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You know why I don't believe in expectations? Expectations say "this should happen, or it will be a lost cause." Reality says that "this should happen, but these things will hamper you in accomplishing expectations." My Texans lost tonight to the Baltimore Ravens in Overtime on a stupid ass pick-6 thrown by Matt Schaub. Expectations in Houston is that this is the year the Texans make the playoffs. Having one of the league's toughest schedules doesn't help make that dream possible, though. The Texans have had lots of injuries and have even taken some cruel hits of fate (I need not tell you the Texans at Jaguars finish from earlier this season). Yeah- the Texans lost these games, and there's no way to make a loss better. But still, I don't believe in expectations.

Expectations say that we should make the playoffs after the momentum from last season. Expectations say that we should win the AFC South (which is NOT ever going to happen unless the AFC South somehow becomes weak sauce). The one thing we fail to realize about expectations is that reality checks in. And in terms of reality, you can meet those expectations... but reality will test you in trying to meet expectations.

I don't expect anything out of anyone. That's why I don't believe in expectations. I don't expect you to subscribe or comment on my blog. This is my blog and this is my content, but I'm not expecting people to do much anything. I would never force anyone to subscribe or comment. Sure, I do want more involvement from my readers, but I don't expect much of anything from anyone. If there is a positive element of reality, it is in pleasant surprises. Pleasant surprises I get is when people subscribe and even comment on my material (as long as it isn't spam or any personal attacks).

Back to the Texans for a moment... that was disappointing how they forced Overtime, just to lose on a bad pass from Matt Schaub. Then again, we're not an Overtime-winning team except for that game at the Redskins that we won. I'm sure on ESPN (the "Always Hate Houston network") that the various shows will just rub in the Ravens win like we had no chance. We fought back and lost after forcing Overtime. We probably should have lost with all the missed tackles and dropped balls. But you know what? Good teams fight back. We could have failed at home like the Jets did at the Patriots last Monday night. We forced Overtime and got our heads in the game. It was another heartbreaking defeat as Matt Schaub threw a terrible pass that ended up being a short pick-6 to break Houston Texans fans' hearts.

Before anyone says that the Texans are just a bad team, yeah. We ARE a bad team with laughable defense and some poor execution. But, we're not as bad as most other teams. We could have lost 56-7 tonight against the Ravens by showing no fight or drive or motivation. If anything, Texans fans should be pleased to see their teams fight back. And don't give me this crap about finding creative ways to lose. If the Texans wanted to creatively lose the game, Schaub could have slipped and fell in the end zone in Overtime. But what did he do? He completed a pass... to the wrong team, and to the endzone. But just because we're a mediocre team doesn't mean that we still can't be in a position to win games. If the Texans are TRULY a bad team, then explain how they were able to come back on Monday Night Football. We always seek negatives rather than honor the positives. And because of this, we have a one-sided view on someone or something. Yeah, we didn't win the game; but we didn't play dead either. Bad teams play dead and have no fight or determination to bounce back when down on the scoreboard. Some losses for the Texans almost make it seem like God (or some other higher power) hates the Texans. Cruel fates have been handed down.

Again- we lost another game. But it wasn't like we should have easily taken down the Ravens. The Texans didn't bitch and moan and felt unable to make magic happen. And it isn't like the Texans are Cinderella in the NFL. This is the National Football League- you are on about the same pace as everybody else. It isn't like in college (and I'm a college sports fan) where you can be a big school and easily beat a smaller school and feel better after a loss. You are on the same level (talent notwithstanding) as everybody else. Talent is different, chemistry among teams is different, but any pro team can beat any other pro team on any given day or night. That's why you play the game and play your butt off. Otherwise, you can just go home and watch your favorite TV programs while your sports team is trying to win a game.

Texans fans (and myself) are upset that we lost another game to basically have our playoff hopes dashed yet again, but reality is that expectations doesn't equal reality. You can say that Kubiak should be fired or that Matt Schaub should be traded. No- if someone deserved to be traded in Texans history, it was Sage Rosenfels for letting a 17-point lead against the Colts at home result in a come-from-behind victory for the Colts that year and that season. This is just a disappointing season for the Texans, but what can we (as fans) do about it? The players are the ones playing the game and making plays happen. NOT us fans. Even I'm upset about many of my other favorite teams this season. However, do you see me saying "fire the coach" or something like that? If you really love the Texans, you appreciate their ability to fight back when they could have just played dead and let the Ravens run away with the victory. And who the hell will you get to replace the missing links for the Texans? It's not like you drop in a new coach or something to make everything go away. This is football; NOT basketball or baseball It's not an addition-by-subtraction method to make the Texans (or any other team) better. Schaub made a stupid pass he's probably regretting all the way home. His choke was nowhere near as bad as when the Redskins botched that extra point to let the Eagles to get a road win over the Redskins. In THAT game, it was the 'Skins trying to mount the comeback.

So if you believe in expectations, don't. Reality (and sometimes misfortune) will always win over expectations. Nothing should ever be expected in life. If I were the boss of a corporation or business, THEN I'd have some expectations because I have a reputation and a character to keep up for me and my business. But for everyone else, HAVE expectations, but don't believe in expectations. That's all from me.

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