Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Salute to Warren Fernando

John B. Marine | 7/21/2016 01:04:00 AM | | | |
I want to salute a blogging friend of mine. Meet Warren Fernando, a blogging friend of mine from the Philippines who meant a lot to me early in my blogging career. I want to pay tribute to him here to offer my thanks and to show that I am thankful for him even caring about me. I would encounter this fellow online. He wondered how to get better as a blogger. When I read some of his posts, I got to see some of the life issues he brings about. Warren combines certain songs he enjoys and connects them to life issues of his or for others. He provides some deep connections between moments in his life and music. It is really a fine blog of his, and he does great work.

While I am not entirely a blogging superstar, I am thankful someone even thought of me and looked to me for some help and some encouragement. That's why I am glad I got to meet Warren online. I actually wanted to do a tribute post to him for a long time. It hasn't been until recently I actually gathered the ability to actually make this post.

If Warren is Reading This...

Especially when I was somewhat on the rise, I want to thank you for even caring about me and thinking of me in wanting to make your blog better or to become more visible. Blogging is tough, especially if trying to make yourself visible. I am pleased you found just enough out of me and my material to wonder how to get better. I did enjoy seeing your posts long ago. Wherever you are or however you are doing today, I hope you're well. I wish you the best in all aspects of life. Most importantly- thank you. Can't stress this enough.

For More Information...

His blog hasn't been updated in ages; but if you want to visit his work just to see his blog, go to 24K Forever!!!.

I hope you enjoyed this salute. I simply wanted to thank someone whom has been influential in me continually providing support and respect for my work. You feel this way after you've blogged for so long and came across so many different people. Anyhow, this is another example of "anything and everything" from a blog about... "anything and everything." This has been another awesome blogging presentation of "John's Blog Space." Subscribe and follow if you enjoyed this post. Do the same for my other blogs if their subject matter interests you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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