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Marina Bay Street Circuit

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The lively city-state of Singapore hosted the first-ever night race in Formula One history. Known for its merlion statues, Singapore is a lovely city. Lots of lighting illuminates this lovely city so much that there is almost as much light on the track as if it were a daytime course (also considering F1 cars don't have headlights). The track is pretty intense as a street course, but many of the camera angles of the city are truly beautiful. Downtown Singapore is aglow in city lights in the distance as well as the world's largest ferris wheel.

--- Marina Bay Street Circuit ---

Here is the track map of this course:

Marina Bay Street Circuit
^ source: - Race cars sparkle like jewels as cars race around on this tough street course.

--- Singapore Lap ---

This track is what you would kind of expect to see in a racing game- a street course at night. This is a night street course done right with ample lighting. Get ready for a beautiful light show as well as a fiercely tough 23-turn street course.

When blasting down the straight, Turn 1 comes abruptly. Turns 2 and 3 are like a mini esses section. Turn 3 is sharp and leads to the left-hand kink at Turn 4. Heading into Turn 5, the road begins to narrow up. The road is long between Turns 5 and Turn 7. Turn 6 is just a minor kink that you shouldn't be too concerned with. Turn 7 is one you SHOULD be concerned with, however. The road opens a great deal in Turn 7, but be ready to take on narrow Turn 8. The ninth turn is a bit like the previous corner. Another long blast awaits you heading into Turn 10. Turn 10 is like a quick version of Turns 1-3. Turns 11 and 12 come rather smoothly as a chicane. Turn 12 takes you down to Anderson Bridge into Turn 13. Turn 13 is a pretty sharp left corner. The long road after Turn 13 leads down Espenlade Drive situated over water to the sharp Turn 14. Turn 14 is like Turn 13 in sharpness and difficulty, but in the other direction. After Turn 14, the roads start to become sharper and more treacherous. Turn 15 is a little kink designed to throw off your speedfreaking ways, and Turn 16 punishes you if you lose your concentration in taking the corner properly. Turns 16 through 21 are all styled similarly. The next corner comes quickly and is moderately. Turn 18 is styled similarly to Turn 17. A brief blast under the grandstand leads to Turn 19. Turns 20 and 21 are the same in style, but the gap between Turns 20 and 21 is smaller than both Turns 16 and 17 as well as Turns 18 and 19. Finally, Turns 22 and 23 are moderately sharp. A good racing line through these two corners can somewhat be taken like one long corner. And that's a lap around the lovely streets of Singapore.

Or... let this video do the talking:

Singapore- lovely when not racing, lovely when racing. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day/night! :)

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