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Wedge Footwear

John Marine | 2/25/2011 11:59:00 PM |
(UPDATED: July 19, 2017)

Wedges can be just as stylish to wear as any shoes with a well-defined heel. Some say that wedges are more comfortable to wear than traditional high heels. Some others think of wedges as fake high heels. Whatever the case, wedges surely offer a sense of style that can be just as fun as any traditional high heels. I only have a problem with wedges that have either a bad-looking wedge base, or wedges that look good... while the rest of the shoes look ugly. There are very few wedges I dislike. In this blog post, you'll get your fair share of wedge love. I'll be talking about wedges in this post.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you want to read more about wedge sneakers, I invite you to visit my "StyleSpace" blog! Here is my post on wedge sneakers: Wedge Sneakers (StyleSpace). Otherwise, please enjoy the rest of this post on wedge footwear!


JUL 19 2017 - added a link to one of my other blogs

Wedges at a Glance

What makes wedges wearable and lovely is two-fold. Wedges offer a platform base for those who don't usually wear platforms. A good pair of wedges will elevate one's style. A platform base helps to further elevate one's style. Commonly, the most common wedges you see are mostly espadrilles with wedge bases.

Are Wedges Hot?

Many people will argue that wedges just aren't sexy. For many people, a stiletto heel is always hotter than a wedge heel. Some may even call wedges as fake high heels. Maybe some people equate wearing wedge shoes compared to traditional high heels more like riding a bike with training wheels. I personally don't think wedge shoes make as much of a statement as a pair of traditional high heel shoes (especially in the case of pumps and sandals, and maybe boots too). However, if comfort is a factor and don't want to sacrifice style, you can't go wrong with wedges. Some ladies find comfort in wedge shoes and still want to look hot.

By all means- wear your wedges proudly and fabulously!

What to Wear With Wedges?

There are a number of ways to wear wedges and a number of things to wear with wedges. To me, I've always liked the combination of bootcut or flared jeans/pants to be paired with cork wedge sandals or peep-toe wedge pumps. Another combination I've always seemed to like: cropped pants with a pair of platform wedge sandals or shoes. Of course, never rule out pairing your cute mini skirt or mid-length skirt with a pair of wedges. Those in love with the jeans-into-boots look likely won't be disappointed finding a good pair of tall wedge boots to wear over jean legs. Wedges and shorts are also lovely. I just would stay far away from going with long shorts (as in Bermuda/walking shorts) with wedges.

There aren't really wrong ways to wear wedges. If you're a petite (or even a Sweet Petite :D), they add some extra height. Wedges do as good as any average high-heel pair of shoes.

Wedges Around the Blogger/Blogspot Blogosphere

What I need to start doing in my fashion-themed blog posts is make more mention to fashion bloggers. So just like I did in my blog post about the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes, I will share with you blog posts of other bloggers sporting wedges. I will try to describe each one before you (eventually) click on the blog post in question to see more pictures. I am not posting any pictures because I want to avoid any possible copyright issues. Here are how some other bloggers wear their wedges...

Wedge Inspirations: Glisters and Blisters.

Michelle Koesnadi of "glisters and blisters" is a beautiful young fashionista from Indonesia. A sweet face and lovely hair compliments her sense of style. Even sweeter than her face and hair are the many styles she comes along with. I picked a few blog posts of hers where you can see some of the wedges she wears. I found some of the best ones showcasing the wedge shoes she wears in some of her pictures. The wedges range from stylish to tough.

• In "See Through," Michelle wears a lovely pair of Mango wedge sandals to compliment her lovely blouse and sheer skirt. Have a look at these chic wedges by checking out "see through" on glisters and blisters.
• Michelle wears a gorgeous pair of Topshop "Wisteria" wedge sandals to compliment a lovely white top and some high-waist cuffed shorts in "Wisteria 'Ninja' Shoes." Not only is her outfit is lovely, but the "Wisteria" wedges are totally gorgeous. These wedges look like they are wrapped around to form a delightful pair of wedges. See for yourself: "Wisteria 'Ninja' Shoes" on glisters and blisters.
• The previous two wedges are chic sandals. Now, here is a tough pair of wedges worn by the Indonesian beauty. Her fighter boots deliver a stylish knockout with this all-black look in "velvet." Michelle pairs a hot black velvet dress with her tough wedge lace-up booties in "velvet" by glisters and blisters. To see these wedge lace-ups in better detail, have a look at this post: "fighter boots" by glisters and blisters.

Wedge Inspirations: Chekka Cuomova.

From one stylish Indonesian to another, Chekka Cuomova paired a very cute dress with a pair of peep-toe platform wedges in one of her latest blog posts. Cute wedges with a lovely dress mean great results. See for yourself in Chekka's "Foggy Notion" blog post.

Wedge Inspirations: Glamour Bbey.

Glamour Bbey put an outfit together with a nice pair of wedge booties. The Belgian beauty, Cindy Van Dyck, wore a pair of lace-up booties in her blog post entitled You can look at it her outfit by clicking on "THE OUTFIT: 'The Day before Valentine.'" on Glamour Bbey.

Wedge Inspirations: My Own Private Xanadu.

Louisiana's Xiomara is a lady with an interesting sense of style. In keeping with the spirit of wedges, some of her most recent blog posts feature different pairs of wedge sandals. I will feature only three of her most recent posts in this section.

