), and including male sleep/lounge fashion, click "Read More" if you are not reading the full blog entry.

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babydoll lingerie
^ from: www.partywiththis.com - A babydoll dress.

babydoll lingerie
^ from: www.partywiththis.com - Babydolls are sexy lingerie tops to wear to sleep.

You might have heard of babydoll tops that females wear. These babydoll tops are very feminine and can be very cute to wear with almost any kind of bottoms. They are very girly and feminine. Babydolls (as in lingerie) can be silky and sexy to wear. Babydolls can be thought of as long bras or tunics. They can be either opaque or sheer. They can be covered or have high slits to elegantly showcase the belly or offer a peek of panties. Babydolls usually have bras built in for comfort. Unlike babydoll tops, babydolls are exclusively lingerie and would be a bit too risqué and daring to wear casually.


^ from: www.ratingmylooks.com - Meet the mini dress' intimate cousin- the chemise.

A chemise can be thought of as an intimate tunic mini dress. They have a little slit on either side to offer a little more showing of leg. Chemises can either be opaque or sheer. Some are one color, and some others are one color with some outlining colors.

Camisole and Shorts/Panties Sets.

camisole and shorts
^ from: thisnext.com - a camisole set with shorts.

A clothing set consisting of a camisole and shorts or panties is a complete outfit meant for you to lounge around with. These are very comfortable and fun to wear as sleepwear. Like any pajama set, they can come in any variety of colors and designs.

This digest of feminine sleepwear and loungewear concludes here.

--- Sleep and Lounge in Pictures: Males ---

After talking feminine sleepwear, it's time to talk sleep and lounge fashion for men.

Pajama/Pyjama Sets.

men's pajama set
^ from: www.texeresilk.com - even males should have a good pajama/pyjama set!

Just as much as pajamas can be comfortable for females, the same can be said for males. A lot of male pajamas are mostly flannel (maybe fleece too). These pajama sets for men can be very comfortable to wear as a complete set of sleepwear or loungewear. Even males can enjoy silky pajama sets made for men.

Pajama/Pyjama Separates.

pajama top
^ from: www.thesleepwearfactory.com - A pajama top for men.

pajama pants
^ from: www.giftbee.com - Pajama pants can be warm and comfortable to wear for males as they are for females.

I personally just wear shirts rather than pajama tops. Still, a pajama top is plenty comfortable and warm to wear. A thick pajama top is good to wear for cold days while lighter pajama tops are good for warm days. Pajama/Pyjama pants or lounge pants are as fashionable and comfortable around the house. As much as there are pants with unique designs for females, there are also uniquely-designed pajama bottoms for men.

Lounge Pants.

lounge pants men
^ from: www.kaboodle.com - Lounge-type pants.

Pants meant for lounging can be just as fun for males as they are for females. Unlike feminine lounge pants, lounge pants for men are not as versatile. Everything from basic designs to novelty patterns make these pants fun to wear around the house. I have two different pairs of lounge pants that both feature cartoon characters. But usually, I wear sweatpants for around-the-house pants.


^ from: www.machete.co.za - Men can look quite stylish when wearing a robe.

I've had my robe since 1997 (and still fits nicely!). A male can use a nice robe or kimono to wear to feel comfortable and warm while also looking stylish. Robes can be either silky and light, or they can be thick and warm. Regardless, they can be stylish and comfy to wear.


men's slippers
^ from: www.brookstone.com - Slippers for men.

Around the house, there's nothing like a pair of slippers to wear. A pair of slippers I have are dark blue and are cushy and comfortable to wear. They are also warm (which helps with cold weather season being here). Slippers can either be like clogs, sandals, or slipper shoes. Either way, your feet will thank you when sporting a pair of slippers around the house.

There's your sleep/lounge fashion inspiration for you guys.

--- Sleep and Lounge Fashion: Non-Amazon ---

I try to offer interested readers the chance to find certain items online that interest them based on relevant material in blog posts. If you are interested in shopping online for sleepwear and lounge fashions, I can show you websites for you to look up to shop for sleepwear and loungewear. Click on the headings to visit the website in question. Descriptions on each site are provided under each heading. Visit any site that interests you:


JCPenney offers up sleepwear and loungewear for men, Juniors, and women. Everything from comfortable around-the-house fashions to other sleep/lounge appropriate fashions are offered. Men can enjoy items like sleepwear, robes, and slippers. Juniors can enjoy fun and girly sleep and lounge fashions offered from sizes ranging to US X-Small to 3X. Women's sleepwear offered range from Petite to Plus Size and even includes maternity sleepwear. Click on any of the following to visit certain departments of sleepwear and loungewear:
JCP Sleepwear for Men
JCP Sleepwear for Juniors
JCP Sleepwear for Women


The sleepwear and loungewear offered by Target is offered for lower prices than most retailers. Click on any of the links to any sleepwear and loungewear that interests you from Target:

Men's Sleepwear on Target
Juniors' Sleepwear on Target
Women's Sleepwear on Target


Men's Underwear, Loungewear, and Socks on Bloomingdale's
Women's Sleepwear and Robes on Bloomingdale's

Bare Necessities.

Bare Necessities cares about one thing- offering you comfortable and stylish clothes for sleeping and lounging. Options for sleepwear and loungewear are for men and women only.

Bare Necessities Sleep and Lounge for Men
Bare Necessities Sleep and Lounge for Women

The Sleepwear Factory.

From babies to adults, The Sleepwear Factory specializes in offering sleepwear to all. A lot of items are offered for sleepwear for all audiences.

Torrid (Sleep and Lounge Link).

The sleep and lounge fashions of plus size specialist, Torrid, are offered in the link above. Items offered are for Juniors and Women.

Juicy Couture (Women's Sleepwear link).

Though my link to Juicy Couture is popular for my "Sporty Cute!" blog entry, you can even be a juicy diva when sleeping or lounging. The link takes you to Juicy Couture's sleepwear for women section.

Victoria's Secret (Sleep and Lounge Link).

Often seen as the premier retailer of sexy lingerie, Victoria's Secret also provides wonderful sleepwear for the sexy and confident woman. The link takes you to VS' lineup of sleepwear and loungewear. Everything from comfortable clothes to lingerie are offered for your pleasure.

Victoria's Secret PINK (Sleepwear Link).

The PINK line from Victoria's Secret is a youth-oriented line of clothes aside from the sexy lingerie Victoria's Secret is best known for.

If you are a fan of Victoria Secret PINK, visit VS Pink's official homepage, Become a Fan of VS PINK on Facebook, and Follow VS Pink on Twitter.

More links may be provided in the future.

--- Sleep and Lounge on Amazon ---

John's Shop Space

Thank you for reading!

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