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A Salute to JED

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I want to salute a fellow blogger for this post. This blog post salutes a Filipino lady named JED. JED is short for Joana Erica Danielle. The blogger behind "Ericaritish" is a courageous petite with a spirit greater than her petite frame. Ever since following her work, she is someone who I think is inspiring. Besides her inspiring posts, she is also quite fashionable. As a blogger, JED's material is more a series of thoughts and musings rather than a fashion blog. Kind of like how I praised Lily Fang of "Imperfect Idealist" for her deep thoughts on life in addition to her featuring outfit posts of hers.

One of the best things about having a personal blog is that you are mostly responsible for yourself, and you also are free to say almost anything you want. You could blog about almost any topic and even mention certain things on a personal level. You do have to be a good bit careful if mentioning personal matters or offering personal feelings for all to see. You can even make ordinary people seem like celebrities or superstars if you devote an entire post to that person and offer such encouraging words. Having said all of this, I'd like to share a moment that helped show I have somehow meant something to someone.

A Moment of Respect.

There was a point where JED mentioned me in a blog post years ago. It was proof that someone thought of me and praised me for making a positive impact on her life. I have to set up the story a bit just to help you understand what the context involves. The post basically was in reference to her aspirations as a writer. Part of the post, including the comments in regards to me are featured below in this quote. Take a look:

"If you’re telling me that maybe I’m getting the wrong choice of career, you’re wrong. This is what I love, being in the industry of authors, editors, writers, columnists, etc. This is really the profession I wanted to take. I’m just being TOO LAZY."

"And I find my courage again when a friend of mine, Mr. John Marine, had an article about blogging stuff which I find it absolutely true. He inspires many people across the world including me. And his words are very powerful and meaningful that you will get up from where you are seated and start doing what you really love that is good for you and for your career. I appreciate everything he does for me all the time.
If you want to meet him, just visit his blog here."

-from: "Reformation" (Ericaritish)

To would-be haters of my work, this is what NOT being a hater or a troll can do for you.

My Further Salute.

If JED were to read this, I have this to say. I always say that you inspire me as much as I have inspired you. I have enjoyed and admired knowing you as a friend online through the blogosphere as well as in social media. I am thankful we have crossed paths. Even if separated by the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific and Mountain time zones of the United States, it brings me great pleasure knowing I've impacted your life in a positive way. I am always someone to try to offer positivity in an increasingly negative world and society. You are certainly welcome for all of the support and backing I've offered to you even in times when you feel weak or not good enough. I want the best for you and hope you are able to become as amazing of a person as you aspire to be. As much as I have inspired you, you also inspire me. You are an example to let me know it is greatly possible to influence and encourage others. You at least show my efforts ultimately pay off. Having said all of this, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and in whatever challenges you set your mind and heart to. We may or may never meet in person, but I certainly am pleased I have made a positive impact on your life.

Most importantly, thank you so much for your continued support and for thinking of me.

For More Information...

Her blog hasn't been updated in quite some time as of the time of this post, but in case you are interested to see her blogging work, please visit: Ericaritish.

I actually enjoy the feeling knowing I am regarded kindly for my positive spirit. This post was just an example of me giving back. I really do love being able to make positive impacts on people. I hope you are able to enjoy this blog post. I actually wanted to make this tribute long ago, but never completed it fully until now. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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