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Motorsports Style: The Aquila CR1 Sports GT

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I'm going to be honest- I know NOTHING about this car. I was looking around on and saw this as a Work in Progress (WIP). I was interested and wanted to know more about this car. So what I did was visit Aquila's official website and learn more about this Danish racing car and see more images of it. So the car you're going to see me mention from a style perspective is the Aquila CR1 Sports GT.

--- Motorsports Style: The Aquila CR1 Sports GT ---
I am unable to provide a decent, usable photo for my blog entry, so PLEASE look at the car from the link I supplemented before this section.

This car is a left-hand drive racing machine. Its looks are the combination of a prototype and a high-powered GT racing car. I think its looks are more prototype than GT car. Some of its dimensions reminds me of the Ferrari Enzo. Think of this as a Daytona Prototype, only much more lovely and seriously capable. Up front, this car looks fierce with its sharp lines. The headlight clusters consist of two little headlights and an extra little hazard/signal light. It has a long front opening and a rather miniscule front splitter. The front has two big vents along the front bonnet. The canopy to this car is not very narrow, but narrow enough in comparison with the rest of the car.

You begin to question this car's Le Mans Prototype-style design even more when you see it from the sides. The design is beautiful and graceful. There are tall side ducts near the front wheels followed by another side duct near the farthest edges of the doors. The car seems to be at one with the wind with its style. It rides on a set of Michelin tires.

Looking towards the rear, there is no rear windshield. There are two small brake lights followed by two hazard lights. The rear wing doesn't look seriously aggressive, but it is rather lovely in keeping the rear end weighed down at speed. This car's rear wing doesn't look to be made of trick carbon fiber. The rear valance gives way to the rear diffuser for this car.

This is a left-hand drive race car. It can, however, seat another person. The steering wheel is very trick with its own data logger installed on the steering wheel along with the Aquila eagle that adorns the steering wheel. A small fire extinguisher is on the left side ready in case of any fires from the car.

This Aquila CR1 Sports GT looks like the kind of car to host a decent spec car racing series. It's a beautifully fierce car with gracious style. I'd like to know how either engine sounds with this car at speed. It can be powered either by a BMW V8 or (I believe) a Chevrolet V8. I could only imagine if this car raced in the United States or if there was an American racing series using these cars. Since these are high-end racing cars, I doubt they'd show up in SCCA competition or anything. I'm not even sure this could be a good car to use in the American Le Mans Series. Great car!
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