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Platform Shoes, Sandals, Boots, and Sneakers

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(UPDATED: June 16, 2015)

Wearing platforms is a nice way to elevate your style. Elevating yourself off the ground a few inches can lead to an elevated style of hot or cute. These shoes can still be fun to wear even if you weren't born in the '70s or have any '70s platforms. The right kind of platforms can compliment looks with extra fierceness. Here for this blog entry, you have three options- platform shoes, platform sandals, or platform boots? I'll try to cover all of these bases in this blog entry.

Let's set the mood with a platform shoe:

Volatile sneakers
^ from: - Platform wedge sneakers from Volatile, a specialist of platform footwear.


JUN 16 2015 - updated look of posts and made some smaller edits to covered material

--- Platforms at a Glance ---

A decent platform gives your look some extra spice. You want to wear some platform shoes that you can feel comfortable wearing and that you can compliment with your outfits. I think what is equally as important as finding a good pair of platform shoes is finding a pair of platform shoes that have a nice platform base in addition to the rest of the shoe. A funky-looking (as in horrid) platform base can make the rest of the shoes look bad. Let's look at a few different types of platform shoes...

Platform Pumps.

platform pumps
^ from: - Sexy platform pumps.

Platform pumps can range from a hot pair of pumps to some pumps almost exclusively for (adult entertainers). So I had to be careful choosing appropriate shoes for this blog entry. The next question is... what style pumps you want to wear? Do you fancy slingbacks, peep-toes, open-toes, open sides, or what? Personally, I think nothing epitomizes "sexy" quite like a pair of peep-toe platform pumps. A cute little peep-toe opening along with a decent platform base equals a very sexy pair of pumps. Slingbacks are still very hot for platforms (as with any other pair of platform shoes).

Platform Sandals.

platform flip-flops
^ from: - Platform flip-flop/thong sandals.

Perhaps you fancy open-air comfort along with being some distance off the ground? Don't worry... if you dislike platform flip-flop/thong sandals, I'll feature some more real sandals (not knocking flip-flop/thong sandals) later in this post.

Platform Boots.

platform boots
^ from: - An assortment of platform boots with thick soles.

Maybe you fancy elevating yourself off the ground while keeping your ankles and lower legs warm and dry? Platform boots can be just as hot as any pair of platform shoes.

Platform Sneakers.

Buffalo sneakers
^ from: - Platform sneakers by Buffalo, a German platform shoe specialist.

Or maybe you want a pair of platform shoes, while still enjoying the cushioning sneakers can provide? The shoes featured here are from the platform specialist, Buffalo. When it comes to platform sneakers, I've always tend to like (in feminine fashion) pairing platform sneakers with cropped pants or cropped jeans. There was always a cute quality of jeans/pants that extended anywhere between mid-calf or ankle-length... and worn with a pair of platform sneakers. It may be a cute look to try out if you like this look. Another nice look would be a cute pair of cuffed cropped jeans with a pair of platform shoes, sandals, or sneakers as your footwear.

--- Quick Question: Are Wedges Fake High Heels? ---

Stiletto high heels (or any other kind of high heels) can add a dramatic effect to a femme's overall look. What about wedges, however? I once asked people what was the difference between wearing high heels and wedges. One lady told me that wedges are more comfortable than high-heels. I tend to think a pair of wedge platforms can be just as hot as a pair of traditional high-heels. Non-wedge high heels still have lots of character to them, but high heel wedges can be just as lovely.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I made a blog post regarding wedges. You can read "Wedge Footwear" to read my blog post on wedges.

--- Platform Shoes and Platform Shoe Specialists Online ---

I can only think of Volatile and Buffalo as far as platform shoe specialists. Volatile makes various platform shoes and sandals. Back when I was in community college, a very friendly South Korean woman at a deli across the street wears some Volatile platforms. She sometimes wears other platform shoes to help her see over the cash register. I found out they were Volatile sandals when she kind of took them off briefly.

There are other companies that make lots of platform shoes. Most of the alternative footwear types include New Rock, Demonia, and Pleaser among [many] others. These are platform shoes made for women AND men.

So yeah, Volatile (Amazon Link) is a platform specialist as is .


Buffalo is a German maker of platform footwear for men and women.