Xiomara wears a very cute pair of floral wedge sandals along with a very cute outfit in "Vintage Daydream Believer" on My Own Private Xanadu. She plays with both colors and patterns in "Dots Neither Here Nor There" on My Own Private Xanadu. And finally, Xiomara shows off her colorful side (she's colorful and cool to begin with) with "Bubblegum Hues" on My Own Private Xanadu.

Wedge Inspirations: Curvy Girl Chic.

I discovered Allison of "Curvy Girl Chic" by flipping through the pages of Seventeen Magazine, and I have since followed her lovely blog. I have seen her wear some cute wedges in her pictures. Her sense of style is very lovely. Allison boasts a sweet smile to frame her sweet face and has lovely hair to compliment her sweet looks. Three blog posts of hers featuring wedges will be featured here from Curvy Girl Chic.

• Allison's latest blog post features her in a pair of cork wedge sandals that I've seen before in blog posts. Check out her cute strappy wedges in "not exactly a light breeze" on Curvy Girl Chic.
• From wedge sandals to wedge booties, Allison shows a little toughness with a leather skirt, a feminine top, and a denim jacket. The wedge booties zip up on the sides and has a strap to secure them. Check out "mixed media" on Curvy Girl Chic.
• This last inspiration is a pair of wedge lace-up sandal boots. This old blog post from June 2010 called "lets fly away" on Curvy Girl Chic has these sandal boots paired with a cute bird print dress.

Wedge Inspirations: Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

D of "Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles" donned a pair of pants along with a pair of wedge booties. This Irish beauty usually sports lovely dresses along with some cute shoes. However, she left behind cute dresses to show some style with pants. The wedge booties in OOTD: I Now Own a Pair of Pants!" on Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles are from Primark.

Wedge Inspirations: my bliss is this way.

This is the only real post I can feature with wedges. One other post shows them in better detail, but here is "my bliss is this way" wearing her red Chloe Dr. Marten oxford wedges in "Well, well, well. Look who it is. Got anything written on your freakishly tinier boob? It's only smaller when it's scared." on my bliss is this way.

Inspiration: tiny sailor.

Tapping into her inner Blair Waldorf (if you're familiar with Gossip Girl), Niki of "tiny sailor" shows you a beautiful black dress topped off with a pair of wedge oxford pumps in "i miss the high-school days of blair waldorf..." on tiny sailor.

Inspiration: Really Petite.

I follow four different petite fashion blogs. Perhaps the most beautiful of the ones I follow is Annie of Really Petite. She had a giveaway where a super-cute pair of peep-toe wedge pumps were offered. The wedges are as beautiful as she is. Take a look at these delightfully beautiful wedges on the delightfully beautiful Annie in "Petite Friendly Shoes and Giveaway!" on Really Petite.

Inspiration: .a little princess.

Here are a pair of very cute wedges worn by a very young fashionista. She is a fashionable young girl from Indonesia. She wears a dark pair of dark blue wedges with light blue bird prints and cris-cross straps. A cute T-shirt and denim shorts (but not denim jean shorts) complete the look. Have a look at her adorable wedges in "The Birds Fly on my Shoes" on .a little princess..

These are only a few of many different fashion bloggers I follow. To introduce yourself to more fashion bloggers here on Blogspot, please visit Fashion Blog Shoutouts! here in my blog. And I would like to say hello to any bloggers I made mention to in this blog post if they are reading this.

Here are more wedges in pictures.

wedge sandals
^ from: - Louis Vuitton Pomegranate wedge sandals.

The wedges above are a by-the-book definition of wedge shoes. Take note of the base of the sandals and the high heel wedge base. This is a pair of wedge sandals I can EASILY see being worn with bootcut/flare jeans or pants as well as girly dresses and skirts. Compliments about your looks are almost guaranteed wearing some sexy wedges like these with a hot outfit. Though these LV wedges are obviously expensive, you can still find a lovely pair of similarly-styled sandals from lesser shoe makers (or some no-name brands) that are equally hot.

wedge skimmer sneakers
^ from: - wedge skimmer sneakers.

When you want to wear a cute pair of Converse-like sneakers without actually wearing any traditional lace-up sneaker, these skimmer wedges is a nice alternative. These are slip-on skimmer sneakers that are as fun to wear as any ballet flat. Only thing is- you get to express a little heel at the back.

Victoria Beckham wedge sneakers
^ from:, by way of - Victoria Beckham wore these Dries van Noten wedge sneakers in 2007 before throwing the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game. This is a sporty cute look for a fashion star like Victoria Beckham.

Okay- it probably isn't a good idea to do any intense exercising in a pair of fashion wedge sneakers. However, you can still wear these sneakers under a pair of flared jeans. Maybe the most famous wedge sneakers are the Skechers Shape-Ups.

non-traditional wedge heels
^ from: - Non-traditional wedges- take note of the modestly-defined heel.

This is more a pair of what I would call non-traditional wedges. Non-traditional since these are wedges with a somewhat nicely-defined heel. They don't have that flat bottom look like most other wedges. That's why I say these are non-traditional because they don't have the same wedge-like base from the other shoes you've seen.

wedge boots
^ from: - Wedge boots from CL by Chinese Laundry.

Fancy wedge boots or booties? They can be just as good as any average high-heel boots/booties.

So proudly wear your wedges! If you want to shop for wedges online, I can help you with this Amazon widget below. The search text is automatically set for wedges. You can, however, change up the search text to include wedge sandals, wedge pumps, wedge boots, or whatever wedge shoes interest you. I recommend you keep the searching within wedges just to keep this blog post relevant.

Here are wedges you can find on ShopStyle:

I would appreciate your business if you did buy something you loved here.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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