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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UPDATED: July 11, 2012)

This blog entry was created on March 1, 2010 as a re-make of a blog entry originally made on January 3, 2010. Pairing a lovely dress (preferably a dress above the knees to mini dress length) is indicative of a country princess. Are you a country cutie? You just might be if you pair a cute sundress with some nice cowboy boots. This blog post is all about the look of wearing dresses with cowboy boots.


JUL 9 2012 - edited post, added ShopStyle widgets

PERSONAL NOTE: Thanks to everyone who made this blog post still one of my most popular blog posts! I hope you enjoy your read here. Don't forget to comment and share my work!

--- Dresses With Cowboy Boots at a Glance ---

Here is an example of the look I'll discuss, courtesy of the one I closest I associate the look with- a lady named Taylor Alison Swift:

Dresses + Cowboy Boots: Taylor Swift Inspiration.

Taylor Swift rust dress
^ from: - a very cute picture of Taylor Swift in a rust-colored sundress with black cowboy boots.

Here is another picture of Taylor Swift rocking out in another dress and another pair of cowboy boots. I'm including this as a bonus image, thanking everyone for visiting my blog entry on dresses with cowboy boots:

Taylor Swift dress with cowboy boots
^ from: - Taylor Swift in concert with a cute sundress and black cowboy boots.

This is one more picture posted as my way of saying thanks to all of the many people whom found this blog entry:

Taylor Swift custom Liberty boots
^ from: - Taylor Swift wearing these custom-made "Love and Peace" boots from Liberty Boot Company. While you can't have Taylor's exact custom-made boots, you CAN get the "Love and Peace" boots by visiting "Love and Peace" by Liberty Boot Company.

Other Dress + Cowboy Boots Combinations.

...and here is a picture of two ladies pairing cute sundresses with cowboy boots:

dresses with cowboy boots
^ from: - Two ladies in cute dresses wearing cowboy boots.

Taylor Swift's signature kind of style is a dress paired with a pair of boots. And usually with Taylor to show her country heritage, she'd normally sport a pair of cowboy boots along with a cute dress. Many feel that cowboy boots are NEVER stylish. Those who especially feel so would think that going with cowboy boots to wear with a girly dress is grounds for a hot mess. So how do I feel about the look?

I personally think pairing cowboy boots with a cute sundress can be a cute combination. A lovely sundress with a lovely pair of cowboy boots can make a nice combination. You don't have to be a country girl to enjoy country style. I just immediately look to Taylor Swift as far as pairing dresses with cowboy boots. Taylor does it so well, and it defines her style- girly cute with loads of style.

--- Dresses + Cowboy Boots Inspiration ---

As you may know, I am a Taylor Swift fan. Taylor exudes a level of loveliness and girly charm with her looks. She has the most beautiful curly hair of almost any famous person right now. There was a point where I felt like casual dresses on females was a dying trend. I'm glad there are those like Taylor who show that dresses are still very fun and beautiful to wear, even if it's given way to the ubiquitous denim mini skirt. The dresses usually worn by Taylor are beautiful. Pair them with boots (let alone cowboy boots), and she has a beautiful look.

A fashion admittance of mine is that the most important thing I check for are shoes. The loveliest look can be made terrible by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. You sometimes take a chance on certain shoes or whatever. In the case of a dress (between short and mid-length) with cowboy boots, I think it's a cute look as long as you can pull it off. If I were a female, my first inclination would be to pair a beautiful sundress with a pair of peep-toe pumps or some strappy sandals. So going with cowboy boots with a feminine dress is quite a gamble. Do you sacrifice feminine charm for a country-inspired look?

Going With the Dress + Cowboy Boot Combination.

I think if any female is going for this look, it would be best to find a beautiful enough casual dress to try this look out with. A good pair of cowboy boots to compliment them would have to be consistent. So I'm thinking... if you have a coral-colored dress, a pair of mahogany or chocolate cowboy boots would equal a great look. The look that most comes to mind for me would be a lemon yellow sundress with brown cowboy boots. I think it's a cute look to try out if you're a femme. Show a little country chic while wearing a beautiful short or mid-length dress. I don't hate this look. Taylor Swift really makes this look work.

It would be best to find a comfortable and beautiful short or mid-length dress to wear, and then find a lovely pair of boots to complete the look. I like this look as Taylor Swift really makes it work.

--- Cross-Promotion ---

(ADDED: February 15, 2012)

In case you are interested, I have created a blog post regarding country/Western fashion. You are invited to read this blog post for more information on country/Western fashion:

Country/Western Chic - John's Blog Space

Thanks for visiting John's Blog Space!

After the Jump Break, I've tried to put together different looks involving dresses and a pair of cowboy boots to go with them. You can shop for sundresses by visiting my secondary blog. Follow the image to visit my secondary blog and the link to sundresses:

If you're interested in shopping for sundresses, please visit my secondary blog featuring lots of sundresses. Many of them may be lovely enough to wear with cowboy boots! ;)

--- Building the Look ---

This is a look of girly and beautiful... with some country chic thrown in. I've initially intended on re-doing this blog entry to include some resources for if you want to have your own dress and cowboy boots. I won't mention too many as I don't want to waste too much time discussing this look as I had already done previously.

Please read "An Important Amazon Note" for all information regarding Amazon items. It also pertains to ShopStyle items as well, which are also featured in this post.

(EDITED: July 9, 2012)
I did away with the unique looks and decided to just offer you some widgets to build your own dress + cowboy boots look. I have both widgets for Amazon as well as ShopStyle. Feel free to use these widgets to build your own dress + cowboy boots look. These items are meant more towards Junior and Women sizes.

Amazon Shopping...

Amazon shoppers, build your own dress + cowboy boots look!

For sundresses on Amazon:

For cowboy boots (for women; change "women" to "girls" to search for girls cowboy boots):

ShopStyle Shopping...

For you all who want to build your own dress + cowboy boots look by shopping on ShopStyle, I have included the following. Search through these widgets and shop for any items that interest you.

[Women's] Sundresses on ShopStyle:

[Women's] Cowboy Boots on ShopStyle:

Happy shopping! I would appreciate your business if you did find and buy something you liked based on what you found in the above material.

Let me just say again- thanks to everyone for making this blog post popular.

Other Reading...

• I made a blog post a long time ago about Taylor Swift. Since that post doesn't have lots of traffic, I may delete my old post on her and bring it back in a new post. I want my readers to enjoy all of my blog and its posts, so please click on "Taylor Swift" on John's Blog Space to see my blog post on Taylor Swift.

Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I love those ladies. My little girl really loves taylor swift and she loves cowgirls boots too.