For women and girls, Volatile provides many different platform (as well as non-platform) shoes and sandals as part of their extensive lineup. Elevate your style by checking out their platform shoes (as well as their non-platform shoes).

And these are mostly random searches for platforms from different online retailers (for Women unless otherwise specified):
Platform Shoes on
platform shoes for women on (search result)
Platforms on

I want to thank you for reading this blog entry so far. The rest of this blog entry discusses more about platform footwear. This widget below is a bunch of platform shoes for you to buy if you want to shop for platform footwear. Read on after the Page Break, however, to see more on platform footwear, including some not safe for work material. Care to read on? Your call!

If you want to shop for platform shoes, I want you to visit my secondary blog. This blog features updated content for you people who want to shop for some platform shoes, sandals, boots, and sneakers. Certain alternative footwear is also featured. So if you want to shop for platforms, click on the image below:

Or shop for platform shoes on Amazon by searching through and using this widget. Click on any item to learn more about it or to buy on Amazon. I would gladly appreciate your business if you buy anything that interests you the most here:

--- The Alternative Footwear Influence ---

Alternative footwear has its fair share of platform shoes. To try to be friendly with as many audiences as possible, I try to avoid mentioning such shoes and such fashions. I may just simply focus on certain kinds of clothing and shoes like with my go-go dancing thread.

Various alternative footwear shoes (such as creepers and exotic pumps/sandals) have their fair share of platforms. Whether you're into the Goth culture or into any of the exotic dancer-type footwear, there's more than likely a platform for you.

And again... I want to make this blog entry friendly to all audiences, so I will not feature too many certain kinds of alternative footwear.

--- Japanese Platform Boots Influence ---

^ from:, by way of - an old picture of a young Japanese lady wearing thick-soled platform boots.

There was a time in the 1990s and early 2000s in which platform boots were in vogue among Japanese girls, and not just for the cosplay and Gothic Lolita set. These boots, also known as atsuzoko boots, were thick-soled Japanese platform boots mostly without laces and with laces. They were tough to walk in at a few inches off the ground. Femmes wearing these either got injured or even killed trying to walk safely in platform boots. Very high platform boots and shoes were eventually outlawed in Japan. Current platform boots were even allowed to have the sole size reduced. Most platform shoes are mostly relegated to the cosplay and Gothic Lolita set in Japan.

Do you want to know how dangerous walking in thick-soled Japanese platform boots is? Here is a video showing you how dangerous they can be to walk in. This video from a Not Safe for Work website (name undisclosed) showcases how hot Japanese platform boots were before they got outlawed in Japan. This video compilation features Japanese girls trying to walk in these thick-sole Japanese platform boots. And when some try to walk in these thick-soled boots, THIS is what can happen:

^ WARNING: Not Safe for Work! - view at your own risk!

Here's my reminder to you... If you want to shop for platform shoes, I want you to visit my secondary blog. This blog features updated content for you people who want to shop for some platform shoes, sandals, boots, and sneakers. Certain alternative footwear is also featured. So if you want to shop for platforms, click on the image below:

Here are some random platforms for you in case you're interested. Feel free to buy (or at least look around) on any items that may interest you. Learn more on each item by clicking on it. NOTE: All (or almost all) shoes are for US Women's sizes or US Juniors sizes.

I have been doing away mostly with personalized picks for my blog posts on JBS, and so I'll leave it up to you to find platforms in widgets. These Search Widgets are automatically set for you to search for specific items. Use these widgets to find whatever platforms you desire to have. Each one is specifically set for each heading. If you want, you may change the search text to find almost any kind of shoes you want (at least, for these Shoe widgets). So have a look and happy shopping!

I would gladly appreciate your business if you find and buy a pair of platforms you like on Amazon based on your reading of this blog post. I'm doing this for all of you in thanks for you supporting my blogging work.

For Platform Pumps:

For Platform Sandals:

For Platform Boots:

For Platform Sneakers:

For ALL Platform Footwear on Amazon:

Thank you very much for reading! Rock them platforms with confidence! :)

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John B. Marine said...

Platform boots were not outlawed in Japan - What a ridiculous statement.

In Osaka some girl got into a crash wearing them and they were outlawed for driving only.

The girls that wore them were very sexy and some stores still sell them. The Racequeens at auto shows still wear them too

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