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A Salute to Lily Fang

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I want to salute and honor a blogging friend of mine in this blog post. Lily Fang of "imperfect idealist" is not only a blogging friend of mine, but also someone who exudes positivity with her posts and personality. Her blog is more than a fashion blog- it is a blog with musings on life and living. She has long been a supporter of my online content. Considering I get an international audience, I figured I would introduce my international audience to the wonderful Lily Fang of "imperfect idealist." That is what I intend to do in this blog post. No special reason, no special agenda, not asking for anything in return... just making a salute because I want to. Welcome to another "John's Blog Space" post!

To avoid any sort of possible copyright issues or anything, no images of her will be featured in this post. That is the protocol I usually follow when trying to make mention of certain other bloggers.

--- A Salute to Lily Fang ---

Lily is a fashion blogger, a distance runner, and a violinist among other things. I am not sure exactly how I found her blog, but when I first noted Lily, her blog was called "A Burst of Color." Her style is mostly about color rather than keeping up with the latest trends. She is certainly unique in how her style is patterned. A lot of her styles are very casual. However, she does go for classy pieces as well as some lovely dresses for special occasions.

More importantly, Lily's blog posts offer a number of philanthropic thoughts. Not every day in life is a pleasureful experience, but there is still something to learn both in success and in failure. Her blog greatly expresses these points in a number of her personal experiences. Many of Lily's posts are a combination of peeks into her fashion style coupled with interesting life stories of hers. Lily's blog posts are the unique poetry and synergy of her personal fashion style coupled with the journey of a young person going through life, learning (and teaching) valuable lessons along the way. She can be someone to learn from. I especially think she's a positive influence for secondary school and young college students. So you types between the ages of 12-21 out there have my approval to go check out Lily on life advice.

If Lily is Reading This...

Lily, thank you over the years for being such a great supporter of me and my work. I have long appreciated you and your presence online. I have respected you for more than just fashion- your personality and character are positive and pure in our negative society. Continue to spread your positive influence across the Internet. Outside of blogging, best wishes to you in all aspects of life. Best of luck to you in your studies. You are among one of many people whom are important to me in all of my online work (including blogging). It has been an outstanding honor for us to cross paths. Thank you so much for your influence and your involvement.

I hope you appreciate my efforts to spotlight you and your work. I didn't have to pay tribute to you and honor you, but I chose to because I want to personally let you know my appreciation of you, your work, and your presence.

For More Information...

This blog post is mostly over. If you would like to visit the blog of the person whom I've saluted in this post, I invite you to visit To share a sample of one of her posts, here is one I enjoyed: "Barefoot in the Park" (imperfect idealist).

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I want to hope you're able to visit Lily's blog after I've done my part celebrating her in this post. It is always nice to know there are people who salute and respect other people in unique ways rather than look for every possible opportunity and reason to demean and hate someone. Not everyone tries to honor friends or certain people, but at least it's nice to know someone is willing to show respect in any way possible- even including through blog posts, and even including through people you don't personally know or have met personally. I've still done my part to show respect in a specific way.

"John's Blog Space" is a positive space with a number of different positive things I try to do. I don't use any of my blogs to attack people or spew hatred. I only post material that I am hopeful people will enjoy and share. And surely, I hope this is one of those posts. Maybe I'll pay tribute to more people in the future here on "John's Blog Space" or elsewhere. You may never know. Of course, you never will know if you don't Follow my work in any capacity. So if you enjoyed your time here, I'd like for you to Subscribe and Follow my blog if you haven't done so already. Have yourself a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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