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A former Houston Rockets Power Dancer named Natalie had music listeners goin' crazy hearing the voice and experiencing the energy of a beautiful singer from Clear Lake, Texas, USA. Natalie, or "Nat Boogie," is a rhythm and blues-type singer that also has a pop and a hip-hop edge. She also does a good deal of dancing as well. Her first album in 2005 was a self-titled album that helped set the tone for what many could expect from her. That pace would get a little change of pace when her second album, "Everything New" shown up in 2006. This blog entry concerns the beautiful Natalie and her lovely music.


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--- How I Discovered Natalie ---

Before I go any further, here is the beautiful Natalie below:
Natalie Alvarado
^ from: - Natalie Alvarado. She went from Houston Rockets Power Dancer to making her own slam dunk in music.

It was 2005 when there was a very sweet-sounding song playing on the radio. One girl was singing sweetly to a very smooth and soothing song. This girl was goin' crazy with such a beautiful song playing on the radio. Back when 4Kids TV used to be on FOX (nowadays on the CW network), one Saturday morning was dedicated to Natalie and her hot song, "Goin' Crazy." I was drawn to her and her singing easily. I even got a peek of "Goin' Crazy" during commercials. The morning was capped off with a show called "The Menu," which featured Natalie singing one of her other songs, "Energy" with Baby Bash.

One day, I was convinced at Natalie's singing that I wanted to get her CD. So I went out to a Walmart and got her album. Ever since, I was sold on Natalie and her singing. Natalie somehow manages to combine hip-hop flow (I think she used to do freestyle rap) while also blending in some R and B and pop in her music. The end result is a unique blend of music that only enhances her outstanding flow of music. In addition to her hit song, "Goin' Crazy," a makeup line started by Zalia Cosmetics was set up called... "Goin' Crazy."

Since then, I've had nothing but respect for this beautiful and talented singer. Yep- Natalie arrived.

--- "Natalie" (2005) ---

The same Natalie that had fans goin' crazy back in 2005 had many more songs to please fans. I'll name a few of them and offer some comments.

Goin' Crazy.

This was the song that marked the arrival of Natalie. This easily makes my list of favorite songs of the 2000s (2001-2010) if I came up my All-Star list of songs for this decade. It somehow combined sweet singing along with a hip-hop style of flow. It is a smooth love song, but it also has a kick of hip-hop to freshen up the formula. Have a look at this video to experience this hit song yourself:

^ courtesy of the YouTube channel NatalieVEVO

There are more songs than just this one! Here are some other favorites of mine:

Other Favorite Songs.

Here are some of my other favorites with some brief comments on them.

• "Energy" - not as crazy about it, but still worth listening. Features Baby Bash.
• "Better Get it Right" - hip-hop flow with some sweet singing and beats. Features Max Minelli.
• "You Don't Love Me No More" - a fun song with sweet singing. Later, she goes into a little freestyle that adds some great charm to this song.
• "Stay" - Natalie sings to a soothing set of instruments. No beats- just Natalie, her angelic singing, and her unique hip-hop flow
• "Something About You" - with Russell Lee, this is a melodic and fun sung wonderfully by both Natalie and Russell.
• "You're the One" - this song somehow both soothing and bumpin' (if I may use that word). LOVELY song.
• "Emptiness" - this song has a very nice beat and flows very nicely.
• "Where Are You?" - what can I say- I LOVE this song! Justin Roman joins Natalie, and both sing beautifully in this sweet song.

Not to be outdone, there's also a Spanish version of "Goin' Crazy" that is featured in this CD.

--- "Everything New" (2006) ---

Natalie wanted to change things up a year later for her second CD, Everything New. If I had one bit of criticism for her first CD, maybe it was that there weren't as many bumping songs. Not as many bangers. Otherwise, her first CD was fantastic. The second CD had a few more impactful-sounding songs. So with Natalie trying to change things up for her second album and keep up the great work from the previous CD.

Here are some of my favorites from this CD with some added commentary:
• "All of My Life" - one of my favorite songs from this CD. Sweet singing and sweet music with some sweeter beats.
• "Heartbreaker" - very fun and girly song. Pretty much dedicated to the flirtatious girls out there! :)
• "Slow Dance" - funky cool from the beats to the singing. You almost swear this song has a '70s vibe to it.
• "Turnin' Me On" - heavy on the beats along with some awesome singing! Great to listen to.
• "Everything New" - more hip-hop flow than sweet singing, Natalie has no problem dropping sick rhymes in this song.

The only song I didn't make mention to but liked was "What You Gonna Do?" featuring Port Authur, Texas native and Houston hip-hop legend Bun-B. There is also a bonus song (name undisclosed) that is also lovely to listen to. As a preview, here is a brief lyric: "...I love you so..."

--- What I Would Tell Natalie (if she were to read this) ---

Even five years since arriving on the music scene, I still have great respect for you on both in music and away from music. Whatever you are up to or have been up to lately, I wish you the best in all aspects of life. You've done a great job representing Houston and Houston music. Your work is as heralded and respected as almost any other Houston-area singing talent past or present. You have my full respect with your great singing as well as your very cool hip-hop style you incorporate into your music. It is a unique mix that equals great music for all to enjoy. Oh, and welcome to John's Blog Space! :D

Keep up the great work and best wishes to you in whatever you are working on, whether music or something else. Best wishes and kindest regards to you!

Would I Want to Meet Natalie if Given the Chance?


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Thank you for reading!

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