Tuesday, March 2, 2010

250+ YouTube Subscribers!!!

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I want to thank all of the people whom have subscribed to me and believed in me. I want to thank people whom have been patient and understanding with me. I want to thank everyone who have been watching my videos and responding kindly to them. It is for these reasons I am forever grateful to have made some kind of positive impact on your lives. I say again with great sincerity- THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

I'm thankful for the 250+ subscribers I've reached. Sometimes, I surprise myself in knowing just how many people whom actually love my material. Only one or two times has a hater subscribed to my channel... when they actually HATE my videos. Had to drop them like bad habits. But to everyone who stayed with me, I'm truly grateful to have done so. I still think I struggle at subscribers and views. At least I know that I can get subscribers and support. I'm happy to know that my videos have reached out to so many people and that so many people have enjoyed my video material. It really makes me feel important and special to know that I've done so well.

What does 250 mean? It means that over 250 people enjoy your material so much that they've stuck by you through thick and thin. Having a few subscribers (like anything 50 or lower) is good, but when you reach 100+, you know you're making a statement. Gaining 250+ subscribers mean you're a superstar- at least in the minds of your devoted followers. You're known, but not known well enough to be considered a deity. So I guess my popularity is rising. I've done everything I could to become my own star in my own way with my own personality. I know who I am and what I am. I know what I am capable of and what I'm not capable of. I do the best I can with what talent and ability I have, and I'm EXTREMELY glad to get as much support as I have. You don't think I feel great for the support I have? Well, you're kidding yourself. I'm proud when people actually care about my channel and videos. I love meeting sincere people who love my video material and levitate towards my material.

I tell people to subscribe, but I know that I'd rather meet subscribers who enjoy my material rather than meet subscribers who just subscribe without giving thanks or kind comments.

Here is my YouTube video, where I salute my subscribers:

By the way... my next subscriber goal: 500. Care to help me get there?
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