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Taylor Swift

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Tell me you've never heard of Taylor Alison Swift. Considering how many magazine covers, TV shows, and things like that where she's been featured, Taylor Swift is just an outstanding performer. She is also very funny and entertaining. For this blog entry, I'm here to share my thoughts on the awesome Taylor Swift.

NOTE (SEP 28 2011):

This blog post may (and probably should) be deleted and replaced with a new one. If so, then I hope you freely are able to enjoy this blog post and its content while this post lasts.

--- Taylor Swift ---
Who is Taylor Swift? Here she is in a picture:
Taylor Swift
^ from: - Beautiful, funny, entertaining... it's hard to not even remotely be interested or fascinated in Taylor Swift.

--- How I Discovered Taylor Swift ---

Back in March 2008, Houston's Hot Hits- 95.7 FM launched. One of the first few songs I heard was "Teardrops on my Guitar." I first thought this was a song done by Houston's own Hilary Duff or something. But when I checked the website, I learned it was Taylor Swift who did the song. I thought the style of this song (by the way, this is the pop version of this song) would fit in with something like "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" or "Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County." It just had that kind of beach style to it. The native of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA is really (at least in terms of pop culture) a singer who is passionate and sings boldly. She enjoys making music and writes just about all of her own music. Taylor usually graces the covers of many different magazines and publications. It's easy to see why in my view- Taylor is the kind of person you just want to know more about. Unlike how you hear of Miley Cyrus getting into all kinds of trouble and doing all kinds of things outside of her sweet Hannah Montana character, Taylor Swift is hardly ever in the news for the wrong reasons. You could probably say she's fresh air from some of the more sexed-up, bad girl, teen girls you normally see in media.

There was a point where I didn't get into Taylor Swift for one reason- I don't listen to country music. I'm not going to passionately talk about country music the same way I would about hip-hop, electronic dance music, or even smooth jazz. Maybe I could get into Taylor Swift's style because her music is just great to listen to and that her style is more like a fusion of country and pop. In fact, many label her style as country-pop.

Then on YouTube, I had a chance to see various videos featuring Taylor Swift. This is where I got to see her entertaining, funny, and sometimes silly side. Unless you can't take a joke, Taylor will never fail to make you smile with her unique humor. So not only was I fan of her music, I also became a fan of her brand of entertainment. She's done acting and even hosted Saturday Night Live.

--- Taylor Swift... the Country Star ---
Taylor Swift has two major albums. The first one was her self-titled album, "Taylor Swift." This album featured the first song of hers I've heard- the pop version to "Teardrops on my Guitar." Her voice and emotion brings power to her songs. And if the power to her music is a heavyweight boxer, what Taylor brings to her music would easily knock out Mike Tyson or Ali in their respective primes. My all-time favorite song of hers is also on this CD, called "Our Song." "Our Song" is just very fun to listen to with its style. "Picture to Burn" is a bit funny, but really creative. The other CD is the first one I got- "Fearless." Taylor Swift has lots of lovely songs. The smash hit from this CD was "You Belong With Me."

People are usually quick to hate on modern pop music and electro pop for the use of synthesizers and stuff and having no real talent in writing songs and using synth voices. Taylor can sing beautifully with no need for any synth voices.

--- Taylor Swift... the Beautiful Goddess ---
Make no mistake about it- Taylor Swift is an alluring goddess. The very first music video of hers I've seen was "Teardrops on my Guitar." She wore a beautiful green dress. Her hair sparkles with lots of karats somewhere along the lines of 15 karats to 24 karats. Almost as if her curly hair were strands of gold. With hair down, she's a goddess. She's also lovely with her curly hair wrapped up. Her eyes sparkles like diamonds. Her smile sparkles as much as her eyes. There were a few sparkly accents near her right eye. You have to see the video to see how beautiful she is in this video. If you've never seen the music video to "Teardrops on my Guitar," follow this link:
"Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my Guitar"

What comes to mind fashion-wise with Taylor Swift is a girly dress with boots. The look of a cute sundress paired with cowboy boots is a fun look. There are also some specially-made cowboy boots bearing the name "Taylor Swift." While I've got nothing against skirts or denim mini skirts, it's really refreshing to see that casual dresses are still stylish and fun to wear. Sometimes, rather than cowboy boots, she'll just go with a pair of chic knee-high boots. It's still a unique look.

(ADDED: Dec. 13, 2010) Taylor Swift's signature style is wearing dresses with cowboy boots. My blog post, "Dresses With Cowboy Boots," is still very popular because of Taylor Swift's signature look. Read that blog post for a little more Taylor-inspired style.

--- Taylor Swift... the Entertainer ---
If Taylor Swift somehow decides to get away from the music business, Taylor has a bright future in entertainment. I remembered watching Taylor Swift host Saturday Night Live last month. For a show I rarely watch, she did an AMAZING job. Amazing performing and in drawing smiles and laughs. She is very funny and sometimes silly. Taylor even does a few pranks. I even remember the little deal where T-Pain did a collaboration with Taylor Swift in a piece called "Thug Story." Just the fact that she's willing to find new ways to entertain her audience makes her

If you've never heard this song or seen the video, you GOT to see this! Watch:
Taylor Swift ft T pain- Thug Story. Shame on you if you don't crack a smile or share a laugh.

Taylor Swift has even done some interviews which do not fail to get you laughing. One YouTube video I saw shown Taylor in a funny skit imitating a Minnesota soccer mom.

funny parts of taylor swift interviews 1 (listen between 0:59-2:00!)

--- Taylor Swift... as a Whole ---
Overall, Taylor Swift is just awesome. I don't listen to country music much at all, but I do listen to Taylor Swift because her music and her personality are nothing short of impressive. I've never been such a fan of someone's music since being a fan of Charlotte Church back in 1999 (back in her days as a sopranoist with the "Voice of an Angel"). She is immensely popular, yet down-to-earth. It almost feels like being a superstar, but not really acknowledging, accepting, or acting like a superstar. She is really one of the finest personalities in music and entertainment today. From a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania to superstardom in Nashville... the sky is literally the limit to how far she can go in the music business and even in entertainment. I'm sorry... how can you NOT be a Taylor Swift fan? Great music. Great entertainer. Great person. Taylor Swift is just awesome.

And since the date of this blog entry is her 20th birthday, happy 20th birthday, Taylor Swift! Make a wish and blow out the candles on the birthday cake, birthday girl! :)

Would I Want to Meet Taylor Swift?

Let me think... [expletive] yes!!!

--- Taylor Swift Online ---
Can't get enough Taylor Swift? You're not the only one! :) Here are more ways to get your fix of Taylor Swift:

* Taylor Swift on Myspace
* Taylor Swift's Facebook Fan Page
* Follow Taylor Swift on Twitter!
* Taylor Swift fan page
* The Taylor Nation
* Taylor Swift on
* Taylor Swift on YouTube
* Taylor Swift on YouTube (VEVO)

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